20 Facts You’re Not Being Told About Israel and Gaza on TV

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1) 4 Palestinian boys playing soccer on a beach were killed yesterday when an Israeli airstrike suddenly took their lives. Dozens of international journalists were stationed at the Al-Deira Hotel as they watched in horror while Israeli airstrikes fired upon the Palestinian civilians for a second time, chasing the children across the beach as they screamed for someone to help.

Since July 7th the death toll in Gaza has swelled to well over 200 Palestinians. A whopping80% of the victims have been confirmed as civilians, including several dozen Palestinian children.

One Israeli has been killed in the conflict.

2) The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, recently called the Israeli oppression of Palestinians “one of the worst examples of human rights abuse in the world“.

3)  1,562 Palestinian children and 131 Israeli children have been killed in Gaza since September 29, 2000. This does not include deaths caused by the ongoing bombardment of Gaza by Israel.

To this day, 200 Palestinian children are kept in Israeli prisons.


4) Last year AIPAC sent 13,000 lobbyists to warn Congress not to touch the annual $3 billion in aid the U.S. provides Israel.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States.


5)  Former U.S. lawmaker and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, along with several other activists, were detained and sent to an Israeli prison in 2009 for more than a week.

What were they guilty of? Nothing but attempting to deliver medical aid to the victims of Israeli aggression towards Gaza.

We were in international waters on a boat delivering humanitarian aid to people in Gaza when the Israeli Navy ships surrounded us and illegally threatened us, dismantled our navigation equipment, boarded and confiscated the ship,” – Cynthia McKinney

6) At least 27,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel‘s government since 1967.  In 2003, an American peace activist named Rachel Corrie  was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver.

The United Nations has condemned the demolitions several times, urging Israel to follow international law.

Stephen Hawking
7) Earlier this week a film scholar from the University of London, Haim Bresheeth, sent an open letter to Israeli academics urging them to condemn Israel’s slaughter of the Palestinians. The open letter states:

We have been asked by our academic colleagues in Gaza – whose universities have been destroyed a number of times in the last six years, who are unable to teach or study, and who are also in growing need of food and medicines, like the rest of the almost two million Palestinians living in Gaza – to urge you to act urgently, to make your voice heard in Israel and abroad against what the Israeli government is inflicting on the Gaza population.”

Stephen Hawking has been critical of Israeli aggression and even pulled out of conference hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres last year in protest of Israel’s aggression towards the Palestinians.

8)  Last year Edward Snowden revealed the National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without  removing information about US citizens.

9)  Dianne Sawyer of ABC News aired a segment in which she mistakenly identifies the destruction in Gaza caused by Israel, as destruction in Israel caused by Hamas rockets. This description was the exact opposite of reality and completely unacceptable.

ABC apologized for the mistake on Twitter the next day but the damage had already been done.


10) A week before three Israeli teenagers went missing, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo outlined a similar scenario.

What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?,”  he asked.

A week later the kidnapping was reported. Hamas immediately denied responsibility and urged calm with Israel.  Before the bombing campaign started, Israel arrested over 500 people in the West Bank and has yet to produce evidence implicating a Palestinian in the murders.


11)  In the Gaza Strip, 1.8 million people are confined to a tiny section of land. Anyone who approaches the buffer zone next to the border is automatically shot. This is common knowledge in Gaza.

You’d think if Palestinians really just ‘wanted to die’(as CNN’s Jake Tapper put it), they would just simply approach the buffer zone.


12) There are more than 400,000 Israelis living in Palestinian territory. The Israeli government offers tax incentives to Jewish citizens willing to move to the West Bank to establish more settlements.

The settlement enterprise has been characterized, since its inception, by an instrumental, cynical, and even criminal approach to international law, local legislation, Israeli military orders, and Israeli law, which has enabled the continuous pilfering of land from Palestinians in the West Bank,” said a leading Israeli human rights group.

The United Nations’ report on Israel’s settlement policy states they are illegal under international law and demands Israel immediately stop such expansion.


13) Israel has been on the receiving end of at least 77 U.N. resolutions and the Palestinians have been the target of one. The United States consistently vetoes U.N. resolutions against Israel.

The major themes reflected in the U.N. resolutions against Israel over the years are its unlawful attacks on its neighbors; its violations of the human rights of the Palestinians, including deportations, demolitions of homes and other collective punishments; its confiscation of Palestinian land; its establishment of illegal settlements; and its refusal to abide by the U.N. Charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.” – Donald Neff.

According to the United Nations, the Israeli regime is guilty of several war crimes and the blockade on Gaza is “illegal and must be lifted“. We could list all of the U.N. resolutions against Israel one by one(example), but a quick Google search reveals all.

14) To this day, Israel denies having a nuclear weapons program even though whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu revealed details of their nuclear weapons program to the world  in 1986.

A decade after his release from prison, Vanunu was denied permission to attend a human rights conference in London.


15) Israel pays students to defend their military actions against Gaza on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Israeli prime minister’s office said the students receive scholarships to engage international audiences online ‘to combat anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel‘.

According to the Israeli government, the students’ messages parallel statements from the Israeli government.

16) Israeli citizens have access to a government smartphone app which warns them of Hamas rocket launches, while Palestinians are given no warning except for a  ‘smaller explosion”, three minutes before the ‘bigger explosion’.

This is not a fair warning. What are the Palestinians supposed to do in such little time, and where exactly are they expected to evacuate to?

Evacuate to whereHave you f*cking seen Gaza? Israel blocked this border. Egypt blocked this border. What, are they supposed to swim for it?” Stewart asks.


17) Several high ranking Israeli officials refer to Palestinians as if they were a lesser race. Here are just a few of the dozens of quotes available from a quick Google search.

A deep and wide moral abyss separates us from our enemies. They sanctify death while we sanctify life. They sanctify cruelty while we sanctify compassion.” –  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The Palestinians are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.” –  Uri Elitzur, former adviser to Netanyahu and leader of the settler movement.

Why do Israeli citizens watch airstrikes on Palestinian civilians as if they’re watching a movie?


18) If you are upset with the military action Israel has taken against Gaza, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the world protested Israel’s latest bombardment of Gaza on July 15th.

As you’re reading this articles, dozens of more protests are being organized across the world. There is likely to be a protest less than 50 miles from your home.


