People Are Not Born Gay, Affirms Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has said people are not born gay. (© Vojtechvlk/

A statement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists that people are not born gay has been welcomed as “a major admission” by a Christian charity that helps men and women change unwanted same-sex feelings.

Core Issues Trust (CIT), which is campaigning against a ban on therapy being offered to people who want to move away from a homosexual lifestyle, says the latest statement by the Royal College admits what it previously denied.

“They now say that the causes of homosexuality are a combination of ‘biological and postnatal environment factors.’ So, if a child does not encounter such postnatal life experiences, he or she will grow up heterosexual,” says the director of CIT, Mike Davidson.

Davidson says he is incredulous that despite its admission that being gay is not fixed at birth, the college continues to support the ban on change therapy.

“The Royal College has also modified its view on whether sexual orientation can change, saying, ‘It is not the case that sexual orientation is immutable or might not vary to some extent in a person’s life,'” he says. “So how can that be consistent with a ban on people voluntarily seeking professional counseling to change unwanted same-sex feelings?”

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  • FUBO

    Search for and read “The Gay Gene Hoax”.

  • DNP

    Regardless of whether people are “born” gay, so-called reparative therapy to change sexual orientation in adulthood is of uncertain value, to say the least.
    While experts don’t agree on exactly when and how sexual orientation is fixed, they almost universally agree that sexual orientation in men (and often in women) is unalterable by late childhood – at the latest, by puberty. Attempts to change sexual orientation, even by well-meaning therapists, are therefore unlikely to be successful and more importantly, can cause distress – by leaving persons with the sense that there is permanently and drastically wrong with them.
    It appears that it is as futile and potentially harmful to try and change a homosexual to a heterosexual person, as it is a heterosexual person to a homosexual person. If you’re a straight person (like me) reading this, just ask yourself whether any form of therapy could turn you “gay”?

  • Stop the Lies

    It is widely reported that the American Psychiatric Association has been widely infiltrated by gays who then maneuvered to the frame the stand of the Association to falsely declare that gayness is inborn.

  • Stop the Lies

    It is widely reported that the American Psychiatric Association has been widely infiltrated by gays who then deceitfully maneuvered to frame the stand of the Association to falsely declare that gayness is inborn

  • asdf

    It says a combination of “Biological and postnatal” which means that it can sure as hell be from birth. Isn’t that what biological means, in a sense? Besides, there’s no guarantee that the child porn outside of these ‘influences’ will not be gay. Why do my friends born in christian families, who completely believe gayness is wrong and try to instill that in all their children? Why did I, who had crushes on boys when I was little, grew up to love women? Because it’s totally bullshit. Yes, I admit, with my sexuality, there were outside forces that helped shape it. Like men being repulsive to me.

  • I never bought into the born gay storyline. It is a choice. Your choice and yours alone. And even if it was genetic, it is still your choice to have same-sex pleasure or not. Anyone and everyone has a choice. Say yes or say no. It is really that simple.

    • max

      It’s because of ppl like you that so many ppl can’t be themselves and be happy. If it was a choice they wouldn’t chose to love who they love

    • Veiled_In_Dance

      Oh, when did you choose to be straight?

      • I had a friend who, when I was about 9 years old, wanted to introduce me to “hands on mutual exploration of our bodies”. Looking back I would say that it was that moment I decided I did not want to explore same sex anatomy with my friend. Of course back then, in the 50s, there was no dialogue about same sex involvement. Today I am not convinced a person is born gay because of genetics. With science as it is today I would presume science will find an answer someday.

        • Veiled_In_Dance

          A harrowing experience, to be sure, but deciding that you were uncomfortable with your friend’s inappropriate sexual overture toward you is not the same as choosing to not be gay.

          • I did not choose to be anything. I was born with a nature to rebel against the Creator. Regardless of the sexual preference we are all born to sin. Goad has a solution for that. But if someone chooses not to believe in a Creator, a higher power, a god or whatever one chooses to describe it, if the thought of a Supreme Deity is not your thing then, of course, the inherited sin argument becomes a nothing discussion. Adjusts CAN get along, even if they agree to disagree on religious issues. I do not condemn a person who does not believe, and give little preference to those who do.

            So, according to my Bible, God condemns all sexual sin, homo or hero. Any sexual activity between unmarried people is a sin, and marriage is between a male and a female. Regardless of current public opinion, that is what the book says. It hasn’t changed.

          • Veiled_In_Dance

            If you did not choose to be anything, then why do you think gay people *do*? I would encourage you to talk to gay people and ask them about this…you will find that being gay is not a choice.

            What the Bible says about homosexuality or marriage is an entirely different discussion from this one.

  • max

    Ok there is a difference between having gay sex and being in love with a person the same sex as you. Being homosexual or heterosexual has nothing to do with intercourse, it’s about feelings and attraction and that is set at a very young age in your brain, you don’t control it. If it was environmental why would there be gay people in very religious countries that ban everything from the outside world?