Indian rape suspects lie beaten on the ground, surrounded by angry mob after girl, seven, is found hanging from a tree in latest incident to shame country

July 25, 2014 1:55 pm 54 comments Views: 178004

  • Local holy man and his two friends were rounded up by angry villagers
  • He had been seen with the girl yesterday morning, before she disappeared
  • One suspect is now dead and the others are being treated in hospital 

One man was killed and two others were badly hurt today by villagers in India who accused them of raping and hanging a seven-year-old girl.

The girl was discovered hanging from a tree near the village of Kaliabazar, West Bengal, this morning and angry villagers quickly rounded up a local ‘Tantrik’ holy man and his two friends.

The trio were mercilessly beaten. One later died in hospital and the two others are still being treated.

Badly beaten: Two of three alleged rapists lie on the ground after a revenge attack by Indian villagers

Badly beaten: Two of three alleged rapists lie on the ground after a revenge attack by Indian villagers

It was a grim reminder of the recent gang-rape case in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, where two sisters were raped and then hanged from a tree outside their village.

After a string of high-profile cases, India has become notorious for savage sexual attacks on often young women and girls.

However, the number of rapes recorded in the country is still far lower than countries such as the U.S. and UK, according to figures from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

The victim in the most-recent case had gone missing last night, after apparently going out to the neighbourhood shop.

The Hindustan Times reports that people went around the village to gather a search party, which found her body handing from a tree.

Word spread and rumours began circulating that she had been gang-raped, spurring villagers to round up Ratan Das, a local Tantrik, or Hindu witchdoctor, and two of his associates.

The mob beat up the men and also set fire to a house belonging to Das, who had been seen with the victim yesterday morning. Then they went to police.

One man videos the victims of the attack, one of whom later died, after they were hunted down and beaten

One man videos the victims of the attack, one of whom later died, after they were hunted down and beaten

Sukesh Kumar Jain, East Midnapore Superintendent of Police, told the Hindustan Times: ‘The father of the girl lodged a complaint at the local police station against three persons.

‘One of the three accused has already died.’

There is as yet no evidence that the girl was raped before she was killed. Police said they are not ruling out a family feud as the motive behind the killing.

‘We are awaiting the autopsy report to confirm rape,’ said a police officer. ‘There was also some enmity between the families of the girl and the prime accused, Ratan Das.’

Indian police use water cannon as gang-rape protests intensify


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  • Eveamassi Mussah

    Why can’t the rapists be killed in this world?

  • Vivek

    India is reaping the fruit of decades of female feticide, which has skewed the male:female ratio so badly that men are forced to buy brides from distant states(and sometimes share them between brothers) or turn into savages from sexual frustration. Add to that the runaway population growth, which in a 40-year period(1980-2020) will have added the equivalent of the entire population of Europe. Unsustainable and primed for disaster, both economically and socially. And yet the imbecilic religious radicals keep calling for their followers to breed more children.

    • Bharati_shahida

      Polyandry is accepted by hill tribes and certain tribal persons over centuries but not by India’s common civil code. Polyandry depends on the girl’s willingness and many are wiling, like some men prefer polygamy/ many partners. Coercion is not the norm.

      Some ‘activists’ believe India’s 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under seven and that female foetuses were aborted.

      These claims are controversial. Scientists who study human sex ratios and demographic trends suggest that birth sex ratio between 1.08 to 1.12 can be because of natural factors, such as the age of mother at baby’s birth, age of father at baby’s birth, number of babies per couple, economic stress, endocrinological factors, etc. The 2011 census birth sex ratio in India, of 917 girls to 1000 boys, is similar to 870-930 girls to 1000 boys birth sex ratios observed in Japanese, Chinese, Cuban, Filipino and Hawaiian ethnic groups in the United States between 1940 to 2005.

      They are similar to birth sex ratios below 900 girls to 1000 boys observed in mothers of different age groups and gestation periods in the United States.

      Agreed completely with you that currently India suffers from HUGE over population. Possibly its only internal problem. Population control, practiced willingly, would help everyone rise from poverty and scarcity.

      • Vivek

        To compare apples to apples, once cannot compare India’s 2011 birth data to selective periods of data for others, or comparing India’s overall birth ratio to age-selected data from other groups.. The major countries which match India’s skewed sex ratio at birth are China, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Albania. The common thread that runs through these countries is the prevalence of female foeticide and infanticide. Since India does not have a reliable method of data collection at birth, it is likely that the ratio for India is even more skewed. Let’s not sweep the problem under the rug by bringing in decades old data for other populations, for which we have no means of studying underlying causes. We know the problem is female foeticide and female infanticide.

