Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds

June 7, 2014 2:22 pm 215 comments Views: 47466

A person’s entire immune system can be rejuvenated by fasting for as little as three days as it triggers the body to start producing new white blood cells, a study suggests

A woman's mouth is closed by a tape measure

Researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells Photo: PEGAZ/Alamy

Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as “remarkable”.

Although fasting diets have been criticised by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection.

Scientists at the University of Southern California say the discovery could be particularly beneficial for people suffering from damaged immune systems, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy.

It could also help the elderly whose immune system becomes less effective as they age, making it harder for them to fight off even common diseases.

The researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.

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  • Abid

    This is how effectiveness of teachings of Islams are proved

    • Anna

      What you do is not fasting! It is starving during the day and eating at evening time while making yourself full with food till the tonsils. I don’t accept this as normal. Fasting means hunger throughout the day and night.

      • hassab

        You guys just can’t swallow the truth can you

        • Alex

          That is?

        • Beeg Noyz

          Sure …..why not swallow this truth brother ….”We all must practice first for others , what we expect other to practice for us …….something similar said by someone ….do you know ????””..

      • Khan

        You don’t just fast for one day and eat in the evening. You continue to fast this way for 3-4 weeks, and your system completely detoxes. No person can go without food completely for 3-4 days in a row. That will be too much to handle. There is a reason we fast for the whole month of Ramadan. People misinterpret the religious teachings; they are most effective when thought about in depth

        • Mongo

          As long as you drink water you can survive more than a month without food.

        • Cirmicica

          Hi, It’s possible to be completely without food for much longer than 3-4 days in a row. I’m currently juicefasting , and it’s my 16th day without food. Many do it for 60-90 days on juices. It’s also possible to be solely on water for 30-40 days under medical supervision and in bed. Eating twice a day is not this kind of real fasting that regenerates body. In order to detoxify body you need to drink a lot of water and juices regularly, but if you can’t drink during the day, don’t expect too much detox.

          • When my jaw was wired up after breaking it, I was on juice for 6 weeks…thats no big deal…

        • Kumar Krishna

          don’t try to spread islam by providing false facts as u people always do , come india n you will see people do fast as long as 9 days at a streatch and in some part more than 50 hours at a streatch not like u people do , that is not a fast , i m sorry to say u just replace your day with night time as you eat a lot in the evening n in the morning…..isn’t it ??

          • Nokomis

            We don’t care how ignorant people in part of your savage india fast ! we are talking about the Islamic teaching and how at least the midleeast,northafrican/and south asia fast 😉
            So as we are right we will speak and spread islam and we are very please to be the most growing religion in the world despite hindou cow followers haters like you =D

          • Andres

            I come from a very corrupt government…. You know how those corrupt parties attract people, through lies…. 2 lies you have already said, the thing about eating at morning and nights, and the fastest growing religion thing…. First one, not true according to research… Fasting through extended periods of time is what regenerates the immune system… And the fastest growing religion in the world is not Islam, it is Christianity… And well, contrary to the muslims, we don’t kill the people that wants to leave us…. So if they are Christians, it is because they want to be…. AGAIN, I RESPECT ALL RELIGIONS, BUT I RESPECT MUCH MORE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO THE TRUTH… EVERYBODY SHOULD BE FREE TO PRACTICE THE RELIGION OF THEIR CHOOSE IF THEY DO SO FREELY…

          • Fastest growing religion is Buddhism…that is a fact…

          • LL2

            Really Buddhism is a philosophy rather than a religion.

        • Beeg Noyz

          could people shun violence ??? Even during the month of so called fasting ????……..If people could fast of their criminal acts against own fellow men …..instead hypocritical showing off forgoing of food , world would have been much better place ….And this true for all kinds of religion …..

          • Abdulsultan

            U R Right

        • My longest fast with absolutely zero food was 16 days, but I often do between 7 to 14 day fasts…zero food of course…

      • Savannah Angel

        eating too much food in the evening is the mistake of people and yes drling it is fasting,we eat in the early morning before sunrisr and then after the sunset ,and fyi scientists hv proved that the fastings that muslims do like fasting for the whole month actually regenerat nd refresh nt only immune system bt all body system for the whole year .there are only five days left to ramadan y not join us on this ramadan and do fasting with us thn u ll knw that its real fasting or not 😛

        • dare

          Humans are supposed to eat 3 times a day…at least that’s the norm…but when you eat 2 times a day how can you call that fasting….may be we need to redefine what fasting means before continuing the discussion….wink…just thinking

          • Adam979

            Well I have a bowl of porridge before dawn so prior to 3am and break my fast at sunset generally 09:30 PM. I’d consider that a first. I suggest you try it before making glib comments.

          • Beeg Noyz

            Still you are eating two times a day ?? and size of the bowl ??? Is that consists of only one table spoon full food ??? and how much is the food for braeking the fast ??? ….In this world there are people who are not sure of single meals a day ….. ask them what is ramadan ???…..who is talking glib ????….Cheating whom ??? God ???

          • Got_it?

            human rules are for humans only

          • dick Richards

            We are? Says who?
            More, smaller meals are better for the human body than just 3 meals a day.

        • Gath Gealaich

          “fyi scientists hv proved that the fastings that muslims do like fasting for the whole month actually regenerat nd refresh nt only immune system bt all body system for the whole year ”

          If you want to make outrageous claims, you better provide actual references. You’re saying scientists have proved that? Links to the journal articles, please.

          • Savannah Angel

            u r desprte and ur desprte in making judgmnts too y dnt u find it urself

          • Gath Gealaich

            Look, nobody sane is going to accept any scientific claim without references to primary (papers) or at least secondary sources (monographs). Either provide them or STFU. I have better things to do than to fruitlessly look for articles that don’t exist. It is you who is desperate if you’re making positive claims for which you can’t present any supporting evidence.

            You should also have your keyboard fast and regenerate its missing keys. Who’s supposed to read that mess of yours?

          • Savannah Angel

            u r reading this 🙂

          • Sorry, but Muslim Ramadan is not much of a fast at all…if only water for minimum ten days then I call that a fast…

          • Savannah Angel

            even rplying back

          • Abbas

            yes we need to share the message of islam but with references as it is not easy for people to accept it. as people of Makkah rejected even they had seen clear signs. our objective is to share message, rest is with Almight to guide someone or not. but always use Quran as source of reference. it is Truth and word of Almighty.

      • Troy

        Hunger throughout the day and night is starvation, not fasting!

        • Alex

          You are simply wrong.

      • Omar Anis

        your comment is based on prejudice rather then understanding, ignorance is not a virtue, dear Anna. try to study and with an open mind. regards and best wishes.

        • Alex

          Fasting during a day and eating in the night is not really a fasting, and definitely not what the article is about.

          • Kumar Krishna

            they won’t listen you brother they only listen kuran and only kuran or only shariya…..they are so brainwashed…they just argue forgetting where and on what they are talking…….!!

          • I think that’s a little harsh, and it would be better to explain your method of fasting during Ramadan.

          • Kumar Krishna

            Sir I didn’t get you….please explain

          • Kumar Krishna

            It may seem harsh sir…but let me tell you the research was on prolonged fasting i.e. fasting for 2,3 days… which is definitely Ramjan fasing is not , bcoz of sheer method…but many people were trying to tell that why we do fasting in Ramjan….
            As long as fasting is concerned you should keep hydrating your body in order to detoxify…..and not that you end up eating heavily in the morning and evening…..

          • ad

            Shut the hell up u bastard. Keep your polluted ideas in your god damn shithole

          • sammie

            apne allah ko lauda de mera
            tell ur bloody ah to such my dick…..

          • AA

            Yes, he could have avoided that. But having said that, people of all religions shd desist from justifying their respective religions based on science. The point is, if the research says that any religious practice is unhealthy, will the strong believers stop doing it? They wont. The simple truth is that people do what they do based on what they believe in. When its religion that directs someone, fine. But dont pull science to justify that, because its not science thats directing, but faith.

          • Nokomis

            We are so pleased to follow God words in our Holly Qur’an and to fast to share the hunger of the poor and to detox our body and give our organs some rest !
            So when people doesn’t understand fasting in the month Ramadan we explain and we give the view of our religion “ISLAM” about it and up to people to agree or disagree or to argument !
            So if you think that All Muslims are brainwashed than Thanks God that we are brainwashed by God words and guidance not by some 350 000 million Gods and you skinny cows ! Now i see why Pakistan was created ! they just couldn’t handle the law ignorance of Hindus .. I really feel for theme lol

          • PTL

            Yr koran is not God’s word. It is “satanic verses” as a fellow moslem has truthfully acknowledged. Besides, “Ye shall know them by their fruit” , period.

          • AA

            Really? Can you explain why believing in “one God” is superior or less ignorant than believing in, as you claim, “350,000 million Gods”? Neither of the concepts would stand a scientific scrutiny. But, in fact believing in more Gods is bit more rational considering the complexity of the universe!

