ITV News witnesses aftermath of UN school attack in Gaza

July 25, 2014 5:18 pm 0 comments Views: 518

ITV News has witnessed the aftermath of an attack on a UN school in Gaza, which has left at least 15 people dead and dozens more injured

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The Beit Hanoun elementary school, which was being used as a shelter, had around 800 people – mostly women and children – inside when the attack took place at 2.30pm today.

UN spokesman Adnan Abu Hassna told ITV News that the Israeli military attacked the school, despite having received the exact co-ordinates of the facility.

But Israel neither admitted or denied responsibility for the attack.

Dan Rivers reported seeing dozens of children lying in “pools of blood” in a local hospital.

I just can’t get over what I have just witnessed at the Kamal Odwan hospital in#Gaza so many injured children

13:47 – 24 July 2014

I will never forget the utter shock on these kids faces – they thought they were safe in a UN school #Gaza


A six-month-old baby boy had to be treated for shrapnel wounds after the attack.

ITV News/Sean Swan
A baby is treated by medical staff. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan
ITV News
Children are seen in distress as they are treated in a local hospital. Credit: ITV News
ITV News/Jonathan Wald
Five-year-old Yacov Shimbari lies in shock. Credit: ITV News/Jonathan Wald
ITV News/Jonathan Wald
Casualties are lying all over the hospital. Credit: ITV News/Jonathan Wald

The strike came on another day of fierce fighting in the region, despite continued diplomatic pressure for a ceasefire.

More than 700 Palestinians – mostly civilians – have been killed in the 16-day conflict.

Israel has lost 32 soldiers in the violence.

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