19) When the Germans claimed there was no viable alternative to murdering thousands of civilians as they bombed the city of Leningrad nearly 70 years ago because extremists were part of the city’s civilian population, most of the world considered such justification to be absurd.

This is the same flawed logic Israel’s government is using whenever they claim there is no viable alternative to launching airstrikes on Gaza because Hamas is there. Remember those 4 Palestinians boys killed by an Israeli airstrike while they were playing soccer yesterday? The U.S. State Department does not consider Israel  responsible for their deaths and placed the blame squarely on Hamas.

Gaza has one of the most dense populations in the world. Of course Hamas is going to be among the civilian population. This does not give Israel the right to murder innocent civilians.


20) You can easily find thousands of graphic images showing dead Palestinian children by simply doing a quick Google search.  The mainstream media surely won’t be showing any of those images on TV.

If you don’t have the courage to look at the children being murdered by Gaza in Israel yet you’re going to defend their bombardment of Gaza, then your opinion on the matter is worthless.

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  • Daniel Limo

    The Palestinians democratically elected Hamas which vows to destroy Israel. If I was an Jew who has lost family to genocide just because am a Jew and I move to my homeland so that I can be left alone, I will not loose sleep because someone who supports a regime that calls for a repeat of the genocide is killed. Let the Arabs leave Israel alone and there will be peace. As to the notion that Israelis are occupying Palestinian lands, It is a matter of public records which shows the Romans massacred Jews and exiled the rest in 60 AD and renamed every part called Judea Palestine just to smite them. That is something people are not told often unless someone can produce evidence of a different Judea.

    • Binky

      fuck off loser , this is not ancient history lesson. this is live collateral damage. Israel must pay for rehabilitation and rebuild the destruction

      • Sameer

        It may even do so, but for that it should succeed in its current operation and destroy Hamas. Hope it is successful very soon and it would lead to peace in Gaza after Hamas is demilitarized.

      • scott

        See how quickly you dismiss the parts of history that do not fit your extremist warped little mind. Always looking for someone else to pay for your mess ups eh, guess what loser, that record has been playing far too long. A dead terrorist is the best terrorist, stop the rockets see the peace

    • KOP786

      but it was the German who did that not the Palestinians, ask the Germans for some land in Europe.Israel has never wanted peace

    • jerome

      u r a jew A** H*LE

      • scott

        and you can not spell…illiterate

    • Scott

      Correct, that part of history is not current Hamas required reading!

  • Oblit

    This is an extremely one sided article. As it was expected to be.The only reason there are fewer Israeli casualties is because of the Iron Domes and shelters. 3 minutes is nothing? In places closer to Gaza (in Israel) people have 15 SECONDS. Thats just a tad bit shorter, don’t you think? Most of Israel’s land was given by the British, and most of the rest through wars not started by Israel. Israel’s main goal is to protect its citizens, while Palestinians politically elected a terrorist organization to govern them. A terrorist organization which uses homes, hospitals, and other populated spaces to store and fire weapons meant to kill Israeli civilians.When you hear of Israel destroying a hospital, it is to protect innocent lives. On top of that, Israel warns civilians before a building is fired upon to reduce casualties as much as possible. Hamas has publicly told Palestinians to stay in the line of fire (buildings) so the Israeli military will not attack the buildimg. The only warning Israelis recieve is an Israeli siren that tells when missile is heading I’m the general direction. I do not blindly follow all of the decisions made by Israeli politicians, but in a state where all the neighboring countries want you dead (and publically announced it!), you can almost never be too careful.

    • Adeeb Bukhari

      Shut up paid propaganda organ

      • Seven Rivers

        Another terrorist speaks for his cowardly bunker. If you learned from your foolishness and stopped attacking Israel with rockets, there would be peace, but you won’t leave them alone because your a bunch of murderous pagan heathens. YHWH is the one and only true GOD and he will defend his people and wipe out its enemies. The more you attack, the more you lose. Just as Pharoah never learned from the ten plagues that hit Egypt; neither do you. NUFF SAID.

        • Xavier

          Well said. YHWH looks after those who call upon Him.

        • gyula

          Oh Israel’s true friends …time is coming. No nuclear power will remain alone – their enemies will own this weapon soon…YHWH had punished you a lot…remember ? 🙂

      • GULUVA

        whats that shit ? u call truth propaganda .the fact is israel should flatten a palastinian city for every mortar fired by hamas across the boader terrorism has no place in this world its up to the palastinians schools , mosques and universities if they are any to civilise their societies if they dont they will learn it the hard way more strikes for every bigoted islamic decission

    • Saleh Kakar

      The amount of Shit written is too damn high; How is destroying hospital going to protect innocent lives? by sending them into a heavenly ones? To sum it all in the past 10 years only 28 civilians are killed by the rockets fired by Hamas that is less than innocent Palestinians being killed every day from childrens playing football in the beach to the ones being bombarded. And Hey ony 45 of Land was given to Ziorats not “Most of it” as you mentioned so Israel isn’t just a Pirate State on top of that its a Terrorist state.

      • Scott

        So now we get into the number argument, because less Israelis died is attributed to their superior technology period. People die in war get used to it, a terrorist state i.e. one being run by Hamas (a terrorist organisation) reaps what it sows more often than not the average Palestinian bears the brunt as usual whilst Hamas leadership sit comfortably in their bunkers watching their Swiss / Dubai / Qatari bank accounts grow fatter.

        Instead of playing on the Donors heart strings (how many hundreds of billions have been given to you already only to be stolen by your leadership) time to grow up boys and girls, maybe give peace a chance!

      • Seven Rivers

        The only pirate terrorist state to exist currently, is ruled by the moon god islam. And yes it has a little eye.

        • Jesuslover101

          Even when you attack your enemies be factual and impartial. There is nothing like a moon god called Islam. Poor you demonstrating your ignorance on the internet

        • Swej kcuf

          Your sick yeshiva and sick tanakh education is typical of those who followed haShem into a small desert to pioneer animal sexual relations and inbreeding of torah next to camel jokey expertise and towel head fashion. no wonder there are that many rejecters of Judaism

          • corb

            You are right..really right.

      • che

        Thanks for the preface to your piece of writ. Try and ask hamas why they are storing rockets inside hospitals, schools and the like. You talk about casualties like they’re goals in a friendly socker match. It seems your hate of Israel greater than your love for palestinians.