        I disagree with you that polyandry in India today is based on the willingness of the female. Men in Punjab are buying brides from Bihar from their parents. These poor girls are as “willing” as those forced into prostitution. They have no choice in the matter, they are treated as “common property” of their “husbands” behind closed doors. Men from Haryana are buying brides from as far away as Kerala, some of them even from a different religion(they undergo “conversion” prior to the marriage).

        • Mitra

          I agree

      • Bruce

        Actually the reason that females are not coming to birth is because of the sick Indian custom of obligatory dowry upon the father of the bride. Indians are mostly cheap to begin with and don’t want to pay this or are too poor and unwilling to go into debt for a daughter. Thus the situation at hand. The dowry should be eliminated altogether

        • Dipak Bose

          Dowry system is there all over India, but the adverse sex ratio is common only in North Western India. Thus your theory is wrong.

          Similarly rape can happen also in east India, where the sex ratio is normal; again the Western theory is wrong.

          Rape is the result of availability of pornography and lack of censorship that took place since 1995-2000, not before.

    • Dipak Bose

      You are wrong Vivek, as I am much older than you and I have seen the transformation of the society. Until 1990, rape was very rare. Then came Economic Reform, Liberalisation and films and TV shows started showing naked or semi naked female bodies, rape, bed room scenes etc etc, even homosexuality. Then came Internet, from where pornography can be downloaded into DVDs and can be shown to many people in the road side illegal cinemas for the entertainments of the truck drivers.
      These films and TV shows (after 9pm) caused the epidemic of rape, where the film-censor board in practice does not exist any more.
      If we can go back to the days before 1990s we can get rid of this rape culture.

      • Vivek

        Actually, you are confirming what I said. From the 80s on, the spread of pre-natal sex determination tests has resulted in massive terminations of female fetuses, in addition to the “normal” practice of female infanticide. No doubt the factors you mention have also contributed, but the reality is that there is a shortage of females in this country. Also, you may remember Indian cinema pre-1990s, which also featured plenty of rapes and titillating scenes. One last thing: since 1990, India has added approximately 500 million mostly poor(and disproportionately male) to the population, and along with the greater degree of press reporting post-liberalisation, that gives the perspective that rape and molestation are a recent phenomenon.

        • Dipak Bose

          Female infanticide is a middle class practice; poor cannot afford that, but a poor couple produces 6 or 7 children, who defecate openly, do not study, become porters or auto-rickshaw driver, cleaner or truck drivers. They are the rapists. also, there are many Muslims among the rapists.

          Censorship does not exist any more in India. Bollywood is now controlled by the Muslims, who want to destroy India from within. That is the reason they are importing Muslim prostitutes to produce porno films.
          the solution:
          Expel all Muslim film-stars, singer, directors from India.
          Sterilize all poor, there is no need for 1200 million people, 300 million is enough.
          Expel all Muslims from India.
          Arrest the chairman/ chairperson of the Censor Board, who is a Muslim anyway.
          Ban all pornography in any form, particularly from the Internet.

          • Mohammed

            Excuse me Bose….Its you who have loosen modesty….its your people committing most of the rapes…its you who are involved in corruption….in all ill things. Its no way that a practicing Muslim to commit a crime. We have the best rules and regulations on Earth to prevent all evil things.As for bollywood see what your actresses and actors doing….You are talking as your people are coming in Veil on stages….See what Bajrang Dal and all your foolish people do there. You people cant do a single thing without blaming the Muslims….I bet you for that. Even you killed Gandhi taking our name. If you people like our name so much then then why dont you get reverted to Islam…I invite you.

          • Dipak Bose

            Most of the actors/actress in Bollywood are Muslims, Muslim actress es are prostitutes from Britain or USA or Pakistan.

            Most of the rapists in India are Muslim. Just look at the newspapers.

          • KevinN_III

            Its not Muslims or Hindus, it’s rapists who rape all over the world. Your dividing people along religious lines just strengthens the rapist’s cause because while you’re fighting with yourselves the rapes are continuing. Get over yourself and stop distracting the world with your own cause. Or I’d be inclined to think you’re one of the rapists trying to point us in the wrong direction so you can continue your rapes.

            And if you do want to divide into groups it makes more sense to say that men rape (versus women) although that’s not true either as women do rape as well.