          • Paul

            As usual, the Moslems, who demand kow-towing respect for their beliefs, immediately attack those of the others. Pakistan was created because the Moslems couldn’t take over the whole of India. BTW, 150 kids have just been murdered in your high-minded Pakistan apparently because of what the Quran said.

          • Anam Mahmud

            Paul you really need to polish up on your world history. Pakistan was not created because Muslims wanted to take over the entire india. If one was to combine india Bangladesh and pakistan it would consist of 31.1 % of the world’s muslim population. So even now or then there was a huge amount of Muslims there. So do not speculate! ! Secondly i am not going to discuss religion as it’s a personal matter… but all i say is people in each and every country are bad good or evil. . It doesn’t have to do much with their religion but with what sort of human they are… So to your surprise majority population in Pakistan is just like you.. they hate the basterds who killed those children, pakistani may hate them a little more because they have invaded their country and their religion. . Both USA and Pakistan made a bad choice a while ago by creating the talibans and brainwashing them through Wahabism, an islamic school of the thought that is only practiced in Saudia.. but you can not blame the people of pakistan or USA…. you can’t hate a country who made a bad choice once but has lost soo many people in order to keep people like you and me safe all over the world…

          • sammie

            guys pakistan was only made bcoz zinna wanted to rule a whole contry…

          • sammie

            u son of a swine……

        • Beeg Noyz

          We all must practice first for others , what we expect other to practice for us …….something similar said by someone ….do you know ????/

      • Abdulsultan

        You are right.

      • muhammad

        read about imam ali’
        the first day he took fast when the time came to have some food a bagger came to his hous he gave him all the fod he had and the second day again when the time cam to eat again an orphan came to his home and again he gave all the food and also the third day
        and in one of his saying he said that i could have lived for a thousends of years if no one kill me and his food was only youghurt

      • S M yousuf

        Who told u to fill ur stomach to the tonsils. The tradition is one third food, one third air and one third for water. The prophet used to fast three days every month and he recommended it to the Muslims. What’s wrong in it. Believe or not to believe is ur problem and u will be answerable on the day of Judgement.

        • sammie

          jus shut up!

    • Shravan Kumar Jat


      • Sunny Side Up

        Hundooism is fly feasting on the pigshit!

        • Vlade Malfet

          you guys are cute…all arguing over whos religion is better… hang on let me take a selfie with you two.

        • Muhammad Anas


          • Alex

            And what does it prove, dumbhead ?

          • lala

            im pretty sure thats christianity, also. im pretty sure islam does not allow people to call other people “dumbhead”

          • KSW

            Actually Islam doesn’t allow insulting other people, It’s counted as a bad deed, But that kid is under 12, Therefore he does not care.

          • Got_it?

            spoken too soon…
            please wait some time…

          • Beeg Noyz

            You lift the death threat who leaves islamic faith …….and than beat your breast ……..

          • Gath Gealaich

            An interesting observation: the fastest breeding regions of the planet are habitually the least civilized and most destitute ones. I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of.

        • Got_it?

          No that is your religion…which loves pigs…

      • tassy

        You can’t judge when you are ignorant. Read first and then decide anyway your comment or opinion won’t slow down the rate of Islam’s growth. Islam translated to arabic is peace. Our fasting is healthy dumbheaded.

        • Sweetie

          Fasting is healthy if ended with healthy foods fruits dates juices etc… Not rich friend heavy foods n overindulgence.. I’m catholic but hv many muslim friends and we hv healthy discussions. At the end of the day people… It doesn’t matter what name of the almighty master u serve.. What matters is how humane you are towards gods people… All U guys can be really brash.. Slandering doesn’t solve anythin… Stay well..:)

          • DON

            Fasting is healthy if ended with healthy foods fruits dates juices etc – Agree

          • Kumar Krishna

            but ignoring facts is in itself a blunder……u may have many muslim friends n have healthy discussion… doesn’t matter what faith u follow….but u have to respect others faith as long as it doesn’t affect anyone directly BUT muslims doesn’t have this particular character atleast when they are in majority , this is disturbing ….you can around the world for examples…..

          • Ajitkumar

            I agree with you

          • Ali

            Finally some intelligent reply.

        • Novak

          I respect Muslims.But why they are not raising their voice against terrorism.

          • Momin Agha

            sir i am from pakistan . pakistan is against terrorism . every one should read news

      • Sweetie

        Ur sick to speak disrespectfully about a religion.. Hv sum class mister

        • Adam979

          He can’t because he’s a militant hindu.

        • Kumar Krishna

          see this is islam… is not a reply it is almost genral….more than 80%-90% terrorist in india are muslims still they call a hindu terrorist …. i wante to say one more thing india is the only in its subcontinent where siyas or bahai or ahmadiya muslims etc feel safe , persecuted elsewhere …even jews and Zoroasterians living safely for thousands of years.

        • Beeg Noyz

          Find out how many non muslims are holding important government post in pakistan ……and how many muslims are holding important posts in India ……Find out if Govt jobs mostly given to catholics ( christians ) in pakistan…….sanitary cleaners job called as BHANGIS …… That in India a christian can a defence minisiter , and army chief of staff, and air force chief of staff….

      • Adam979

        Hey we have a militant hindu. Too embarrassed to discuss his own religion so hates on others. Your comment history provides quite an insight into your sick little mind.

      • DON

        How unfortunate that my religion Islam does not allow me to speak bad about you.

        • lala

          you mean islam does not allow people to speak die american infidels?

          • DON

            No, it doesnt. Not at all.

          • Beeg Noyz

            May be not allowed to use the tongue …….But surely it looks as if it allows to use the hands …….full swing…….and by all means …..and dont deny it …….no use …….

          • DON

            Your accusations are flawed my friend.

          • Beeg Noyz

            Partner …..have you heard of BLASPHEMY law of Pakistan ???? God and/or his articles of which religion need such law in modern days ?????…..Please tell me ……

          • DON

            No religion has prescribed such laws. Am not defending them, but different governments try various ways to safeguard sanctity of a religion.

          • Beeg Noyz

            see….Breads are not grown in the fields…….Breads are cooked over fire
            with adequate efforts and care of the maker so that it serves the right purpose
            ….all , because there are wheat grows
            in the fields …….So in a particular community, Blasphemy Law is made and
            continued with even in this modern age …. because that community not only
            makes that law which is unjust and hurtful to fellowman ( specially non-Muslims
            citizens ) …..but because in their religious thinking and belief , the idea
            of punishing fellowmen is ingrained ……No ???….Otherwise why it does not disappear
            automatically ??……..You say don’t you defend such law in one hand ……but
            you agree that such law is required to maintain the sanity of a religion even
            by the Government …So you already approved of it …. And which country you
            live in ??? ………….Is that TAQIA or something ????……..What is that religion
            that need a murdering fellowmen for its sanity….instead of giving sanity to
            the follower ??….And is murdering fellowmen , a sane behavior of a religious
            community ??? And you know who are often given punishment of death and their property and young women often taken away ???…….Primarily
            the non-muslims …..And with the help of the government …….You must be aware
            that nonmuslims are mostly sanitary worker in that country??…..

          • Momin Agha

            unless you hit us twice …According to Marc W. Herold’s extensive database, Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States’ Aerial Bombing, between 3,100 and 3,600 civilians were directly killed by U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom bombing and U.S. Special Forces attack…..

          • Kumar Krishna

            No, it doesnt. Not at all. YOU Fool it allows only massacre….It allows only CONVERT, PAY, or DIE !!! No no no don’t take me wrong it is not only true in Iraq it is genral……..

          • Susheel

            u r literally an idiot kumar…

          • Kumar Krishna

            but i think u are the same as you name suggests :p

          • Momin Agha

            plz dont comment on someone

          • ad

            U bloody bastard. Shut ur shithole and follow ur own religion.

          • Kumar Krishna

            U can’t do the same to all dear….

          • KSW

            Kumar, I was hoping not to say this but, Care to explain how your 200+ Gods are real? they cannot even wipe a fly from their faces, They are just Idols/Statues you worship, I’m sorry I had to say this, But you have pissed me off.

          • Kumar Krishna

            Then you don’t know the basic philosphy of Indian majoritarian religion or sanatan or hindu religion… which is… can worship god the way you want….even if you don’t like their method of worship…you are free to choose in your own way (we are not slave of god )….nobody will kill you simply because you are an apostate…..contrary to Islamic doctrine…..It happened in the past which gave rise to Budhism, Jainism. Without any use of sword people accepted Budhism and Jainism.
            One more thing which I would like to share with you n also which amazes me the most is that the almost entire north India converted to Budhism….without any sword….which is again reverted back to Sanatan or hindu religion again without use sword.
            Comming back to your point regarding Idols…brother those are just medium to communicate with almighty or god and if are not using it it is just idols lifeless n useless whatever you call. Those Idols are nothing without the concept of god in the same a plane paper is nothing but if you draw something beautiful drawing or your own picture that lifeless paper becomes like a living thing very important and very close to you.
            Hope you will understand.
            Brother I don’t have problems with mu….lms but I serious problems with Is…mic doctrines which is inherently discriminatory.

