Sderot cinema’: Image shows Israelis gathering to watch nighttime attacks on Gaza

Southern Israeli city is in the Negev desert close to the Gaza Strip.

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  • DJ

    Sickening but not surprising. The Palestinians have been turned into a sick society because of decades of being oppressed and terrorized. The Israelis have turned into a sick society after being allowed to oppress so long and without interference via the United States protecting them, especially at the UN.

    • Patrick Klocek

      I have news for you — they were sick long before the Israelis occupied them in 1967.

  • richard kef

    big deal, they call this voyeurism which is exactly what every tv news channel, internet news channel etc relies on….graphic exciting pics….I mean what do u expect these people to do when this is happening just down the road, stay indoors and watch a rerun of Starsky & Hutch ? doesn’t matter what nationality, they’d all be out watching it.

  • Patrick Klocek

    For the last five years, the Palestinians have been raining rockets down on Sderot for no reason but anger that the Jews refuse to submit to Muslim slavery and bondage. Well, payback is a (*)@)!@ … whatever.

    Why aren’t the people of Monaco firing rockets at France? OHHHH, it’s because they are not INSANE. Perhaps the Palestinians could learn a thing or two about being a tiny state next to a large and powerful state.

  • Toots

    Kinda like the 4th of July but a tad bit more savage..