Kidney donor wishes organ went to someone more deserving – after husband she saved walked out

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A WOMAN who saved her dying husband’s life by giving him one of her kidneys says she wishes the organ had gone to someone who deserves it – after he walked out on her.

Andy Lamb was suffering from renal failure and was only being kept alive by dialysis sessions, until his wife Samantha persuaded him to take one of her kidneys.

Mrs Lamb, from Ivybridge, lost more than 3st in weight to make sure that she would be healthy enough for the transplant operation in October 2009.

The couple made the front page of The Herald and were even filmed for a BBC show which documented the story of her gift of love.

But unfortunately they did not live happily ever after.

Just a few years after the life-saving procedure, their marriage was over when Mr Lamb walked out on his wife in August 2012.

Mrs Lamb, 41, says she is adamant that her husband started having an affair with her friend – a claim he categorically denies.

He moved his belongings out of their marital home one evening while she was working a night shift at Tesco.

He also took the TV and stereo before posting the keys through the letterbox without a note or letter, she claims.

The couple met when they were both drivers for a private ambulance firm and started dating in 2004.

After a brief split, when they had to live apart from each other for a short period of time, they decided to get married in 2007.

However, Mr Lamb’s condition meant he soon became dependent on gruelling dialysis sessions.

His wife told a national newspaper: “He needed a new kidney or he would die.

“He was on dialysis three times a week.

“I told Andy he should go through with it [the transplant].

“He had children from an earlier relationship and he wanted to be there for them.”

Mrs Lamb says she now regrets donating the kidney to her husband and wishes she could have it back – if only to donate it to someone more deserving.

She told the Sunday People: “I would definitely go through the operation again but I wouldn’t give the kidney to him.”

Mr Lamb, 45, who denies having an affair with his wife’s friend, said: “I never wanted her to donate her kidney because it was a big risk.

“But she insisted and I’ll always owe her my life.”

He added: “I loved her but our relationship wasn’t working.

“We had big rows and her family never liked me.

“Despite what Samantha believes, I have never been with her friend. I just helped her to train her dog.”

The mother-of-one now wants a divorce and says that she is trying to get on with her life – although she is reminded about the break-up whenever she sees her 4in operation scar.

She does have one comfort, however, saying: “At least he always has to remember where his kidney came from.”

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