          • DON

            No friend. it doesnt.

        • Sushii

          These people only see things from an American view and its narrow-minded. Their view is wrong and prejudiced. You cannot criticize their entire religion because of the crimes others committed. Also their are many rapes in India and women are abused, when Hinduism teaches people to treat their mother like God with respect yet you are allowing your people to rape women so easily? It would be wrong to say Hindus cultivate molestation and domestic violence on females and promote drug trafficking . Also is Christianity bad because it was used as a means of slavery by using the story of Ham to keep Africans enslaved?Because a few pastor raped women all pastors are bad then so that must mean the entire Christian religion is bad too then? :O So all the Hindus and Christians must be bad by judging the amount of crimes their religion did to people? How is the entire Islamic religion bad yet people overlook crimes committed by the Hindus and Christians daily. Why blame all the Islam for everything and overlook your fellow men’s crimes? I do not support religion so it allows me to see everyone’s perspective but you guys are butchering another religion without considering the felonies your own people in your religion has committed. If one religion has to face the brunt that’s not fair because we need to look at all the other religions too. If he can’t reply to your distasteful comments because of religion then I will speak up for him because what you all are doing is wrong.

          • DON

            You know Sushii, these days people have become extremely narrow minded. Nobody wants to see logic anymore. I feel sad for them.

          • …..I have all the problem if they say their scripture is written by GOD so if required they will kill fellowman to defend whatever written in their scripture by their God ( be that Christian, Hindu , muslim, or whatever) ……because they love so much their God ……and not the neighbor in eqaul measure ……Do you know if Poland has a law to defend their majority religion of Poland by death sentence ????…. I dont know ….If they have they should be Bombed..Are their rligious leaders raping minors and keeping slaves…Please go ahead and put them behind bar ……..But in Pakistan they have the BLESPHAMY LAW ……That is supported by their government ….And the punishment is death …..what are you going to do about that ???….Crooks, mostly take help of this law to falsely implicate minority religious people and loot their property and yong women form the victim family …..what will you do about that when government winks its eyes ????…You must be aware
            that nonmuslims are mostly sanitary worker in that country??….what do you do when government looks the other way ????.
            …And you seem to have problem with chrsitians that they did in the past ..( well I have no pains if that makes you happy) . and no problem at all when some other guys continue to do in the present ……Funny…….. ainot it….

        • Momin Agha

          proud to b muslim

    • Žana

      Fasting does not exist only in Islam. Islam just copied fasting from Christianity. Do some more research and reading.

      • funkyfiss

        yeah and before that Christianity took it from the pagans that had been doing it for thousands of years. woopty – friggin – do!

        • Vlade Malfet

          “Pagan” here..I’ll confirm. Been doing it for 5-6 thousand years.

      • Savannah Angel

        quran says fasting was in all the religions of the world

      • Fiti Bear

        fasting came from ISLAM fool

        • lief

          I don’t think the concept of not eating for a period of time was invented by a particular religion any more than any other basic things such as sleeping or eating. Get over yourself.

        • Ely Caguco

          Yeah right!. Islam came 700 years earlier than Jesus Christ who fasted 40 days and 40 nights when he first came for his public life.. Everything original is Islamic. Idiot.

      • erol sözeri

        we had copied every good stament from bible okey

      • Muhammad Anas





        • Religion la Myth

          Mohammed is a Muslim, hence he followed Jesus and Jesus followed the God, thus Mohammed is a Christian who followed the God of Jesus.

          • Adam979

            Your reply is meaningless. Think about it.

          • Beeg Noyz

            Why should that make any sense at all . and why only Jesus … follow some more also ….But you dont bat your eye lid even once , harassing and causing pain to followers of jesus and followers of some more even in modern day …….do you ????

        • Beeg Noyz

          That does not make any sense……Why only Jesus … follow some more also ….But you dont bat your eye lid even once , harassing and causing pain to followers of jesus and followers of some more even in this modern times …….do you ????

        • Sushii

          I understand you are trying to fight against the criticisms on here towards Islam but Jesus never said he was a Christian or Muslim. Whoever believes more in him doesn’t matter does it? The fact is, he is a model person people aspire to be like. Jesus gives people hope and whether you are Muslim or Christian his teaching were about love and peace so you all are connected by those same teachings. Its not a competition of who believes in him more and how devout you are because you all will receive the same knowledge about him maybe in a different language or different way but the moral is still the same regardless.

        • So good to them that hate you. Judge not that you be not judged. Love your enemies as yourselves. Do into others as you would be done by,
          That is not the view I have of Islam at the moment.

      • Nokomis

        If Islam copy fasting from Christianity than they copied it from Judaism While actually God is one and the massage ts always one and Islam it’s the only Religion and Christianity and Judaism aren’t religions but just stops where people refused to follow what’s next 🙂

    • michael

      Islam fasts to wish the lives of their enemies in their holy jihad instead of making peace with those opposite from their beliefs. Everyday the news tells about muslim killing muslims and infidels.

      • Savannah Angel

        if muslims r bad it doesnt mean islam is bad ,we dont say christanity is bad cz i knw a christain who was a very bad person…se thats ur prob,nd if u r so intelignt u r so uptodated thn y nt study islam urself nd understnd the meaning of the word jihad in islam and then draw decisions about THE RELIGION ISLAM

        • Beeg Noyz

          Surely you say christianity is bad …..and so christains should be punished …….If christianity is good in your sense …why death threat if one muslim wants to become christian ????

          • Novak

            It is not Fair to ask every doubts/questions regarding Islam to a single Muslim. If Muslims start to ask such questions also we Christians are not able to answer it 100%. Whatever religion we are , we should be able to inspire others by our life. See the Life of Mother Teresa and saints. They attracted even the non-believers to christian life.

          • Novak …..My question is not to one fellow ……It is open to every one …..including you also if you can answere( I think you are itching to make a reply ) ….I have no quarrel with Muslim or Christians or Hindu or whatever ……If they are minding their own business and not causing PROBLEM in their neighbours life, specially when they are in mojority …..Like say CHRISTIANS IN POLAND , or MUSLIMs in Pakistan /Afganistan or Hidu in Nepal …… , why should I go and throw poison in their drinking water well ????…..I have all the problem if they say their scripture is written by GOD so if required they will kill fellowman to defend whatever written in their scripture by their God ( be that Christian, Hindu , muslim) ……because they love so much their God ……and not the neighbor in eqaul measure ……Do you know if Poland has a law to defend their religion ???? I dont know …….But in Pakistan they have the BLESPHAMY LAW ……That is supported by their government …….Crooks, mostly take help of this law to falsely implicate minority religious people and loot their property and yong women form the victim family ……..

          • Savannah Angel

            thats a miscoception abt islam even muslims thnk one sholud kill the person who cnvrtd frm islam to anyother religion,its nt true,follow zakir naik channel on youtube and u ll find a detaild anser to ur question

        • AL Raboobie

          Jihad, is the struggle/war against non-believers and Opressors.
          According to Koran simply by refusing to convert to your religion defines me as opressing you. Wich intern justifies you killing me and you going to heaven. Islam is a religion of the Sword.
          or simply, Convert or Die.
          It sounds like someone needs to talk to you about how precious Freedom is.

          • Savannah Angel

            if u go to a school and get up early in the morning u aim to bcme a dctor or engineer or anythng good and u aim to help ppl with it thn all the struggle u do for going to school like gettng up early studiing for exams or anythng is actually a jihad,jihad has diffrnt forms. the best jihad is jihad e akbar its when u fight woth ur own self by cntroling urself from doing bad ngtv thoghts nd htred abt others kind ids jihad bilqalam its if u r a writer or good speaker and u help ppl with ur writings or speeches or anythng like tht,yes theres is one kind like going for a war bt it has strick conditions like (OTHER MUSLIMSSOMEWHERE R UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF PPL WHO DNT LET THEM FOLLW THIER RELIGION LIKE THE FIGHT IS OVER RELIGION AND THE MUSLIMS R DIENG AND IN VERY BAD CNDITION,THEY R POOR UNARMD,CNT EVEN SAVE THMSLVES,THERE IS NO WAY OUT FOR THEM AND THE OTHER PARTY IS DOING THIS TO THEM “JUST BCZ THEY R MUSLIMS” AND ON THE OTHER HAND U HV MONEY,FORCES,ND A WISE LEADER WITH THE HELP OF VOTING AND ARGUEMNTS DECIDE THT NOW ITS TYM WE HV TO HELP THEM,ND U WILL FRST WARN THE CRUEL FORCES TO LIVE THE POOR PPL AND WARN THEM MANY TIMES OFFER THEM PEACE AND TAX IF U CN AFFRD IT,BT EVEN THN THEY DNT AGREE,N THERS IS NO WAY BT TO HELP THE POOR BY FIGHTNG WITH THE CRUELS,THN THE WISE LEADER WILL SLCT PPL OR FORCES N SND THM TO FIGHT THE CRUEL TRIBE) these r actualy the small very smaal summery of cnditins for the fighting type jihad

          • KSW

            Ask anyone who knows Arabic to search the word “Sword” in Qu’ran, You will never find that word , Search that word in your Bible, you’ll find it 200 times.

