Doctors Spooked by Israel’s Mystery Weapon – Israel firing experimental weapons at Gaza’s civilians, say doctors

July 20, 2014 4:46 pm 36 comments Views: 706

DIME munitions were developed by the US Air Force in 2006 and have since been tested repeatedly on the people of Gaza, who have long served as involuntary lab rats for Israel’s weapons industry.

DIME bombs contain tungsten, a cancer-causing metal that helps to produce incredibly destructive blasts which slice through flesh and bone, often decapitating the lower limbs of people within the blast radius.

Renowned Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, who witnessed the horrific injuries caused by DIME bombs during Israel’s 2009 Gaza onslaught, told The Electronic Intifada over the phone from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City that patients are showing up with DIME-related injuries.

Erik Fosse, a Norwegian doctor working in Gaza says that the weapon “causes the tissue to be torn from the flesh”.

According to Fosse and his colleague Mads Gilbert, the weapon typically amputates or tears apart lower limbs and patients often do not survive.

Ares speculated that the IDF is using weapons supplied by the U.S. Air Force; a spokesman told the site that “we cannot release sensitive information on foreign military sales.”

“All the patients I saw had been hit by bombs fired from unmanned drones. The bomb hit the ground near them and exploded.”

It is highly likely that Israel has developed its own version of DIME.

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  • kevin duckworht

    Enough is enough, it is time to erradicate this cancerous pest from the human species.

    • Robert Miller

      Talking about Jews like they are insects only helps the Israeli regime to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitism. You aren’t helping anything but to continue Israel’s criminal behavior.

      • Mark Antony

        Huh? Where does he talk about jews? You brought it up Mr Miller. Kevin is saying these people, persons, are causing murder towards a particular countrymen and women. Simple as fucking that.

      • D Laurier Beaulieu

        Nobody said a word about jews.
        But I will.
        The jews of Palestine are being slaughtered along side their muslim and christian fellows.
        The zionists do not discriminate. They murder ANY native Palestinian, including jews.
        The time to end the occupation, is long past. Its now time to smash the empires that arm and feed the zionists.
        Punish the empires along with their henchmen.

        • “The jews of Palestine are being slaughtered along side their muslim and christian fellows.” Bullshit. The Israelis are the ones who are wrong. They have the power to kill.

          • Volcano Caveman

            jason infact its the rellgioues zionists and zionists of the far right goverment of israel which is to blame and needs to be eradicated¨

          • Donald Smith


        • Donald Smith


      • Þoka Wulf

        If no one says anything then they win. We need to continue speaking up!

  • quest2quest

    Israel has nothing on the Nazis

    • Shotgun Sus

      they are Ashkenazi, the original nazis who now run israhell.

    • Þoka Wulf

      History is always written by those who won the war. Germany lost and now everyone believes a bunch of war horror stories that are just that, stories.

  • Tania Tiberia

    While I find all this possible, why did you use pictures which are identifiable through search engine as scam? It’s a pity. I wish you took what you do and believe in more seriously.

    • Alliwoo

      I think we both know that your Apartheid is responsible for these two children’s horrendous wounds and more so suck it up Hasbara no one is listening to your lies anymore.

    • Rod Jones

      One of the pictures goes to another collection showing the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces. Want to see a child with just a face where their head should be? Do a Google Image Search for the shredded-arm pic and go to the tajnearchiwumwatykanskie link in the results.

  • If the damned islamics would leave people alone, The People would not have to defend themselves with deadly explosives.
    We never heard hardly anything about islam when I was growing up but now all we hear and see is islamic terrorists butchering people with what ever they can pick up.
    I would not care if the world exterminated islam from existence… in fact, I would prefer that islam be ERASED FROM OUR HISTORY COMPLETELY.

    • SuperLuminal Man

      Assholes are EVERY-where and YOU are ONE of them.

    • bsroon

      In the REAL world meantime – israel attacks and then when HAMAS responds (if they don’t the people don’t believe that HAMAS has any cojones and will lose any political weight they might still have) then israel LIES and says that HAMAS started it – when that is not the case.
      Israel (Assrael) has attacked Gaza since the 70s – WAY before HAMAS formed in the 80s – so it isn’t HAMAS that is at fault. In fact, every problem in the middle east is likely due to zionist idiocy and immorality.
      Does israel belong in Golan Heights? No – they were told to get out after the 67 war and never have – so for over 50 years they violate international law and UN resolution 242 – which states that you cannot keep land militarily taken.

      To illustrate how PHUKKEN STUPID israel is – they are the ONLY country that believes (in reality pretends) that the resolution means they have to withdraw when things are “stabilized”. (so they stir up the pot to keep things unstable, duh) In NONE of the more than one hundred langues in which this resolution was translated into (even the US signed this resolution) is there ANY such meaning or wording in any way, shape, manner, or form at all. So Assrael does this for it’s own illegal land theft purposes.

      You can be as racist FOR israel as you choose, but the reality is that the zionist leadership is the most spiritually retarded general group on the entire planet.

      • Fadia Hankir

        I feel sorry for you. You are all like guinea pigs put in a closed box and you eat whatever they feed you. I am a lebanese muslim and I’m not trying to defend Islam, I’m only giving you friendly advice. Read about us and watch our news and hear from locals who aren’t american/europian related. You will then know how oppressed we are. You will then know how oppressed YOU are. This is a game they played on you and tricked you into believing that us muslims or arabs are bad. ButI forgive you becauseit’s not your fault. You wouldn’t know.

        • bsroon

          i think you are responding to someone else, because i have no intention of eradicating Islam. i disagree with some of it’s teachings, but hey – i disagree with some of “Christianity” pretty much all of Judaism (especially Talmudic and rabbinical teachings over the Torah which doesn’t impress me much either) i disagree with Hinduism and some aspects of that include the most realistic knowledge of God and the Divine that i’ve ever heard.