          • Vaisaly Balan

            Thank you Kevin, someone talks sense. Those guys commenting above are the biggest idiots I read from in a while. Guys, as an Indian I am ashamed of all of you. You’re a disgrace and so illiterate sounding you’re the entire problem. Men rape because they are lusting and evil for it. It has happened for centuries not because of the internet! What world do you live in. Muslims are deeply imbedded in the history of India and make up a huge part of India’s population and gorgeous heritage including the Taj Mahal as the greatest example. As a Hindu married to a Muslim you guys embarrass me and you have no idea how much I truly hate you. Do you know why? Because you’re terrible views and illiterate bickering bring my country down and create it’s civil wars. Learn to live like humans, you are Indians all of you and your histories make up that beautiful land together. So get over yourself and learn to cooperate and cultivate it into something even better. Otherwise you leave. You wont be missed.

          • Dipak Bose

            Non-Muslims used to be one third of the population of what is now Pakistan; they were forced to leave their home, millions were killed and raped by the Muslims. Thus, Muslims must leave India. Taj Mahal was not built by the Muslims.
            A Hindu cannot marry a Muslim without being converted. We will lose nothing if all Muslims leave India, but will gain a lot by having no Muslim terrorists and rapists.

          • Dipak Bose

            Kevin? Or Kallu Mia?

          • Vivek

            You’re quite the ignoramus, aren’t you? Female infanticide is a middle-class practice? In which world? The trouble is that, (understandably, given your mindless rants), you don’t know the difference between foeticide(abortion) and infanticide(post-natal killing). And I suppose you would like to run over 900 million poor people with your daddy’s Range Rover. As for expelling all Muslims from India, grab your little nuts and go for it!

          • Dipak Bose

            You offer no solution, but only the western views regarding rape in India. Adverse sex ratios are common in North Western India for decades but there was no such epidemic of rape that has started since about 1995-2000.

            Rapists are normally poor and/or Muslims. There are very few middle class non-Muslim rapists in India still now. thus, your theory does not apply.

          • Vivek

            And what “solution” do you offer? Your xenophobia? Puhleeze!! Not only are you xenophobic, but you compound it with ignorance. Rapes have been endemic in India for millennia. Your perception that it has increased since the mid-90s is ignorant of the fact that it coincided with the freeing up of media, and the combination of sensationalism and increased reporting. I had teenage classmates in school who routinely raped their estate workers. And no, not one of them was Muslim.

            Khap panchayats(which are not Muslim, but operate on the lines of hardline Islamic councils in a most distinct exhibition of mullah-envy) routinely inflict the most barbaric punishments on those who violate their regressive rules, including gang-rape. Then they have the nerve to oppose the death penalty for gang-rape, because they are the most guilty ones.

            As long as people like you refuse to address the actuality, and instead give vent to your innate prejudices and misconceptions, the situation will not change. And feel free to provide substantiation for your empty claim that “there are very few middle class non-Muslim rapists in India still now”. You cannot base conclusions on lies made up of whole cloth.

          • Dipak Bose

            Muslims should be expelled from India. That will solve most of the problem like rape.

          • abdiaziz abdirahman

            dipak u are very wrong!. u are blaming islam for nothing. forget about solving the problem u will be causing more problems by expelling islam from india. i dont understand why hate islam that much. look how ignorant u are by just blaming islam for what has caused by criminals even if the call them self muslim, will that make sense? its like judging a book by its cover. dont just see the behavior of it people, go and teach u self about islam,and then revert back to me, its like u never found the goodness of islam. pls stop having negative believe on islam. May ALLAH guide u to the rite way, u seem like u lost anyway islam is peace and protect ever bodies right and condemns all kind of crime including the rape. i hope that will help. in conclusion never imagine islam will be expelled but it will rather expand and expand the whole world by the grace of ALLAH. i do invite u all in islam!

          • Dipak Bose

            Muslims since 7th century are the cause of bloodshed, destruction, and misery of the people of India. India was partitioned because of the Muslims, who had forced the non-Muslims to leave Pakistan. Thus, Muslims must leave India.

          • Maeuri

            Oh man… your arguments are fucking perfect. He sounds like a conspiracy theorist with his tinfoil hat out to get the Government good.

  • These are Hindu religious persons……and the beating is
    done by a mob who appears to be of Hindu
    people…….So it does not seem to be case of Anti religious discrimination or
    atrocity ………Just wonder why the mob is beating their own ???….May be
    they have reasonable doubt ……I am just wondering …….

    • TRUTH


      • Thax for the info ……But at present I am not finding that useful in this context…..