        • GULUVA

          comrade u realy cementing your views with facts keeep it up

      • Patrick Joseph Klocek

        People who live on a 10 mile strip of land probably shouldn’t start wars with neighbors with 4x the population and 10x the strategic depth. I’m just sayin’ … it’s not a smart move.

        • Swej kcuf

          When you have sever allergy toward bestiality and inbreeding of torah practices you’d go against them no matter how coward they can be. The world saw that military superiority did not help the Hebrew squatters and mercenaries against those who believe in the cause

          • reality

            Funny then that the top internet searches involving bestiality all belong to Islamic countries with Pakistan number 1 on the list. Just saying.

          • Swej kcuf

            Indeed. They also like to know how it is done in your local brothel of synagogues. Just saying

      • Clement

        So, it seems,Terrorists hate it when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine…. “Do unto others what u would have done to ur self”….and if u want to terrorise the world kill children the world over, rape our mothers and sisters, cut our brother’s throats just coz we are not Muslim, get ready for some payback pigs!!! Viva la Israel…

        • Swej kcuf

          As much as bestiality of torah followers hate it when they are faced by those who got nothing to loose

      • GULUVA

        if israel diid not have a robust defence machinery we would witnessed the hugest massacre mankind has ever known israely defend their lives from terrorist acts of hamas

      • RussellG

        As you said the amount of shit being written is too damn high. That’s the only truth in your blog!

    • faranginkorat

      The Israelis being “given” land by the British is the story we get in our high school history books.
      First, Britain was there for a very brief time, so what right do they have to decide whose land it is given millenia of Jewish and Palestinians presence?
      Second, the British didn’t give any land to anybody.
      They simply pulled-out in a hurry and left people to fight over it.
      Personally, I think the Israelis should have claimed Sinai when they had it, given it to the Palestinians, and then evicted all muslims from Gaza, the West Bank, Golan Heights, and Israel proper.
      Then use airstrikes to flatten a significant Palestinean town for every rocket, mortar or cross border attack.
      How many such attacks do you think the USA would tolerate on Brownsville, TX coming from Matamoras before we responded?????

      • Jarkko

        There was no millenia old palestinian presence in the area before the British. Plenty of historical studies exist that show how under populated palestine was before the advent of Zionism. Palestine is not a name for any ethnic identity, it is only name of area which co sists today of several ethnicities. Romans named the are Palestine, after they had exiled most of the Jews from there, that was to humiliate them. Turks owned the land before the brits took it from them after the Ottoman empire collapsed. The people livi g there at the time, were immigrants from surroundi g la ds and had no claim for the la d, neither could they own it since the land ow ers already existed. Jews bought most of their land from these owners with a high price.

        Since Turks collapsed, Brits took control and promised all of Palestine for the Jews. Later on they renegaded that promise by allowing the Hashemutes to illegally claim 80 % of Paleatine, which is now Jordania. Afrer the revolts broke down, Brits back down and left the question for the UN to decide and they voted to partition it according to the local demographics. Area where Jews were majority, became part of the Jewish state and areas with Arab majority, was to be the arab state. Since the former ruler was go e, the logical conclusion was to form new natio s accordi g to the local peoples desire, this is reasonable and should not be co sidered wrong by any dece t and honest person. .

        Well, the arabs rejected the plan and attacked Israel. The formation of Israel was not in any way a wrong doing to any o e since it was the choice of the majority to establish themselves as a nation; Jews allowed the arabs the same privilege even though the arabs were setting up a state on parts of over 3000 year old Jewish home land.

        • Maryam Noor

          Ha ha ha. A young Apache Claims that he owns a city due to his ancestor’s, who do you think will have the right to object? Or would you say that is not an Apache’s homeland?

    • jerome

      You need to be swine to support israel and you seem to be one

      • Scott

        In your incredibly small and uneducated morsel of a brain

        • John

          So your big and educated mind maintains that a people who has their legally settled land illegally invaded and restricted by bullies with vast amounts of superior weapons, does not have the right to lob a few stones in protest back at these invaders and murderers of their innocent civilians? And then they insist on pity for being victims of a horrible holocaust when in fact this is exactly what they are doing to thousands of innocent people right now, 30% of them children. And these bullies, using their immensely superior murderous weapons on a totally outmatched foe, actually get away with claiming that they are the victims here? Please explain this insanity to me if you can.

          • Fanandala

            Only an idiot starts trouble with a guy who is so much stronger then he is. But Hamas is using the women and children as canon and camera fodder, hoping the world will feel sorry for them.
            When I was about 4 or 5 I threw a stone in a bunch of swarming bees. They came after me I ran, fell into a patch of stingy nettles and the bees got me as well. My mother just laughed.
            I learnt from that.
            Will Hamas ever learn? Yes they did, the innocent were the ones stung worst, and the gullible feel sorry for them.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            Israel has 4x the population and easily 10x the strategic depth as Gaza. That would be like Cuba firing scud missiles at Miami and that acting indignant that the US responded by swiftly killing 100x what Cuba was able to kill.

            A rational actor would not start such a war — but then again, HAMAS is not really rational. Any Palestinian who die in Gaza get to go have lunch with their beloved Prophet, Mohammad, which I think it their true motive. Palestinians WANT to die.

          • corb

            The US-Israeli world is losing its power slowly but surely…BRICS are rising…:)

          • jc

            outmatched? really? do you think the rockets being fired into Israel incessantly are made from marshmallow fluff? Their children die because their govt. does nothing to protect them, if they would just stop firing rockets, there would be no missiles to contend with.

          • Karobwa

            What would be a fair fight to you? 1,000 dead Israeli to 100 dead Arabs? I think it was Truman who said that if someone attacks you with a hammer, bring a really large meat cleaver and cut his arm off. I would say cut hte second arm off for good measure. We thank GOD for Iron Dome which has drastically limited the civillian deaths that hamas wanted to inflict on Israel. In that respect hamas cleary lost the war.

          • GULUVA

            insanity may be your lack of understanding that mortar fire is just deadly and fire is addresed with fire .cooooommmment

        • GULUVA

          whats education ?

      • GULUVA

        you need to be savage to surport terrorism

    • Scott

      Agreed, I’d like to say maybe it is time for Hamas to shoulder its fare share of responsibility for these civilian deaths, after all if they don’t fire rockets then they don’t get bombed back, the death of all especially children is heartbreaking however grown ups need to start acting as such instead of seeking cheap PR stunts photographing dead kids.