      • Muhammad Anas

        MY DEAR SON

        • lala

          is that the one with the suicide bombings and the 72 virgins?

          or is that the one where you reply in giant caps?

          • Abdalla

            People just believe what they wanna believe , Dont judge on islam cuz u saw couple of ignorant brutal fools claiming to be Muslims , Islam Didnt tell them to do that , it’s their sick mind that twisted what was written in the holy quran , If u wanna judge something dont hear about it what everybody else wants u 2 hear just know it 4 ur self

          • KSW

            Brother I hope you go to heaven, I was searching for someone to say just that.

        • Sushii

          That wasn’t a nice thing to say lala because no one ever considered that Americans infiltrated their homeland and wanted to play boss and killed more than the people who died in the World Trade Center everyday. Fact is why blame Muslims for standing up for their people and loved ones who died in bombings planted by the Americans. No one is ever sympathetic towards Muslims feelings when they are just trying to protect their home, family, friends etc… Also because those Muslims bombed the WTC doesn’t mean Islam is bad. If you see a Muslim why do people shun then and blame all the Muslims and think they are all terrorists. Do you see, the perspective from one group of people can change the minds of many? Now everyone blames them but no one considers what the Americans did to them and how the American view has millions of people hating them for what? The people who bombed and those 72 suicide killings were not done by the entire Islamic religion and it doesn’t mean Muslims are all bad. That way of thinking is narrow-minded.

      • DON

        I feel sad for you.

        • What a sad way for this topic about a research to turn out to a religious debate. Stick to the topic? Cheers

          • DON

            Yes. You are right. However when incorrect things are spoken, its our duty to clarify. Thats the least one can do.

    • Aisha

      Tsssss. You can find fasting in most religions, but besides that, this article is from a science point of view. If it suits you, than you like it, if science tells you something different, then it becomes bullshit… (btw. In the islam, they only fast during the day, they eat at night because Allah does’t see that… but your body will know.)

      • Kumar Krishna

        they just replace their days with nights thats all…..

      • KSW

        Actually Aisha, I’m sorry for saying this, but you are stupid, Fasting in Islam is to feel the hunger people with no food face, now if your not eating, you will surely be poor in health, so that is why we eat at night, and our prophets fasted too, and also, I thought you were a Muslim but seeing what you have wrote, you definetly know nothing, So let me tell you one thing, “Allah sees all”

    • Kumar Krishna

      i m sorry to say u just replace your day with night time as you eat a lot in the evening n in the morning…..isn’t it ??

      • Abdul Rahman

        Dear Kumar Krishna,
        I am surprised that you of all people gets to talk about religion,especially that you are a hindu that practices untouchability (hence racism is second nature to you) that made the lower caste hindus to convert to islam or christianity,so that they can lead a decent life,and Moreover let us not forget about the bride-burning-alive practice that your religion advocated (as soon as the husband is burned the wife is thrown alongwith it).or demolishing mosques in india or the several hundred muslims that you kill everyday in the name of communal riots (Gujurat riots 2002) and get away with it as well.Please check your people first before commenting anything Islam.

        Best Wishes,
        Abdul Rahman
        Jai hind.

        • Kumar Krishna

          Bhai Abdul
          I admire your decent reply . I just want you to be don’t get blind to the facts . I accept that casteism plagued our
          soceity but this is parallel in almost all communities be it indian muslims , christians u can check it all .
          Casteism ,widow burning , dowry these things came latter, you may not agree.
          Leave it you talk about cast , race what is shia , bahai ,ahmadiya or sunni….what is it caste or race or both ??
          You do know but try to think. We are tolerant ot other religion leave aside cast which is a uniqeness of India
          due it majority community.

          With your salutation of Jai hind I suppose you are an Indian or hindustani ,so brother we all are hindu but follow
          a different religion and at one point of time you might be following my religion at least Anecestrally , you might agree!
          They might be faced torture , rape n many bad things ultimately they got converted .

          Not only lower caste changed to islam you are wrong here upper castes also and all mainly I repeat mainly ,
          due to torture , forced conversions, these examples you can see in pakistan , bangladesh, and many countries
          Where muslims are in majority and currently you can see the plight of non muslims in Iraq “convert , pay or die”
          ultimatum of ISIS.

          At last you talked mosque demolition, ‘definitely u are talking about Ayodhya’ I asked you how many mosque ??

          after Ayodhya incident so many important temples were destryoed you might forgot. I always amazed you forgot
          history please search don’t listen only what other say I know it is difficult as u are listening these things since your
          childhood . And one more thing where ever muslim invaders went they destroyed , decimated or burnt everything or
          atleast tried to in order to destroy their it persia , india or elsewhere …. it is history u can’t omit it.

          Regarding Gujrat killing I will again say don’t listen to other’s think yourself while mentioning Gujrat killing you forgot
          to mention the brutal train killing in Godhra. Imagine same situation in a muslim country and think what would have
          been the outcome to the minority community.

          Do you know what is the real problem Islam is not tolerant to the other religion leave aside other religion they are not
          tolerant to cobelievers siyas , bahais etc .

          Jai Hind

          • Ali

            I completely agree with you Kumar Krishna, that there are some problems in every society, be it Hindu, Christianity or Muslims. and we Muslims cannot blame anyone of being racist because our very own Sunni brothers kill Shias on daily basis. but there is one thing in your post i would like to point out that is “Islam is not tolerant” brother Islam is the most tolerant religion it’s just people don’t follow it and try to twist and bend to brainwash other innocents.
            What Islam actually teaches us is, We Muslims must respect every religion, and we are bound to follow our Holy Prophet who clearly instructed us to never force anyone to change their religion instead treat them so nicely that out of your impression they convert to Islam if they want to. too bad many of us wouldn’t follow this simple rule.

          • Kumar Krishna

            Brother I don’t know whether you are agree with me on not , realy don’t know there are problems in every society

            but as long as or our Sanatan or Hindu religion is concerned we don’t persecute or kill

            merely on the basis of caste or sect or religion etc. All are human being. Thats why I used the world intolerent for muslims .

            One more thing you can’t merely tell a citizen to pay a special tax because u are following a

            different religion that’s what I used the word intolerence. This automatically will bring discrimination.

            Brother either you realy don’t know or you are make yourself blind towards plight of non belivers in most of Islamic

            countries. I also want to tell you don’t listen to anybody always sometime think or search on your own in this Internet age

            listen or watch to many views.

            It is difficult because what we used to listen since childhood almost every other day we can’t ignore easily and also we

            don’t have much time to do that means seek personally.

            In my previos post in the same article I said many things you might didn’t read .

            I would like to add one more thing that do you know why India is suffering because of its majority community . Do you

            know why because in genral culturally they are very tolerant , forgiving and other religion have taken advantage

            of these things.

            You talked about conversions think honestly and in unprejudiced way Its Sanatan or hindu religion who never tried to

            convert and others particular christian or muslims by hook or crook always try to convert. Look around You can still

            see many examples.

          • Abdul Rahman

            Dear Kumar Krishna bhai,

            Thanks for your reply….now for the answers…

            Shia,bahai,ahmadiya or sunni are not caste or race,just political divisions created by human beings for their selfish motivations.Islam is purely belief in one god.

            history is bad……very very bad….hitler killed a lot of jews,,,,so you dont see jews killing christians nowadays…do they?????…so you cannot use this history justification to correct your wrongs,that only shows illiteracy.

            In the past so many invaders came to india and did all the bad things that you have stated above,but please do not forget about good peoples also like for example the mughal ruler “Akbar” and how he respected and protected all religious groups,temples and entities in india.You should give credit wherever it is due.I am also amazed you forgot
            history please search don’t listen only what other say I know it is difficult as u are listening these things since your

            why are u comparing IRAQ of all countries with India….you should be ashamed of that.Please remember that Iraq,Afghanistan,pakistan,iran,syria,lebanon,syria or palestine will always have problems or always had problems,as they do not have a government,or constitution or anything to show that they are even remotely civilized ,they just have resources and they do not know how to use it resourcefully…..Islam or in general any religion has nothing to do with any of the above…so as such all the forcible conversions,and inhuman treatment that you talked about happen in countries that do not have any CONSTITUTION or DEMOCRACY whatsoever.

