Man Saves Woman From Being Raped By Fly-Kicking Rapist In The Face

A woman has hailed a man a “hero” after he fly-kicked a rapist who attacked her in a park.


At 2am on June 15, a woman – who did not wish to be identified – was traveling home after a night out with friends from a nightclub. As she made her way through Kevingrove Park, Glasgow, she was attacked.

She said that the attacker was unfastening his trousers when Abdull Oun, a nightclub doorman, intervened.

Abdull Oun heard the woman’s cries as he was running in the park with his little black puppy. He then sprinted to the scene and knocked the man out with a flying kick.

Daily Record, Trinity Mirror / Gary F McHarg / Via

Oun, who was born in Tripoli, Libya, but has lived in Glasgow for 13 years, said he saw that the man had pinned the woman to the ground. He described the attacker – who came to and ran away as Oun helped the woman – as a white Scottish male in his mid-thirties, with the letters “LOVE” tattooed in dark green ink on his right knuckles.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Oun remained modest about being labelled a “hero”, saying: “If I see a person in danger then I will intervene. I would not want to ignore it and then read the next day that a woman had been raped or murdered.”

The woman said that Oun woke her up “from a very bad dream”, adding, “I just wanted to send out a big thank you for his heroism and hope there are more people like him in this world.”

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