      Hamas is having is ass handed to them again at the expense of the average Palestinian again, there are consequences for those actions and however harsh it sounds, Hamas bought this firmly upon the Palestinian people.

      Palestine need to get over the fact they have a neighbor who is not going anywhere, then and only then maybe Palestinian Mothers and Fathers will see their children grow up as productive members of society instead being camera fodder for the likes of Hamas.

    • Seven Rivers

      I was going to write a lengthy rebuttal to this one sided article but you seemed to have summed it up rather nicely; thank you. Also most appear to agree.

    • bhavik

      agreed oblit your views are correct and the article is completely single sided.

    • World opinion is that it is now time to not contain Islam, but to eliminate Islam.

    • scarlettdeath

      So it’s not fine for a mass of people to elect a terrorist organisation to get them back their homes. But it’s okay for another mass to voluntarily take up land they know is being stolen from someone else because they are homeless?

    • Sayed Suhail

      You’re on scholarship.. Aren’t you? British gave.. When was Israel British property you charity seeker.. A beggar are you?.. Of course seek more scholarship alias alms..

  • Jarusinga

    Blaming Israel all the time even when provoked by Palestinian attackers as in the current case will not bring peace to the region. Israel is not entirely innocent but Palestians also must be honest and accept responsibility for their actions which always lead to killings of civillians on both sides. When we start camparing numbers of innocent people killed on both side then focus is lost on whow to stop the senceless war.

    • KOP786

      how many civilians have Hamas killed and how many Israel?

      • fightingforfreedom

        No. That’s not how you ask the question.
        The question you should ask is, what are the measures used by the Hamas to defend their people and and how many people have died in their hands.

        • Saleh Kakar

          So, if Hamas hasn’t taken the approriate measures to defend their people does that automatically gave Israeli’s the right to offend and kill them? #NiceLogic.

          • scott

            No Israel has the right to respond when Hamas launches rockets at Israel just in-case you have not figured that out yet 1 rocket equals 20 back!

            Hopefully soon you’ll work that part out, until the rockets stop, get used to more of the same, and no amount of dead kids on TV being paraded will stop it.

            If you really want peace (as the religion of peace states) respect your neighbor, stop fighting and then if your neighbor slights you, then you have good reason to complain, until then, reap what you sow.

        • KOP786

          the Goldstone report from the last Gaza war concluded Hamas did not use civilians as human shields. Jon Snow in his Chanel 4 news also showed the same. Even John Kerry was heard laughing at the pinpoint nature of Israeli missiles

      • kp

        Israel saved its civilians from terrorists. Your question says that you just want to see Israel bleed ? Its not a issue of quantification, stupid

        • KOP786

          I want to see a just solution, not like you with all the Palestinians dead but 2 states

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            2-states is not workable. Gaza should be re-integrated into Egypt and some of the West Bank should either be made independent or be re-integrated into Jordan … which actually doesn’t even want the Palestinians.

          • Swej kcuf

            Illuminate cancerous haShem of evil troah presence in stolen land is the answer

      • mayank

        KOP786……A muslim like you will ask the same stupid question..as you have lost common sense in Madrasa….Question should be who is causing the conflict????….If you hit me even one slap..then i surely have right to hit u 2 slaps and defend myself……..
        Its unfortunate to see …such a one sided news cut..paid media…

        • Saleh Kakar

          So a Ziorat like you agrees that in response to death of 2 or 3 individual it’s OK to bomb the entire region killing thousands of innocents?

          • mayank

            so u accept Israil didnt start the war…..So, just stop the real culprit….Every action has a reaction……what israil is doing is a reaction of nonsene Hamas and phelestine…..
            Hamas and phelestine are not capable enough else they would have destroyed Israil….But Israil even being capable uses its might in controlled way….
            By the what is your take when explosives and militants are kept in Hospitals and schools..Hamas being so coward…takes shelter in the schools….

          • Saleh Kakar

            Unfortunately, There were no explosives in Hospital and lets agree for the sake of argument that there were, SO..Whats the point? Should We Bomb Israel because it has explosives and Missiles? Now before you scream “Rockets fire by Hamas” let it be known that only 28 civilians are killed by those in the Past 10 years; Israel has been killing more than those every day, So who is attacker and who’s the defender? What If I kick your butt, invade your home, throw you of it; What would be your reaction? Recall who started it, you’ll get the answer.

          • mayank

            You are either Sheep to understand ….or you are misinformed….Your version of information is completely wrong…Dont manipulate facts, for sake of Innocence of Phelestine..if u sit silently and meditate for getting your religion or country…u would not ask more question…Stop Destroying World…Have you ever thought Y it is Muslims who are involved in wars, Attacks, Tessorists etc….U know the answer but you dont know to surrender the ego….keep going…burn up the world….By the way what is India doing against you…Why are Indians killed ,cowardly your terrorists attack the innocents….Do u even know the meaning of Peace….

          • Sameer

            Only 28 Israeli civilians are killed not because of the lack of Hamas trying to kill Innocent Israeli civilians but because of Israels Iron Dome, Missile warning alarms and Strong rooms. The limited civilian casualties are the achievement of Israel and not something that can be used against it.

            If arms are stored in Hospitals. Mosques and if command centers are operated from schools and mosques does it mean Israel should give immunity to Hamas terror machinery? Israel is doing the right thing and going for it and destroying it by giving prior warnings by leaflets, announcements,smoke bombs to warn Palestinian civilians to leave the targeted area but Hamas asks people to ignore warnings and become victims.

          • Saleh Kakar

            I see Indians are quite inhumane don’t be offended by that but its the bitter truth, So you’ve said it yourself that Hamas are incapable of killing Israeli civilians because of the iron dome, there’s the point, if so that’s the truth then Israel shouldn’t be crying babies and shooting missiles on Palestinian Civilians in response to something which isn’t actually anything.

          • Saleh Kakar

            Lets agree with you just for the sake for argument that Arms are stored in ‘Where ever the shit you want to’, but does it matter? when as you yourself claimed that “iron dome” makes them worthless, is it justified to kill thousands of civilians in response to something which poses no harm.

          • Scott

            Iron Dome does not guarantee every missile is shot down, it is not perfect, hence the precision bombings of rocket stocks regardless where they are stored

          • Sameer

            What twisted logic do you have?? Remain passive about the missiles that are targeted at its citizens just because Israel invests $20,000 for each missile from the Iron Dome to Save its citizens from Hamas rockets?

