Israel requests Pope’s poster be removed from Jerusalem Church

Pope Francis

The Israeli police requested a welcome poster for Pope Francis be removed from a building belonging to the church near Jaffa Gate to avoid “inflaming Jewish passions”.

The National Christian Assembly Secretary-General Dimitri Delyani described the Israeli request as a “rude act”. “This rude act will only strengthen the Christian and Muslim unity from all over the Holy Land to prove that Jerusalem is an Arab city with a Christian and Islamic civilisation, and no Judaisation programme or ethnic cleansing crimes will erase this well established fact in the hearts of each and every one of us.”

“This is our city and we will build mosques and churches and we will receive or expel who ever we want, but when the occupation wants to control it and its people and regards them as temporary residents, this would cause a rift,” Delyani said.

He continued “The National Christian Assembly is sending messages to all churches around the world to expose the Israeli practices, including the Jewish terrorism represented in this request.”

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Bethlehem at the end of the month.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to host Pope Francis for a day at the presidential palace in Bethlehem to brief him on the latest political developments in the Palestinian arena and the restrictions of movement and freedom of worship Israel imposes on the Palestinians of all religions.

The Pope will hold mass in Manger Square which will be attended by Abbas and the Palestinian leadership and will meet with Palestinian families.

He will meet with Christian figures and visit the Dheisheh refugee camp to meet with its residents.

The pope will also visit the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem to meet with the Ecumenical Patriarch and hold a celebratory mass there.

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  • meryleeweisman

    I don’t believe one word of this absurdity. First of all, I was IN JERUSALEM, four short years ago. There were posters and pictures of His Holiness, ALL OVER THE CHRISTIAN SITES. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, The Room of the Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane, the Christian Embassy, EVERY SINGLE STATION OF THE CROSS, His Holiness’ likeness was on display EVERYWHERE. Not only does this author not know what he/she or it is talking about, this person can’t spell either. I would really like to know why it is that if the Arabs of Jerusalem are such brothers to the Christians why they treated the holy sites of their Christian “brothers” as they did while THEY WERE THE CUSTODIANS of those sites? Please tell the world why the Arabs stabled horses in the Church of the Holy Sepulchur? Why would the Arabs do that to the holy place of their Christian “brothers”? Please do, go on and explain WHO restored that site? Who paid for it? While you’re doing all that explaining, please include the room of the Last Supper. Same questions. Only you didn’t stable horses there did you? No, you didn’t, whores for a while, then you kept goats there. Now please explain who restored it, who paid for it? THE ISRAELIS DID. AND YOU KNOW IT. I know it because of all the money I donated towards those restorations. Me and all the other Jews who really DO respect Christianity, and what the People of the Kingdom of Christ hold dear. You took it away from them, contaminated it with filth. WE RESTORED IT AND GAVE IT BACK TO THEM.

    • Stewart Schwartz

      Hear, hear, Meryl!

    • jaykayDX

      LOL – a lying Jew whining that a TRUTHFUL article about IsraHELL finally got printed!

  • T.K.Sunil

    Why should the Christian Church leader visit such troubled place now ? Is it to create more trouble ? We know, how the Christian church entered into Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon,Afghanistan,Pakistan, Turkey,Egypt,Bosnia, Serbia, Yemen and many other South American and African countries and destroyed their local tradition, culture and heritage. The first thing the Pope must do is to visit USA and preach in all schools and colleges in USA to shun violence and follow the path of peace and brotherhood.

    • jaykayDX

      You bloody idiot – The Palestinean Christians have been living there for hundreds of years before these interlopers calling themselves ‘Jews’ entered the fray! BTW, The Pope enters so many countries without incident. But Israelis cause problems everywhere they go. And a Hin-doo doo dog like you actually defends these thieves?

      • T.K.Sunil

        You filthy rascal,everything in Palestine and Jeruselem belongs to Jews and Jews alone.There is no business there for a Christian priest to go and create trouble.

  • jaykayDX

    Breaking news: Israel demolished a centuries-old cemetary to make way for new houses. These parasites don’t even respect the dead!

  • jaykayDX

    Wow! So a Christian cannot even put up a poster of the Pope ON A CHURCH near Bethlehem! And some idiots have the nerve to claim that Isra-HELL is a democracy!

  • jaykayDX

    Breaking news: Catholic Church SLAMS Isra-HELL’s razing of their property!

  • jaykayDX

    Breaking news: Israeli authorities threaten the demolition of over 500 churches in Jerusalem!