          Repeat – i’m not out to eradicate islam, so why are you pointing at me? i KNOW the israelis are horrible neighbors – and i know they have bought my US government and it pisses me off. i fight that DAILY. i know more about the dark state, the secret societies, the Bilderbergers etc than you do most likely.

          i refuse to allow ANY religion to mandate how i must act, but then i was born with knowledge of parts of 3 prior incarnations, i”ve had a Cosmic Consciousness experience in the 3rd Grade, i’ve seen the Divine one in multiple forms on multiple occasions and if i meditate i can’t function in the world because ALL DAY is a Deja Vu experience where i know who will drive up in 7 minutues – why Terry is going to be called in two minutes (he had to take his paraplegic brother to the hospital 60 miles away – 2 minutes later that’s his phone call) and more. Constantly.

          So i’m not into “religion” because in my direct experience that is the human intellectual reasoning attempting to explain the Divine connection experienced by someone ELSE. The lack of personal contact btwn religious people and the Divine makes people rely on intellect instead of spirit. It devolves into business, social clubs, or politics instead of one’s relationship – DIRECT RELATIONSHIP to the Divine…

          • Jamal Al Absy

            I am really sorry my dear friend bsroon about stupid mistake of this lady… and i wish you all the best and keep doing your great job…

          • bsroon

            Thank you, i appreciate your response.

        • Jamal Al Absy

          always you don’t know who is your enemy….! i think you mean Robert Gamble…

    • ProponentOfTruth

      The world doesn’t care what you prefer.
      You will not be able to erase Islam even if you were the mightiest human Alive.

    • Rod Jones

      You can tell that kid’s religion just by looking at his shredded arm? Wow, the Gam-ray vision is working well.

    • Vinny

      Jews, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully alongside each other in Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Iraq etc until the ugly process leading to the birth of Israel, e.g. 150,000 Jews live in Baghdad until 1947. They had a strong influence in the politics and culture of Iraq, defending it against the Brits up to 1918. Since 1967 Israel has expanded illegally beyond its agreed 1947 borders to the point where Palestinian territory is almost gone. Exclusively Jewish settlements have invaded land owned by Muslim and Christian Palestinians. All this is illegal and proceeds despite UN rulings. It is this abuse of Palestinians and their rights that has been the main factor in the radicalisation of Muslims world-wide. Israel, has been the running sore that has ultimately led to most of the troubles we have had with radical Islam. We in the west are the main targets because we have supported Israel whatever it has chosen to do.

    • eejay2100

      No grip on reality there huh? You see all this in the media yes? 96% of global media is owned by only 6 corporate bodies, these organisations are not Islamic owned. It’s all propaganda, don’t be fooled….!

    • bsroon

      If the Jews did to the US as they did (in violation of Int’l law) to Palestine – invade, steal land, etc – the USA would now be reduced (just the lower 48 states here) proportionally reduced to an area in northern Idaho as the Jews took over the rest of the country. No sane American would put up with such an invasion – OR the euthanasia and holocaust that ONLY the Jews are causing the Palestinians. But you support an illegal state because you swallow your propaganda pill and don’t research or look at alternatives to the (zionist owned) mainstream, lamestream presstitutes. It isn’t easy since they do control the publishing industry, TV, Suckerberg on fb, other zionists running Google, etc. The truth is filtered so that the lies can continue to manipulate the less intelligent and less curious to support the zio agenda.
      So – unless you are willing to just sit by and let someone take over 80% of your home and hit you with a cattle prod, rape your kids, etc – then you have no right objecting to Palestinians being killed and having their homes and farms and businesses stolen and destroyed by squatting israelis who have zero legitimate rights to act as they do, to steal that land, etc.

      If you think that modern land allocation policy for the entire world (this affects the entire planet when you think about it) should be set by the cruel and petty dictates of a mythological interpretation of God from one alleged sentence from about 4,000 years ago – then you are not very smart.

      Sorry – but what else can one conclude if that is your attitude.

  • Harry Abrams

    “It is highly likely that Israel has developed its own version of DIME.” It’s even more likely that this little story has been made yup and distributed by murderous terrorists to manipulate useful idiots.

    • Rod Jones

      It’s highly unlikely that you know how to use Google Image Search to verify a photo’s authenticity, instead you swallow the official “we were defending ourselves from these civilians” line used by murderous terrorists to manipulate useful idiots.

      • Harry Abrams is an Idiot

        Harry Abrams is an idiot.

  • Larua

    those billions of dollars comes straight from the United States Taxpayers, forcing us to be accomplices in there war crimes against Palestine.
    any one who still stands with Zionist Israhell is also an accomplice in the insane murder and genocide of innocent men, women and children (human beings)
    ask yourself why we the people send our tax dollars (30 billion a year)
    to Israhell so they can have weapons to kill, free education, free healthcare, etc, while we have to struggle to make ends meet.
    ask yourself why Israhell has the biggest criminal lobbyist org in the world (AIPAC) and why they keep bribing our congress for more, more, and more.
    Ask yourself why over 90% of congress has dual citizenship with Israhell?
    and ask yourself who the hell congress is really working for and why they keep passing more and more laws protecting the monsters of the world, Israhell!!!!!

  • Aen RaBeon

    Anihilate the tribe. The world would be a much better place.

  • Robert Van het Hoen

    why is this 2014 topic being recycled?

  • Alexandra Katy Lohman

    (small correction to the writer – decapitation means remove the head; amputate is the word to use when limbs are removed)

  • Bionic Merlin

    Is anyone paying attention to the age of this story?