            The missiles are targeted towards Israeli citizens and Israel has every right to act in Self Defense. With terrorist like Hamas “attack is the best defense” policy is the only policy they would understand as Hamas is so consumed by revenge and desire to kill all Israelis that it does not value the deaths of innocent civilians and does not agree even to a cease fire.

          • KOP786

            the Americans invested $700 million for the iron dome

          • crazymansdad .

            If Indians were inhumane there wouldn’t be 200 million muslims living happily in India. Conflict is part of human culture.We keep evolving ways to stop it and keep things peaceful.I bet if Hamas and the rest idiots were not present Israel would have had to try really hard to rake up shit on Palestinians..The day palestinians kick all armed factions out.. thye will be getting much more support.. Hamas through it’s stupid good for nothing rockets give pretext for Israel to attack.. No rockets.. no reason for the racist Israelis to attack.. atleast at this scale.. Gaza will be gone for sure.. One kilometer at a time… Hopefully people will leave that shitty peace of land to israel and settle somewhere better..

          • scott

            Agreed totally

          • Peacenik

            U r reali crazy man’s dad as u certainly r a crazy man’s son. muslims in india r not living happily. they live in inhuman conditions. for ur info, something which u crazily avoid for being supertitiousn n inhuman, creation of israel gave birth to hamas n not the other way round.

          • crazymansdad .

            lol “Muslims live in inhuman conditions in India..?”..Let’s have a debate.. which country are you from..? The world is one shitty piece of wet rock floating in space.We humans only have each other you retarded pieces of filth.It’s because of people like you the world is a bloody mess.And what in the fack did you type.Learn some english first..

          • Bhavik

            I bet you have never been to India`s neighbourhood Peacenik thousands of muslims from there come to India and have settled for an amazing peaceful life that they would never have Imagined in there own country.

          • Maryam Noor

            Surely. Did it ever occure to you that no palestinians are allowed to own even a simple gun, even the police, whereas every israeli inhabitant has every right to own them. Every palestinian will be shot to death if they came close to the boundary, whereas many times israeli drunken adolescence go take a visit to their palestinian neighbors, talk dirty and playing with their guns.

          • Maryam Noor

            Muslim Brothers, never be offenced by their talk and do. Our Palestinian brother doesn’t even need it this way. Please understand, even if we could not help them, they are still living an honorable life as Allah’s mujahid and mujaddid. As Israelis, You just do not see whith your eyes, how much rotten are their youth, and getting worse and worse, of course, it make them angrier then.

          • Scott

            Israeli’s were crying before they built the separation wall and Iron Dome, unlike Palestine though they did something about the situation to change their lives

          • KOP786

            if the Palestinians had the backing of the USA where would the Israelis be then, stop talking crap

          • DatuPaiburong

            such kind of argument will only lead to more conflict. Is there any peace in your minds without any demand? if both could realize that, then peace might start in your region

          • corb

            Israel’s might…Russia can destroy two or three planets with their nuclear power…

          • Scott

            I believe it is right to attack terrorists launching rockets or emerging from tunnels dug under the border, the fact such launchers and weapons are in mosques, hospitals and UNRWA schools is besides the fact, as is the fact Hamas like the cowards they are hide behind the women’s skirts, real hero’s, actually maybe Hamas should include a woman’s skirt on their flag to be truly representative of the people LOL.

          • Ali

            UN places or hospitals is women’s skirts that Israel bomb it?!
            Your believe is too wrong, It isn’t true, your opinion is result of Israel justification and advertisements, Israel got near the all place of their country, where Hamas should go?
            It is foolish and silly advertisements that Hamas are hide behind women;
            Israel attack from sky, sea, and every where to unarmed people and city for get more area such as past, when Palestinian teenagers fight with stone, and Israel always want to get their county, American and worlds are sleep. I never forget the sense of helpless father and his sun who go to the back of an object and the Israels kill them, or a little girl who want to see her father in Israel prison and the Israel didn’t allow to him, or the phosphoric bombing of people or attack to Turkish, UN ship that wanted to give food.
            If you can open your eyes, you’ll see Palestinian don’t have any arena for fight.All Palestinian hate the Israel and want to get their country.
            Gaze is city about 40 KM *5 KM. Such as all places that Israel got it from Palestinian with belligerence and murders, Israel wish to kill all Palestinian and got their home and town for their selves.
            Hamas didn’t have equipment and army and any place for go such as Israel.
            Israel is baby killer evil such as their friends; ISIS or DAESH.

        • Saleh Kakar

          What If I hit you, and you start slapping my Family, friends and negihbour is that Justified? Unfortunately that’s exactly what is happening, Ziorats are killing the civilians bombing the Hospitals, murdering the kids playing soccer on football, How is that Justified you metally-deranged paid israeli troll?

          • bhootha

            If you hit mayank then he will hit you hard depending on his strength.
            If you hit mayank without realizing the previous clash then he will hit you and your brother.
            If you hit him again then mayank, being a normal human thinks to put an end to this and tries to destroy your family

            One cannot bare with an insect which keeps troubling, just tries to kill it.

          • Scott

            Saleh, you seem a well balanced individual, let me ask you this question, using your example. If I had witnessed exactly what you describe above happening why on earth why would I continue to slap the other guy, do you not have any compassion for your family to subject them to what you know will be two slaps back?

            This is not a mine is bigger than yours competition this is peoples lives that are happy traded away by Hamas. If Hamas stops attacking Israel then Israel has no choice but to stop attacking you, every provocation serves Hamas or they think it does, in reality every provocation is paid for in innocent Palestinians blood!

            Despite the best technology being available collateral damage always happens, its called WAR.

          • gyula

            yeah..collateral damage. Once you’ll get it in America , too…Since 1948 it has happened to be TEN times more civil Palestinian victims, than Israelis…

        • KOP786

          The Israeli’s started by carrying on killing Hamas officials while they agreed a truce with Hamas

          • Sameer

            Hamas officials !! They are a bloody Terrorist group.

          • KOP786

            and you are an idiot but can’t help it accident at birth is suppose

          • asma

            If people fighting for their own freedom get labeled like that, what about our ‘krantikari’ who fought for freedom that we are enjoying today?, I would say if we haven’t lived in their situation under blockade, then it doesn’t give us right to say anything.