            Go and check tolerant muslim countries like malaysia,oman,uae and turkey where all religious groups are free to practice their faith without any hinderance….this is only proof that it is not islam causing trouble but the people who have little understanding of it….if you want you can go and check the temples in muslim countries like malaysia and oman and also see how they treat their fellow citizens….in fact malaysian hindus hate indian hindus,they call them low class…This only shows that any nation’s success is directly linked to the education,democracy,freedom of speech and etc..etc..

            the ayodhya mosque demolition was enough to cause problems for hindus everywhere around the world ,especially when they are in minorities in other countries….so now you know where the problems actually start from….

            Gujurat killings started from godhra train burning,true……but in few minutes,how did the people decide that it was muslims only,why not BJP, RSS or any of the many NEO-NAZI groups that have escaped from germany to india….how….you mentioned in later posts that your Sanatan or hindu religion does not persecute or kill.So who the hell killed the muslims in gujurat riots,why did the police just stare at the violence instead of stopping,although there were few good men who tried stopping it from happening and they only got fired from their jobs… you should not be blind actually…..JUST KEEP IN MIND “NO RELIGION ADVOCATES KILLING,AND IF IT DOES THEN IT IS NOT RELIGION AT ALL”….so clearly islam does not advocate killing as much as hinduism,judaism, christianity etc…it is only the stupid people who do so.

            My country …the great India…is by far the most tolerant nation in the universe….it is just that it is run by bad or greedy people who do not respect any religion,language or ethics or even their mothers,and that is why India is suffering a lot.It has nothing to do with minorities taking nonsense advantage as you stated,all the problems are from corruption only.

            I am ending this topic by saying that ISLAM is a tolerant religion and the examples are evident in civilised countries like malaysia,uae,oman,turkey etc..

            And by the way the article was about “Fasting” which means abstaining from food and water completely….there was no need to bring up your religious insensitivities or hatred.

            Best regards
            Abdul Rahman
            Jai Hind

          • Kumar Krishna

            Dear Abdul
            You are just repeating my sentences its funny but let it go

            for your information in most of the cases we didn’t hear or taught As like muslims on

            religion or related issuses’particularly at mosques sppeches by maulvis and others preachers. It’s a disadvantage for us.

            In our religion You have to be a self seeker but u won’t understand. In our case you can

            pray the way u want , God or supreme powere or Allah is very kind to all. A supreme power can’t be a tyrrant you can pray to

            him the way you like, isn’t it ??? You might agree may be not. It doesn’t matter whether you go a Mandir ,

            Masjid or anywhere. But you can’t say like that may be because its Haram or Shirk whatever it may be. Thats why you

            told India is most tolerant in the Universe . And That’s why Islam is intolerant. You might got the differnce.

            Of course the article was on over fasting even my reply was on fasting only. But it was not the way as ramjan fast is

            observed. I was replying to your comments only.

            You told “My country…Great India , and also it is most tolerant in the world” .

            But you ignored the fact why, It is because the religion and religious practices of your fathers.

            Which teaches them to be tolerant and forgiving and all and you also share the same gene.
            (Fortunatly or Unfortunately its upon you to decide ) But you may not agree but you can’t omit the history.

            Bharat ,India or Hindustan whatever it may be it is not important due to its present , Whatever it has importance due to

            its glorious past. We should be taught uniformly this things to all irrespective of religion. And also we are Indian first then

            whatever we follow doesn’t matter come latter.

            Even brother you are blaiming Godhara train incident to BJP , RSS etc this is what you brainwashed or had

            listen from your mullas and others , even one mulavi apologised on the behalf of community but his vioce is suppressed.

            Do you even imagine what would happen if the same incident might had happend to muslims in a muslim country. Just think
            you will get the answer by yourself.
            You cry about muslims in gujrat no one from muslim community came forward to speak about Kashmiri people
            they were not our fellow Indians, Muslims still living in Gujrat , Kashmir is ethinically cleansed in a programmed
            manner . Many non muslim came to protest the Gujrat riot after Godhra train incident and were apolitical.

            Again you talked about shiyas or bahais you know better than me that they are not just poitical division

            but they are a sect like yours if u are a sunni.

            Don’t say history is bad India’s history is glorious don’t relate your history to muslims invaders. Ours and yours history is
            much older than that. Muslim invaders they came very late. And at least in india wherever they went they tried to
            burn or destroy every culture.They were not fools.
            Let me tell you one thing I met many Iranian people they ocasionally talk although they are muslims
            that there culture is completely destroyed by invaders and our forefathers forced to become muslims.

            Again you are calling many arab countries remotely civiliged many of them have higher HDI than India. wokeup man,
            and malasia was tolerant earlier due to ethnic Malay culture but problem started there due intolerance in majority
            community there.

            You can’t tax a person or treat unfairly because he or she is following other religion because some holy book say so.
            We need to introspect who we are and what do we want.

            Don’t want to keep it too long so Its abrupt ….
            Jai Hind

          • Abdul Rahman

            Dear Kumar Krishna,

            You have once again continuallly contributed in twisting the facts according to your advantages,which only shows that you are narrow-minded and your mind is already fixed (like match-fixing where the outcome is already predicted).For example “I said no religion advocates killing,and if it does, then it is not a religion at all”,this was in general for all.I did not say hinduism advocates killing,you literally made that up,so now you are making a fool of yourself.

            Secondly india was the birth-place of buddhism (from afghanistan to sri lanka) and jainism and they were forced converted to hinduism so quickly by the aryan invaders (wonder why you omitted this part of history) .
            Forced conversions create only resentment,and that is why you are actually resenting.
            By the way aryans are from europe,and they are always blood-thirsty (holocaust,world war 1 and 2 and etc.)and that is why we have more riots in north india then in south india,so your ancestors are probably from europe or even pakistani mohanjadaro) but you can omit if you like.

            Some of your sentences just dont make any sense,poor grammar or confused reality.For example i pray the way i like and this method is common to all muslims around the world in that we face towards the kibla (in saudi arabia),and i really don’t understand why this is so bothering and painful to you,you are doing the same thing as well;you go the temple and face your idol and worship……isn’t it????

            As for the genes part,we are the 94th corrupt nation in the world,and that’s a bad comparison for genes,so most of us are inherently corrupt in all wakes of life….look around you and you will find….it is only because of few good people that our country is till functioning.You have completely chosen to ignore corruption as the source of our problems and instead you blame on minorities.

            You are talking about ethnically cleansing of kashmir,what about the ethnical cleansing of delhi (large group of sikhs were killed by congress fanatics).

            And how could you possibly know anything about islam,since you are not a muslim and cannot read the quran,so why are you so adamant in spreading false propaganda about islam.Are you a paid employee of RSS or BJP to smear about islam on the internet….why…how much money are they paying you for this.Please just note that in any forum you will never find any muslim talking bad about any religion,so why can’t reciprocate the same.

            As for muslims still living in gujurat……they are socially separated from fellow hindus,just like the way apartheid was conducted in south africa,but i am sure that as usual you have omitted this piece of past history and present.
            Now seriously,tell me something,which invader’s have left a territory without destroying it,US in Iraq,europeans who settled in the new world (current USA),britishers in india.what has this got to do with any religion.if only you knew anything about history.

            In all of your responses you claim that the muslims of present day india are somehow responsible for the past actions,how is this justifiable,this is like you saying arrest the son/daughter for their parents mistake,that is not how law and order functions????

            as for arab countries that have a high HDI (human development index),they are only the GCC arab countries,that is,the oil-producing rich nations that can afford such facilities,whereas the non-GCC arab countries like iraq,syria,lebanon.palestine,somalia or sudan are still remotely need to be able to distinguish business from history as well.

            all of your responses also shows that you have so much hatred towards minorities,this could not have grown on its own in your mind,it was definitely cultivated by some neo-nazi group that exist with so many names in india namely congress,rss,vhp and etc…etc

            as for taxes,really,really,these days not many citizens of india are paying any government tax and you are wasting time over some taxation process that was conducted by both the mughal and british raj….

            Now you need to really wake up and stop dwelling in the past and focus in making our nation as glorious as it was in the past.

            let bygones be bygones,

            jai hind
            Abdul Rahman

          • Kumar Krishna

            Dear Abdul

            Its reply to post in two parts
            Here is part 1

            You are just talking like so many brainwashed people do, you can’t think upon your own. It is because of your faith
            which doesn’t allow you to listen to others.

            Also that doesn’t allow you think indpendently. That doesn’t allow you open to ideas. This nurture intolerance to grow.
            And by the way What is the place of non belivers in Kuran???

            Just go through your previous post which read “…so clearly islam does not advocate killing
            as much as hinduism,judaism, christianity etc…” only this sentence is enough to show, how much a person can be
            brainwashed. Fortunatley you didn’t mention Jainism , Budhism etc. And now unfortunately once peaceful
            Budhists countries are facing problems due to radical muslims.