        • pappu

          It means you are the son of a paki pig

          • Well IF THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY……PLEASE CARRY ON ……I could have uttered equally foul sentence to describe your situation if not worse …..But that would be an insult to your innocent near and dear ones ……which again in turn will be insult to my loved ones and my Baristh Jans , and my Guru Jans , because they taught me not to use foul words in public places for a complete strangers …. …..Sorry I cannot do that …….

          • Siddiq Kuty

            well said

          • Siva

            Beeg Noyz thought by Guru’s not by stone lol

      • Sinugba

        This can not be true. Islam is a good religion and do not condone violence against any person.

      • kun

        everyone know your ISlam of IS are devil

      • john

        lord krishna had 15000 wifes .but he is good or god or saint to hindus.muhammed(saw) guided how to help widows in marriage,against Female infanticide he is bad.what a logic?

    • Bharati_shahida

      Just because someone is born in a Hindu or any other family does not make him ‘religious’ or a practicing Hindu.

      • People born in a community is the bona fide member of that community
        ….surely everyone implies that ……However, If you mean to say that membership alone does not necessarily make a finest example of the community (surely that is true for everyone ….Yet that is how most people assumes, specially the political leaders of ours makes us to assume) ……I completely agree with you…….Well I did not mean any disrespect for any community in my earlier posting …….And still. I am just wondering if the victims were really culprits of the kind of accusation when I look at the picture ……………

  • voidist

    good ..we should do the same to rapists here as well

  • Daimler Altschuh

    Super power wannabe. Long way to go.

    • Bharati_shahida

      The rate of such rapes is far higher in the west…. The church, Steubenville, Glen Ridge, Duke U, etc. etc On average one woman dies every week from domestic violence in Canada in a rich, mostly Christian country with only 35 million. Anyway India, with its 1300 million, of varied religions and dialects, is actively discussing this problems and has changed laws, alerted parents/ police, etc. with some failures, some success. ~Miles to go!


  • Dawn Wave

    From what I have seen of women, they are all mad as snakes!!

  • pappu

    Good one.These mad***Ch**ds should be taught lessons like this

  • Bruce

    If they are or were guilty it seems like a fit punishment in the world of natural justice

  • Rev Skaro

    Not that I do not agree with the justice that is to be imposed on people like that, but some things bug me about the way that they act, without seeking truth.

    The level of idiocy astounds me on this comment section. This is an old article. No evidence has yet been released online about the results.
    If you had bothered to read this full article, you would learn that, when this was written, they had not even proven that she had been raped, neither had they proved that these were the three culprits. The family caused the mob to gather, due to a potential feud with those men, and there was no trial to determine if these were the men who did it. For all you know, the real killer(s) could have still been on the loose. But, oh, no better to not question, rather, let’s become blood thirsty instead.

    Now this is not to say, that they should not have been questioned and tried, but a murder for a murder, does not yield results if you don’t even have the proof of the bad deed. What happened to DNA tests?

  • Hvacrpro

    Sounds like a witch hunt, gathering pitchforks, lanterns and shotguns… ropes and snap judgments. The condemnation of impulsive logic than solid logical investigation, just because she was last seen talking or nearby some man, doesnt make him the guilty person of a criminal act with the girl. perhaps the person accusing is the one also? really people. get a fkg proper investigation going first.

  • muzzikilling

    This looks more like the family was settling some other score with the tantrics. There is no proof of rape. Looks more like the muslims killed the hindu sadhu and his friends.

  • cornelia goses

    really what has happened to this world. they got what they deserve.

  • Y M Khan

    The death punishment Is best solution for the rapist to bring down the rape case In society.

  • KevinN_III

    I’ve seen many cases before where the real rapist accuses someone in the community that the community is already suspicious of and gets away with the crime by ensuring the community kills the ‘perpetrator’ before he/she can defend themselves… Given the way it’s filmed and shown in the media, this is more likely the case here.

  • larry joe

    It would be better if they r being treated this unmercy way, may be it would reduce the atrocity.

  • Cotto Djalloh

    the hindus in india are animals! they worship monkeys and rats and live like filth!
    they lack the most basic of morals.
    the rapists in the pictures are hindu priests of some sort!

    • Yumeka

      shut up you racist baster…give a valid opinion rather than being a racist…

  • Vijay Iyer

    Why dont we legalise prostitution?The number of Rapes will reduce and the welfare of the prostitutes will also be ensured.

  • Codfish Jones

    Good–the b*stards need to be beat to death

  • What animals! On both sides of the conflict.