          • bhavik

            who do you think is fighting for freedom, Hamas????
            I appreciate your sense of humour but don`t make statements or else people will make fun of you Ma`m.

        • Azaab

          Mayank you are definately inhumane like most hindu extre.ists. its not abt who kills who and why. It is about the fact that under no circumstances any one can kill civillians who are not a part of the war. The world knows what the reality is!

          • asma

            You can’t expect sympathy from who are known to burn daughters in law alive over dowry, or people who kill their own flesh and blood before being born because it’s female!

        • asma

          So in your opinion what should one do if somebody try to snatch everything off you ? Just sit cross legged and chat ‘ shanti shanti shanti’ ?

          • bhavik

            Atleast Indians are doing that I have been there, every month there are 15 cease fire violations but still a neighbour that was once its integral part is alive at India`s mercy since its formation and look what Indians have achieved the dead bodies of childrens that is more in number than what israel has killed in Gaza during last few days.

        • asma

          Us Muslims don’t lose sense in Madresa we learn about our religion and we are not confused individuals about ‘who to worship?’ ,we worship one God,.

      • scott

        Do numbers really matter?

        More to the point the Palestinians need to change direction if they want this to stop otherwise it will more than likely be more of the same.

        A pig with lipstick is still a pig, Hamas take note!

      • Fanandala

        Just because they can not shoot straight is not an excuse.

        • KOP786

          give them some tanks and guided missiles then lets see how straight they can shoot

          • Fanandala

            It takes discipline and training not a big big mouth and blind hate.

      • Patrick Joseph Klocek

        Many time more Palestinians get killed in these wars — which I why the Palestinians shouldn’t start them. But since the Palestinians want to die so they can hang out with Allah, I don’t see what the problem is.

      • GULUVA

        because of good defence not more offence if not so results would be opposit israel would have faced the hugest catastrophy

        • KOP786

          I think the trade embargo on Gaza helps

  • shoutingforfreedom

    Things that we have not heard of on TV? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We hear about this, not only on TV but also on FB and other social networking sites.
    Stop being so dramatic.

  • CometMist

    I like this article.
    No, I don’t know what “bad” the Palestinians have done. But I know of the jewish. The jewish think they can do whatever the fuck they want because they were all targeted by hitler 70+ years ago. They think it was not okay for the holocaust to happen. But here they are, killing innocent Palestinians?! WE ARE MEANT TO LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, NOT REPEAT THEM!

    • Xavier

      The mullahs tell the mothers to teach their infants to hate the jews. How can they develop peace?

    • jc

      Its not their mistake u idiot, the “mistake” was Hitler. By the way, do you think it was o.k. for the Holocaust to have happened

  • T.M.Menon

    There are Arabs like Dr. Tawfik Hamid, an Islamist-turned-reformer who blames
    Palestinian suffering entirely on Hamas.Hamas appears happily
    pressing Gaza citizens into martyrdom to wage a very effective propaganda war.but very tragic consequences to the civilians! Since Muslims and Jews are “sentenced to live together in the piece of land where historically Jews were the first to have lived(remember, Islam comes even after Christianity that followed Jewish faith, and the Old Testament,common to all the three Semitic religions mentions Jewish settlement there from time immemorial) isn’t it realistic to live in Peace than to declare as a Hamas spokesman recently did on TV that any truce as just an opportunity to rearm for the next war against Israel? Hostility can be
    unilateral, but friendship has to be bilateral! Islam historically was relatively a lot more tolerant though anti-Jewishness runs deep in most Muslim countries today, for most of history, Muslims were more tolerant of Jews than Christians were! I think oil-rich Arabs cause this, while they would not do anything much to improve the living conditions of Muslims in Palestine, they pay for the war efforts perhaps hoping to get the benefits of Jihad if the Jews are beaten, without getting hurt themselves! Islam’s cult of martyrdom that generate posters, videos, songs, and societal glorification causes damage to modern life and I am saying this with a lot of trepidation,because any such criticism is taken for ill-will and aggression and invite hatred! I think ISLAM is “I Shall Live Always for Mankind”… and mankind includes all, Jews, Hindus, Christians…

    • Scott

      Well written

  • Shuaib

    Beware Israel ! Stop doing Palestinians what Hitler did to you

  • Adeeb Bukhari

    Israel you are standing on some one else property, that two with out permission. Hamas is not the reason you has been killing natives even before the creation of Hamas. Hamas is a reaction of you killings.
    Criminals we know the facts, so stop misleading the world and give them their land.

    • scott

      If Hamas is the reaction then you have to swallow the consequences don’t you.
      I would be very interested to see the proof that confirms the land as Palestinian

    • Fanandala

      That is your excuse.
      There is no country in the world that has not been taken by force not once but many times in their history. Where did the Palestinians get their land from anyway? Wasn’t the whole of the middle east part of the Ottoman empire for more than a 1000 years? And before that? How long do you want to go back.

      Russia and Poland stand on German ground. Yet Germans settled with the new facts after the war, got their asse into gear and achieved a place of respect in the world for themselves.

      Russians are holding Japanese Islands, yet the Japanese are not all consumed by hatred and get on with life.

      Instead of teaching hate and poisoning Childrens minds, Palestinians must get on with life and achieve a position of trust and respect in the world. A reputation of being fanatical raghead is not an asset.

  • Omar

    Edit last paragraph

  • kp

    It’s sad children are dying, but do you know what most of them will become after growing up? terrorists and suicide bombers.

    To avenge Irael, a terrorist organistaion “IM” have threatened bombing India, as they did in 1993.
    Islam the Religion of Peace is threat to not only humans but equally to
    animals. Every day they fight with some, and cause riots. But these
    liberals and reporters are supporting them.

  • Saleh Kakar

    The amount of “Paid Israeli Trolls” on this article is too damn high.

    • KOP786

      well they get grants in Israel if you support for Israel on social media

    • Sameer

      The amount of people supporting Terrorist ideology is Off the Charts..

    • Scott

      I am not paid by anybody, I am not Israel nor Jewish but like a lot of people around the world I am sick and tired at a useless clump of people begging everybody for money and to fix their mess after they started it, present situation in case.

      When Palestinians start taking responsibility for their actions they might get more compassion from everyone else.

      I suppose its time to wheel out another dead kid to garner donations, really you are a sad sad people who allow an even foolish-er group of people called Hamas lead you, I pity you!