            Aryan or whatever , they were living long before Budhism or Jainism.
            Budhism or Jainism came very late you just check yourself not listen to others n please not refer Islamic resources they
            just distort the facts for people like yours just like christian missionaries do.
            People accepted Jainism n Budhism without sword an also many reverted back without sword. You can check. Have
            you ever heard Jains or Budhists or any other are persecuted on the basis of their belief in India on contrary they persecuted by muslims
            whereever they got a chance. And don’t call pakistan or afganistan and many more remotely civiliged they were
            peaceful places before Islmaic invasion.
            Again You rightly said in your previous post
            “Forced conversions create only resentment, and that is why you are actually resenting.”
            You are correct I have also read it somewhere. It truly applies to muslims.

            You can see, its you who is being bilnd to the facts n history not me.

            As you mention, but sorry I don’t need to be paid by anyone.
            To be continued….

          • Abdul Rahman

            Dear Kumar,

            Thanks for your reply, as this confirms what was already evident. you are definitely paid by a militant hindu group to run a smear campaign against just have to read your own posts to see for yourself.

            You are a racist down to the core,as this is clearly encouraged by your group that maintains only the following principles….namely kill dalits,minorities ,degrade women and conduct female infanticide.

            Now it is not any faith that is nurturing intolerance…just reading your posts and replies is enough to create intolerance….

            what place are you expecting for non believers in kuran…..front row….vip seats???……kuran has never advocated forced conversions….only jubilant extroverts have done so……but how could you possibly know since you cannot read by the way!!!!!!!

            i said “NO RELIGION ADVOCATES KILLING,AND IF IT DOES THEN IT IS NOT RELIGION AT ALL”………so clearly islam does not advocate killing as much as hinduism,judaism, christianity etc…it is only the stupid people who do so……..THE MEANING OF THE ABOVE STATEMENT MEANS RELIGION DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE,IT IS ONLY PEOPLE KILLING PEOPLE……so this shows that you are an uneducated kid who couldn’t understand even this simple statement and you are saying BRAINWASHED again and again,it’s like you know nothing else.

            Sri lankan buddhists have killed sri lankan hindus in the name of killing LTTE…..but as you are not educated enough to read and understand news articles….i guess you were BRAINWASHED to ignore this information.

            aryans as you said were indeed living before buddhists and jain’s and they were pagans (study) and they came to indian subcontinent and forced converted them to hinduism (and this is why sri lankans and malays hate indian hindus),they converted the entire population with sword and reduced buddhists to less then 1%….so it is you who needs to learn tolerance.

            forced conversions create only resentment,and that is why you are actually resenting……this applies to all…..nobody is free of wants and desires.

            killing sikhs in a systematic manner in delhi was a success for congress fanatics…and your excuse is that it cannot be compared with kashmir….your answer is not even remotely intelligent.(i hope you understand)

            i still ask the same question…”i pray the way i like”….what is bothering you how any people pray for that matter…how is praying in any method a hindrance to tolerance….tell me….this is just plain stupidity on your part.

            you have actually become a person that not only hates other people but also hates who and where they need to get yourself checked before you become a danger to yourself,others and society.

            jai hind and good luck
            Abdul Rahman

          • Kumar Krishna

            Dear Abdul
            You just don’t know the facts or just pretend to. You are calling me militant hindu !!
            You should be ashmed of yourself, just check worldwide including India, you will realise. What people percieve
            regarding Islam. Its because people’s retrograde nature. Check you post “Non blivers place…..” .
            This is in itself nurture intolerance. Non believers are treated equally which our culture taught us.

            By the way LTTE was indeed a political issue and not shia , sunni on bahai as you said. But Srilankan Budhist’s and
            Srilankan Muslims is not a political issue. You can check!!

            And the line “I pray the way I want” doesn’t concern you its about us . You won’t understand this even if you try Kuran
            will not permit you.

            Abdul whoever you are don’t listen to others think on your own , even read Kuran , but sometimes even as a non muslim.
            Even if you get enough time some other religious books not related to yours. May be you will able to understand.
            Thats all I have to say.

            Jai Hind

          • Abdul Rahman

            Dear Kumar,

            you are blabbering and blundering without thinking.please read your comments before sending….
            1> you said that LTTE was a political issue….so you mean to say it is ok to kill people as long as it is a political issue.
            2> americans have kept reservations for the native peoples….so you mean to say that it is ok for them to kill a million native americans and and put up some fences in their names to somehow show that they have gratitude…..only fools will fall for this
            3> sikhs were systematically killed in delhi when congress was in government….and you are saying that don’t compare this to kashmir…wow…you really are blind to the obvious?????
            4> please go and study in a nice school with good english….as i said that “you are definitely paid by a militant hindu group to run a smear campaign against just have to read your own posts to see for yourself.”…i did not say that you are a militant hindu group….now you should be ashamed with yourself for lack of good reading skills ….i guess that this is how you read and understand your scriptures…..all upside down.???????????????
            who are you to tell me that the …..[ “I pray the way I want” doesn’t concern you its about us . You won’t understand this even if you try Kuran
            will not permit you.]… can you possibly know the different types and methods that we pray…infact we pray 5 times daily….apart from various other prayers and please tell me who gave you the authority to decide what kuran permits us or not……please respect yourself and others and don’t make others think that you are literally an idiot…as you only keep repeating only one sentence ……”BRAINWASHED” all the time…as you clearly are the one who is intolerant to your own people .

            for the last time you do not understand anything about anything as the past forum comments have shown and thereby you assume that by hating everyone and everything around you will solve your problem….this is so lame….please you need to get yourself checked before you become a danger to yourself,others and society.

            kind regards
            Abdul Rahman
            Jai hind

          • Kumar Krishna

            Dear Abdul

            I am calling u very often Brainwashed because “it seems” you are indoctrinated at such an extent that its very
            difficult to put new things into that.

            Some time you just repeated my sentences , please stop gibbering n be rationale. Did you get education from
            terrorist producing madarsas.

            I always try to reply in a proper way but after reading your reply got worried that upto what level a person would go to
            distort the facts.

            Instead of replying my post in a proper way you just blame my english, its unfortunate. Instead of blaiming me you just
            read your previous Posts again.

            1> when you said Shia , Sunni , Bahai and all are political division which is definitely not , you are just making fun of
            yourself. Though if they are a political division they got a license to kill each other. You didn’t ask this question to
            yourself !!

            2> Americans nurturing their ethnic people and minorities , see the plight of ethnic people and minorities in Islamic
            countries , they are buthered and massacred in the name of Islamic principles. At least youu should have checked the context
            in which it was said. Its you… not reading properly.

            By the way what are you doing in India go Iraq or Syria fight for ISIS do FGM make your Land of Mohhamad
            a Janna.

            3> Anti sikh riot is not planned as kashmiri non muslims were evicted from valley both issuses are fundamentally different
            But fool like you will not understand.

            4> Again check your sentence “….as this is clearly encouraged by your group that…” what will you call a member of a
            militant hindu group……Just think.. got the answer. Don’t go too far just check your last post “4> please go and study…..”
            go through complete para what you have written. Got that!! But you don’t have to be ashamed for that you should have
            some shame isn’t it??

            Oh common don’t call muslims a minority real minorities are Zorastrians, Budhaists, Jains, Jews etc stop this nonsense.
            Do you know , I heard english people are helping ISIS , as you said You know english well.
            you also can join , who knows they will provide you some good ministry.

            You shameless calling me that I work for a militant hindu group, a community of population 15-20 % is a community
            from more than 90% terrorist belong. Do have any kind of shame. But its not your fault it is a problem
            of some teaching or preaching whatever you call it.

            Again I want to tell you that don’t be just slave use your own brain….also be an Indian first this would be good for all of
            us. I just want to stop here.

            Jai Hind

          • Abdul Rahman

            Dear Kumar,

            This is getting extremely annoying the method you employ in sharing your dumb seem to be extremely racist and unbelievably stupid as explained below:

            1> you are not a muslim,so how will you understand “awal shahadah”.The day you understand this,you will figure about shia,bahai etc as political groups.
            2> Americans have massacred millions of native americans or “red indians” as they were called before and now you say that they are nurturing “who” exactly,the remaining few that were spared to operate casinos in las vegas,as did the australians butchering aboriginals…..the butchering in IRAQ are done by ISIS and every muslim nation have denounced this group……if you only read the should go to iraq and syria …not me as you are the stupid brainwashed one.
            3> in anti-sikh riot …..people were KILLED…..DEAD…..MAR GAYA (Hindi for died) by Congress fanatics (your relatives)……whereas kashmiri non-muslim were evicted or moved to a safer area ALIVE……STILL LIVING……ZINDA HAI (Hindi for alive) …both issues are definitely different,not only fundamentally EVEN BASICALLY but mental patients like you cannot differentiate between LIFE AND DEATH it seems.
            4>i only said that you were “PAID BY A MILITANT HINDU GROUP”,but you assumed that i called you a militant hindu group and this upset you……but somehow you have no qualms calling muslims as terrorists and brainwashed all the time…..this only shows that you are a “hypocrite” also…..what an irony??????
            5> muslims are still a minority compared to hindus in india .15-20% is still less then 80%,i hope you know maths……you seem to know about good ministry postings in ISIS ….are you in their human resources department?????sorry not interested…but you carry on working for them…
            6> these 90% terrorist group that you so painstakingly counted are from pakistan….who are jealous of our country as they have failed so many times in everything whether cricket….all the way to polio vaccination…………since you are racist by nature…you fail to trust your fellow country men and simply label them as terrorist and give “SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDERS”…..SO what do you expect now as indian muslims we have to defend ourselves from both loser pakistanis and racist hindus…..NOT FAIR.