      • Joe

        Here’s a thought – if you feel these actions are justified, including the killing of these children, but would be unwilling to commit them yourself, doesn’t that make you a coward?

        • Fanandala

          Let me put it like that: I would not knowingly and willingly get myself into a situation that could result that my children death. E.g. I do not drive aggressively or indulge in a bout of road rage, but I would do so even less if my or even anybody elses children were in the car. But that is what Hamas is doing.

  • Sameer

    Israel spends money and uses technology to save its citizens from rockets while Hamas uses citizens to protect its rockets. That’s the reason for the disparity in casualties. Hope Israel succeeds in destroying Hamas.

    • bhootha

      I too hope the same. Next Israel should target Pakistan to destroy Pakistanis

      • eyetoteyeleavesworldblind

        Wooow, you guys are so full of love. The world would be so much peaceful if everyone kills everyone else just looking at their nationality or other origins. Thanks to God, you guys are raised by such a loving and humanistic system, rather than Pakistanis or Hamas!!!

  • Olah

    wow! wartime propaganda at its best.



    • eyetoteyeleavesworldblind

      We, who condemn Israel, at least I, dont support terrorism, we simply condemn civillian attacts at both sides. Please dont support civillian attacts at both sides or this will beget only more violence. If the whole world stands against whoever kills or hurts civilians in their own soul, the justice will be provided naturally.

  • Sathishkumar

    The ultimate aim of Hamas is to erase Israel from the map, to do so they are trying kill more than 6 million Israeli who are in Israel. With this motivation Hamas send more than 2000 rockets(in this war alone) targeting Israeli civilians and they are talking about 1000 of death in Gaza.
    Even Israel is ready for the cease fire agreement, where the Hamas denied it. More over Hamas is responsible for the Death toll in Gaza, as they are getting the prior warning one day before from Israel.
    If they really care for Palestinian(their own people), they should evacuate the people or at least allow them to move to safe zone. Instead of moving/allowing them to safe place they place the civilians (children and women) at war zone or at missile store house. Hamas, it is you who killed the innocent child shown in the picture and not shown.

  • henk

    OK Carter……………. how many rockets landed in your peanut farm ???

  • faranginkorat

    I am 59, almost 60. When I was a small child, I remember vividly watching news clips reporting on school busses full of Jewish children having been stopped and machine-gunned by the PLO. I couldn’t even imagine why adults would want to shoot a bus full of children. This did not happen just once, it was again, and again, and again.
    The Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas which ran on a platform of intolerance.
    Maybe you can say the children are innocent collateral damage, but overall the people in Gaza are getting what they asked for.
    At least the Israelis don’t celebrate when people are killed.

    • eyetoteyeleavesworldblind

      Are you sure the children who are being killed right now were the ones who attacted those busses or elected the people you hate; if not, are they really getting what they deserve? Because with your logic, it would be okay to punish your children for your sins. If it was wrong when palestians attacked the civillians, isnt it wrong when İsrael attacts civilians. Besides the map is telling many other things, look closely…

  • Andrew

    If you start a war from your back yard and tell your kids to play there as normal, what kind of twisted dog are you, when they are destroyed by the opposing army you have attacked??? Duh, the blood of those little trusting children is speared all over Hamas, the Palestinians and the Islamic religion of ???.

  • Amazed

    jajajajajajajajajaajajajajjajajajajajaja is this for real? who wrote all this BS?

  • Amazed

    A message to the author: If you are going to publish an article online with a title that says “FACTS” you should probably learn some before you write!!!!! Please, please read some history!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Varun

    This is Genocide being commited by survivors of Genocide. Change of political Map shows it all. The world order wasn’t what it is and won’t be as it is now (othing remains forever). Formation of Israel was to bring peace after the World War, but greed for more has failed that purpouse. Many people who side with Israel say Palestine brought this on themselves, then same can be said for Holocaust and Jews. But then history is written by winners, Jews have been on the winning side since the end of world war till now, but what if this status qou is broken. Jews should know this first hand because they faced what they are doing today. Jews were packed into small over crowded Ghetto’s and now shrinking Paletstinian border is no less that a Gheto with embargo in place. Had heard what goes around comes back around but here that seeems to be happening in reverse, or is it that Jews are taking revenge, but from wrong people. Or is it that Jews are not taking revenge of last century but that of the last millennium, meaning they will turn on Europeans after they are done with Arabs ?

  • Odysseus

    A quick guide to Israel’s PR methods:

    1.) We haven’t heard reports of deaths . We’ll check into it.

    2.) The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/Bomb

    3.) Ok we killed them, but they were terrorists.

    4.) OK we killed them, and they were civilians, but they were being used as human

    5.) Ok there were no fighters in the area so it was our mistake; But we kill
    civilians by accident, they do it on purpose.

    6.) Ok we kill far more civilians than they do, but look hoe terrible other
    countries are!

    7.)What are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of anti-Semite?

    Test this against the next interview you hear or watch!”

  • There’s nothing further from the truth. Israelis are the worst of humans to have walked on this earth, evidently speaking. They wantonly murder Palestinians, arrest them, detain them, blockade them, restrict their movement, grab their land and occupy it. A poorly-armed group of Hamas shows resistance, the Zionist-paid mainstream media call it “oppression” of Israelis; the US call them “terrorists”; they were framed (alleging the kidnapped and killed 3 Israel teens) and a bloody war was staged. Turning a table trick. May God do onto Israelis what they do onto Palestinians now or later, amen.

  • Only 3 types of terrorists in Gaza: 1. Terrorists. 2. Women who give birth to terrorists. 3. The children who grow up to be terrorists.

    The Arab nations surrounding Israel should accept ALL Palestinian refugees and assimilate them into their country and be done with the blood shed. That ends the conflict in a simple way.

  • Nishu

    Hitler said: “I killed 90% of Jews on earth. 10% I am leaving for the world to understand why I killed those 90%.”

  • Truth

    This opinion is toiletpaper. First off, no one can tell if the cloud in the first picture is from a rocket. Secondly, the smoke is way to the left of the playing children. Thirdly, we must believe the narrative that it’s from an Israeli rocket — google for Hamas war crimes and learn some truth.
    The huge explosion in picture 18 is either photoshopped or an accident in a rocketstore.

    All the sad stories are a result of war. War is not pretty or fun in any way. Hamas should give peace a try for a change. Ariel Sharon fully retreated from Gaza a decade ago and all they got in return was thousands of rockets. The US is used to attacking nations of their interests are at stake, let alone their national security.

    My hypocrite country is lashing out at Russia for downing a civilian airliner and punishing them harshly through sanctioning them. It has no hesitation of condemning and harassing Israel for defending themselves against relentless attacks from Gaza for 1 month after a monsoon of rockets of many months.

    My hypocrite country is smart enough not to provoke Russia in any military manner though, because everyone knows which price we’ll be paying if we dare do so. International law is a paper tiger. In reality the world powers do what is in their own interest. My country learned this lesson when it tried to defend a Greenpeace crew who had been arrested for harassing a Russian oil rig. Hamas has no such common sense: don’t F* with a stronger power unless you enjoy their wrath. In the case of Israel there is no sign of wrath. Usually the military rely on the element of surprise, but the IDF is in fact taking the effort to warn civilians who are living on or around a missilestore or launching facility. There will be damage, but hopefully no civilian casualties — unless Hamas makes them stay put, of course, which Hamas usually does. So, who’s the war criminal then? I’m giving high marks to Hamas. Also people who are supporting Hamas by the way, enjoying the carnage only to celebrate their perverted hate of Israel.

    Since when are journalists are keeping score as if casualties should be balanced? By this logic, the US owes Iraq big time. The US should have sent plane loads of US-citizens to die on the Iraqi front to level the deathtoll for their part in the gulf wars. Iraq didn’t stand a chance against the might of the US army, much like Hamas against the Israeli army. A big difference is that the US came to secure ‘their’ oil and Israel is defending its citizens. Which of these motives is the lesser of the two?

    The mention of “Apartheid” is the ultimate insult to those who truly suffered under that regime. Big difference: The South African government was the architect of real Apartheid. The PLO/Hamas are the architects of Gaza. PLO/Hamas demanded land for themselves free of Jews. In fact no Jew would be safe in PLO/Hamas controlled territory. Israel is home to millions of ethnic Arabs (= palestinians). They have full citizenship and enjoy all rights that go with it, such as: free travelling, education, enrolling into any University or be elected for any government office.

    Because of journalist lying, innocent people are dying! Stop the atrocity that is Hamas and the blood thirsty lefties who are in a frenzy to condemn Israel without any compassion for the palestinian people who are suffering the collateral damage from the conflict and active repression at the hans of Hamas.

    Google/Youtube for “Hamas warcrimes”

  • Reverend

    This article is about as one sided as it gets. The article doesn’t address the issue of dead children, but rather it tries to argue against the validity of the Israeli state. If the Palestinians really want the violence to stop tell their government whom they elected to stop launching rockets against Israel. Simple.

  • Clark Kent

    This article is really goofy. Why do people not know that Hamas sends rockets and Israel can defend itself or not even if defense means offense. Hamas – all of those wacky arabs just don’t want peace. They could have had it many times. All they would have had to do is say okay. Then there would have been peace.

  • Ziya

    Why hamas attached Israel is the question which everybody has to understand.
    Gaza people are not allowed medicine, food, building materials, … So till when they have to live like this. When the world is going ahead – they have to go backward ?
    Israel occupied palestine land. How much britishers gave land to jews 70 years ago ? And how much jews have it now ? How did they get the land till now ?
    The only solution is start troubling the jews in the rest of the world. Stop there business, stare them like you will attach them, don’t include them in any conversations, parties, …
    Avoid israeli products. Also US products – cuz US is giving 3 B $ every year to israel.
    I have this to be official in Europe, Asia & Australia.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    If the World observer never mentions Hamas rockets fired at Israel does that mean there were no rockets? (even tourists have seen the rockets being fired into Israel)
    If the tunnels from Gaza to Israel are not mentioned in the World observer article does that mean there were no tunnels?
    When Hamas executed their tunnel diggers to prevent Intelligence leaks on where tunnels are located and the World observer doesnt report those killings does that mean Hamas doesent kill their own?
    When there are no attributes to the writers of an article like this in the World Observer does that mean any and all World Observers articles are equally biased against balanced reporting on most anything?

  • Phnaphman

    This kind of reporting is exactly why Hamas is forcing the slaughter of their women and children. That is their agenda….not to defeat Israel in battle ….how could they?
    They want their people slaughtered on the world stage. They are animals!
    The reporting here helps them succeed. If the reporting stopped, so would hamas. These reporters are responsible for the continued deaths of Palestinians. They are murderers!!!

  • Jef

    People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    Others have called this article one-sided. They’re only partially right–it’s not just one-sided, in an absolute mockery of journalism, it’s blatantly slanderous.

    The last time I saw such a collection of idiotic lies was… well, the last time I saw anti-Semites on the internet, slandering Israel for daring to defend itself.

  • Sean

    Zionism = expansionism, occupation, oppression and segregation = Jihadism (+ Hamas + AQ + Taliban + ISIS). Stop wasting our tax dollars and spend the money at home were we need it most.

  • EV Idiot

    More Palestinian children are killed because Hamas deliberately uses them as shields when they attack Israel, in the hopes that nitwits like you will support them.


    i quote , it seems terroristts hate it when they are given a taste of their own medicine .hamas is a terrorist org which should by all means neccesary be eveporated

  • Jack Nash

    Stop blaming each other and target the instigators and funders of 95% of the issues in ME (and anywhere in the world where there is oil or fossil fuels) – USA

  • Pantaleon Calica

    ¡Juda verreckes!

  • john mcculloch

    It is simple. Stop sending rockets into your neighbor. Stop digging tunnels to harass your neighbor. Stop using schools and hospitals for launch sites of rockets aimed at your neighbor. Stop calling for the destruction of your neighbor. And start talking like your lives depend on it which it does. As long as your butt points to the ground you will never get rid of Israel .If you ever even come close they will simply destroy you. Make friends for the sake of your children rather than continue this crazy behavior.

  • Koller

    This article may be one-sided , but the unfortunate truth is, there are extremists on both sides of the border.
    Hamas may be firing rockets, but Israeli ministers keep expanding settlements on more and more land, adding fuel to fire.
    It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, both sides have to learn to live together amicably.
    Else, unfortunately, both sides will have to continue to undergo great suffering.
    Just because collateral damage is part of war, doesn’t make it right.