            This entire time i was trying to tell you that indian muslims are no different from indian hindus….in that they all are human beings…..but unfortunately the racist nature in you that seems to have full control of your brain’s (if any that is ) does not seem to allow you to believe so….so now the truth is that you are the one show is indoctrinated and you are the one who cannot understand human nature…..

            good luck my friend…i want to stop here too…….

            Jai hind

          • Kumar Krishna

            Deat Abdul

            This part 2
            Again I am not a muslim , does it mean I can’t read Kuran , Is it?? No it isn’t.
            By the way I came to know a person recently, known as Jakir Naik
            he used to only misquote the Religious scripture in the name of Comparative religion. In the same way as he used to say
            people or media is misquoting him,. He Just shows you people only one side of coin.

            Regarding invaders or europians pertaining to India they always tried to learn every good things like
            Aurved, Yog, meditation and many things. In US they have nurturing the indeginous people by providing reservations
            for them since hundreds of year back. You may not aware of that. ( By rservations I mean areas governed by ethnic
            people like Navjo reservation, Ute reservation etc. ) I don’t think you don’t understand what is the difference between
            complete destruction of culture and related thing and being occupied other country.

            Again by taxes you better know what I mean. Though if you don’t know then I mean those taxes which Islam permits
            for nonbelivers. You may agree I think.

            I never told that a muslim is responsible for the evils of Muslims invaders. How can they be??
            Indians are inherently tolereant unless provoked because of their culture definitely by Indians it also include Pakistani,
            Bangladeshi etc. We have same lineage and muslims mainly ignore that thanks to mullas and other preachers.

            I only want to say that be an Indian first don’t inspire by Arabs or any other don’t lose your Indian identity.
            You have told “Our great India was” , this sentence in itself speaks a lot. I don’t have any hatred for
            muslims, I hate those muslims who are brain washing innocent youths , who are intolerant
            and those who give more importance to religion than their country.

            By the way the article was about Fasting and sitll I say it is not the way what you do in Ramjan so don’t
            make fool of yourself. Actually it is prolonged fasting. Just check the original research.

            Jai Hind

        • Sushii

          I agree with you there. Hinduism has the most ridiculous caste system where the Brahmins are at the top and the Untouchables are the lowest and at the bottom and if you were born in a certain caste there is no hope for climbing the corporal ladder or social ladder because they were born in that caste and must remain in that caste till the day they die. Isn’t that the most awful thing ever? I think all of these people here need to stop with hating on your religion because they are not talking about the crimes their religion does. And I am sorry for how the Indians are demolishing the mosques but maybe they did it due to the fact other Muslims did that to them. Whoever started it led to it being a cycle but for people to blame this one’s religion and that one’s religion is wrong. It would have been better if both can come to mutual agreement and stop the hating among religions and let anyone decide what faith or belief they wanted to believe in and respect other people’s beliefs. I don’t think that others should dominate and tell people how to live their life, because people are free to live their life how they want but they should understand to have some respect towards fellow men because we are all humans and religion shouldn’t divide us. We all have the same red blood running through our veins, same organs,same emotions, same planet we live on and we all are given life and at the end of the day we all die, so its best to life a fulfilling life without hate but rather love.

    • Got_it?

      Yes…very very effective…
      you are the leaders in healthcare/science/technology/astrology/gastrology and all dimensions discovered or undiscovered….

    • Argen Zet


    • Nokomis

      That’s true Fasting in Islam has many benefits that even non Muslims should give it a try 😉

    • AR

      Fasting has been part and parcel of every community. Hindus were known to fast on many occasions. By the way, I amnt sure, whether simply skipping a lunch can be called fasting.

  • Luis

    I don’t know, look at homeless people, ….. I guess they have days on which they don’t have “a bite” ……, and I don’t know when you look at them they seem to be able to deal with doomsday …….

    • Luis

      at least “here” at Mexico ……

    • Mehar

      Luis, can you stay active without eating anything for two whole days? Obviously we cannot. But those homeless people can. For sure they have stronger immune system than ours.

    • Cirmicica

      But when they eat, I guess they don’t eat nutrition full foods and enough vitamins, so overall , they are weak and sick. I fasted many times and i can tell u it’s great 🙂

  • Patchris Borlasa

    i believe on this.

    • DON

      That makes it two of us.

  • Lemntebele

    In ORTHODOX christians, there is fasting. Ethiopian & coptic christians fast so many days with in the year. It is based on the holy bible. To speak the truth, although I am a Christian I couldn’t fast due to many reasons. But, I will try in the future and God may help me to do that.

    • Savannah Angel

      as i said fasting is in all the religions of the world

      • Jack

        hey all religion have their own fasting methods and each of them were different..

        • Savannah Angel

          u r right bt i am saying one can guess the imporatnc of fasting from this fact that fasting is in all the religions,the methods r no doubt different

  • NegLewis

    Start On Friday

    Then on Weekend drink only water… maybe a little lemon juice.
    When feeling to eat…drink water + lick a lemon.

    Monday morning eat something lite.

    Monday Afternoon eat ..more.

    There you go… 3 days… EASY way!!!

  • Daniel

    Wow, why is this thread about religion. Who cares about what Islam or Christianity says, it has nothing to do with this. When you do a fasting study in mice or people, it has a specific meaning of water only in most experiments but you should read the actual paper before drawing any conclusions. And yes, fasting for 3 days without food is extremely uncomfortable if not downright painful. If you are overweight you can even induce liver and kidney damage by doing this. Your body makes vast changes to your physiology around the 3-4 day mark of starvation and some pretty significant changes well before that to keep you alive.

    • Harris

      haha envy much?

    • Fiti Bear

      fasting has to do alot with ISLAM !

      • Alex

        But this article has nothing to do with Islam. It is not about “fasting” Muslim’s way, but about starving (no food, only water). And yes, people can starve for about 40 days only on water!

        • KSW

          Alex, Muslim’s God has told them to fast to see what people without any food/poor people feel like.

  • somebody

    Nobody mentioned fasting in Jewish religion. It is exactly 3 days or more. Just curious whether they started this study having that in mind rather than other religions’ kind of fasting?

  • Markus

    I’m almost fifty and have fasted – for non-religious purposes – almost a dozen times in my live, starting with 24.
    Not eating for between 7-9 days and drinking lots of water makes me feel rejuvinated and full of energy and positive vibes, with a clear thinking mind (after the first 3 days, which are a little difficult due to increasing appetite).
    I believe fasting can cure almost all ills produced by our modern lifestyle (like intake of processed foods, stressinduced stomachproblems, etc.) as well as some serious sicknesses.
    I’ve never been really sick in my live, but I’ve witnessed astonishing results by people fasting with ulcers, diabetes and even cancer.
    I’m a sceptic and don’t believe in most alternative cures. For me the positive effect of fasting is proven without a doubt.
    I would recommend first time fasters to begin under supervision in a hospital type institution (nothing hokus pokus). There are some cheap “nature cure hospitals” in India for the not-so-well-off among you first-timers.
    My mother never took my advice seriously and died with 60 after a viceless life. I wished more people would at least give it a try.

    • Cirmicica

      Hey Markus, that’s great. Did you only fast with water or did you consume fruit and veggie juices as well?

  • mansoor khan

    Islam is a complete code of life.
    Dear Non Muslim friends try to do Fasting and you have a great effect of this fasting

    • Cirmicica

      Im fasting but not like muslims in ramadan, I dont eat at all for couple of weeks, not during day, not during night.

      • Adam979

        Are you speaking from the grave right now? Spooky. If your statement is true (Unlikely) then you probably have serious issues if you have no food whatsoever for that long a period.

        • Alex

          As I said before, healthy people can starve for about 40 days. One of my friends starve for two weeks every year.

          • lala

            how is he alive?

          • Abdalla

            Good 4 him but bad 4 his body , It’s not something to be proud of , its lunatic.

  • Ahmed

    We don’t have the original paper or even know the similarities between its findings and fasting the islamic way. That’s why, I don’t like this silly discussion about which religion is better based on this article!!!
    I am still muslim and beleive that fasting the islamic way is the best simply because God ordered me to do so.

  • Kat

    In addition;

    It nourishes our spiritual life
    It reminds our self connection with the starved/poor
    It activate our thought on heavenly desires n reduces simultaneous the worldly
    It increases intellectual capability
    It reminds us of the dead’s
    It moderates our arrogance lifestyles
    Tames criminal and sinful urges


    • KSW

      Kat, I am so happy that finally someone other than me stated the Reason for fasting, May God bless you.

  • Rehman

    And we Muslims fast for the whole of the month. Verily, Allah knows what is better for us.

    • Gath Gealaich

      No, you fast half a day for like thirty times. That’s not fasting for a whole month.

  • Vm

    i am still skeptical so i’ll wait for other credible scientific groups to replicate the results. but i think this is fasting for 3 days (72 hours) straight not fasting from sun up to sun down then eating a normal meal. thats only fasting for 12 hours three times

  • WeltObserv.(ButOnlyWithMyEyes)

    Who wrote this article? No author or editor? Did it write itself, and how convenient that it is a few weeks before ramada inn. This shit is so full of shit, who are “researchers” and “scientists” is everyone who has been conducting this “study” sworn to secrecy?

    • WeltObserv.(ButOnlyWithMyEyes)

      haha This *”article”* is so full of shit.

  • Lain

    I freakin hate how people here leave futile and nonsense comments but due to insufficient knowledge and respect for others’ opinions, i just don’t care anymore.

    Religion should not even be involved here. Freakin’ leave it out of the equation people.

    The best thing to ask is how true this study is and can the author give people further information and basis to check if this is safe to be done by everyone.

    • anObserver

      Sir – what you are saying is appropriate. When I read the comments made by folks below, I see that they miss the point of this article entirely. Getting religion into this is disgusting!
      However, not everyone is used to American (I assume ) slang. It can put off well meaning people, a number of them who might respect your opinion.

  • Angel Ortiz

    I hope Mexican politicians don’t see this. They will start raising food taxes. Yes, they worry so much about public health 😛

  • rajubabu

    fasting has been round long long before mohammed or his version of religion… By the way… ramadan month has been around mecca also long before mohammed. This holy month has a big chapter in Koran and is also financially important for building trade around mecca and thus pay taxes… etc… to strengthen ummah….

  • Harris Masood

    This discussion over religious fasting is invalid since fasting is an obligation in every major religion followed today. It’s an established fact that a human cannot survive on a continuous food/water fast for more than a week , which is why we Muslims have been commanded to fast periodically for the whole month of Ramadan for every one day.And to say that Islam copied it from Christianity is simply ignorant since no Muslim is a Muslim if he doesn’t agree on the message that Jesus Christ brought with him from Allah.Plus It’s been scientifically proven that the Muslim fast (dawn to dusk straight) is the most efficiently – regenerative and tissue – detoxifying fast known today !

    • Beeg Noyz

      That is very right ……It is also sceitifically proven that if non muslims can be trapped by BLASPHEMY law and their property can cosfiscated with the help of Government of Pakistan etc ……

    • Gath Gealaich

      “Plus It’s been scientifically proven that the Muslim fast (dawn to dusk straight) is the most efficiently – regenerative and tissue – detoxifying fast known today !”

      And of course, you provide no references to support your claims.

  • tom

    these discussion is freakin out of bound…if you fast the way you understand . …just do it your way and stop arguing about religion…

  • Bhartiya

    What is fasting ? Eating early in the morning and again eating heavily in the evening as in Ramdan ? I don’t think this is what the study says. Naturopathy has already proved it but it is real fasting with taking water regularly to detox the body. Complete fasting (not taking food but taking water) for three days is quite in order. The Jains are known to take fast for 9 days at a stretch. A number of Hindus take fast during navaratri for 9 days at a stretch. In Ramdan, people don’t take even water during daytime which is not good for the system as body needs ample water to remove toxins generated during the fasting time. Naturopathy says that during fasting the system tries to remove its toxins and therefore taking water is necessary and the fasting has to be total.

    • Kumar Krishna

      Exactly…… even you read the actual research work it endorses “prolonged fasting” . But some dumb , brainwashed ,, are trying to take it in different way or trying to prove their practice right. That is unfortunate. But in a broader way this is primarily responsible for many if not all problems of the world today.

  • Kumar Krishna


  • Abdulsultan

    Elderly people may not be able to fast for three days, will fasting fora day help ? I am 81 and would like to try.

  • Sushii

    Personally I believe fasting is not eating for the entire day. Scientifically Muslims are detoxing because eating food for a period of time detoxes the body but they are going to gain all the fat by gorging on the food at night when their metabolism is slower which is bad because all those toxins are going back into your body and you’re going to store more fat.The reason for their fast was not really scientific but rather religious. No religion invented fasting and the whole argument about religion is baseless and not related to the article. Also I think people who are saying Jesus was a Christian or a Muslim is wrong because the bible never said Jesus was Christian but that his father was God. Jesus certainly encouraged people to pray. Jesus himself never claimed to be of any religion. Religion was created by men not God so while religion has good moral values it also exacts and justifies humans bad habits and personal belief. How can something as a holy book like the bible support slavery with the story of Ham when whites would tell enslaved that hey the bible says you were meant to be enslaved and cited the story of Ham. How can a religion that is holy have their people cultivating an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth? How can you punish others for living their life not the way your religion teaches? How can you punish a child for stealing food for a sick mother by cutting that child’s leg off? If religion was a holy thing then why do men need to fight over religion and spill blood if someone doesn’t conform to your religion or beliefs? Why does the world have fighting if religion enlightens you? How can men be blinded but their own evils? Shouldn’t your enlightenment teach peace and love to all human beings. I am speaking about religion in general not one religion. I also think it is wrong for people to blame all Muslims for what happened in America but no one ever stops to think about the about of children dying in wars created by Americans and not one person felt sympathetic. They were trying to protect their country and their family and friends too. The method of going about wars was wrong for both parties and if America didn’t start the fight the Muslims would not be fighting to protect those kids, their homes,some even their lives and loved ones. My way of thinking is naive but everyone has something they want to protect, religion’s objective was probably geared to teach love and peace but it obviously got tainted by man’s personal desires because men wrote every holy scripture, not God. So I truly wish everyone would stop arguing here because the article is meant for health purposes and based on scientific reasoning, it wasn’t written based on religion.

  • JihadiDude

    ISLAM PROVED THIS 1400 YEARS AGO :P(Read The Quran)
    thats why islam says to fast 😛
    Allah Akbar!

  • mary

    This fasting is a complete 3 days without any food . Its not about eating a teeny bit at breakfast and then something in the evening. Total fasting was practiced in the bible by Esther, read the story of Esther and it brought tangible results as it was combined with prayer. Now Researchers are saying that 3 days fasting (without prayer) still brings very good results and it regenerates an entire immune system. Combined with prayers it is a powersource.

  • AA

    People of all religions shd desist from justifying their respective
    religions based on science. If the research says that any
    religious practice is unhealthy, will the strong believers stop doing
    it? They wont. The simple truth is that the believers do what they do based on
    what they believe in. When its religion that directs someone, fine. But,
    dont pull science to justify the practices, because its not science thats
    directing the believers, but faith.

  • Joe_the_Socialist


    Buddha Akbar!




  • Aatif Chaudhry

    What is the time span of hunger which we can call “fasting”? Is it just hunger or some special eating pattern before & after?
    I am sure about benefits of fasting in Islam but want to know the theme of this topic and those who have arguments against 🙂

  • Shame huh, what a surprise…I been fasting every year for the last 20 years, at least ten days to 20 days per year…yawn…

  • Platinum

    So you guys before talking any nonsense about any religion should definitely check their own religious backgrounds. No offense……

  • Jehanzeb

    Thanks to God who have blessed the Muslims with month of Ramadan….!!!!

  • husnain

    please respect the all religions.bcoz all religions hav truth and history…if u throw stone on others then how u expect flower from others?…..

  • buwakaw

    better to die full than on empty stomach, hahaha!

  • I tried a three day fast one time and it was surprisingly easy to do. I just drank a lot of water. I never really felt “ravished” even after the three days. I would like try a five day fast next time. What is important is how you break your fast. You don’t want to make up for lost input by stuffing yourself when you go off it. It takes some discipline to do this.

  • Muhammad Shakeel

    its not a latest research its all about historical facts.its also old religious tradition and old saints act through which your gland system is active strongly that’s proved result. as i am acted upon this for not only 3 days but also for more than 3 days. yes its not fast but in Urdu language called ‘faaqa’.

  • smy

    Fasting was ordained by Almighty Allah for every religion. Rules were different according to ages and times. Fasting is a religious duty and an act of worship, it is not how much one eats or does not eat. No need for two hundred comments and fighting and belittling each other. Fast according to the Commandments of Allah and seek good reward from Him on the Day of Judgement.