Narendra Modi and BJP are ‘Hypocrites’ says Congress on issue of national security

Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday charged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi of risking with national security and doing nothing in his own state.

 Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday charged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi of risking with national security and doing nothing in his own state.

“I am going to speak to you about the hypocrisy of Modi and the BJP regarding national security, regarding law and order, public order safety. It is clear for BJP and Modi in particular, national security is a stick to use politically. It is nothing but a ploy for chest thumping for talking about this fake 56inch chest. It is something which he remembers during elections and something to whip up jingoism. But when you come to the nitty –gritty to concrete actions taken on this subject, you find how hollow this chest-thumping is. How minimal is the actual action and how maximal is the negligence on national security issues by Modi,” Singhvi said at a press conference.

He recalled the incident of how an Australian navy had seized -1,032 kg of heroin -off the coast of Kenya- from a dhow (ship) called ‘Lakshmi Narayan’originating from Gujarat thereby indicting the Gujarat Government’s lapses on maritime security.

“And the example I have for you is the recent sensational report of the Australian maritime forces like our coastal forces seized some 16 hundred crore rupees worth of heroin off the coast of Kenya in a dhow- a ship called ironically ‘Lakshmi Narayan’. This is a haul of heroin which has been found to have originated from Gujarat,” Singhvi pointed out.

He also charged the state Government for not utilising the equipments and manpower to its optimum utilisation to tackle the smugglers and from potential terrorists.

“As you know Gujarat has a large long coastline. To maintain the border stops and the police stops and all the coastal located police stations is the job of the Gujarat Government with full assistance of men-material and equipment by the central govt. But unfortunately Modi Government has shown huge laxity. There are hardly any properly equipped police posts along that coastline where this is supposed to have originated. In the border district of Kutch, the posts have been shifted to Vadinagar and Okha instead of Jamnagar which hosts historic temples which has been left open for misuse by smugglers and terrorists. Virtually 20-22 none of the coastal posts are operational,” Singhvi added.

Singhvi said that this was the reality of those (BJP) who shed crocodile tears by chest thumping on national security and indicated the involvement of members of the BJP who could be seen sharing proximity with Narendra Modi.

“Lakshmi Narayan’ dhow was found registered in the name of one Ashok Parmar . In his statement to Gujarat police and Australian police he said that he had chartered this dhow to Gujarat based Kathiria family, one Hazabhai Kathiria, the brother of two people. Hazi Aziz Kunda is a BJP leader of Salaya, in Jamnagar and his other brother Hazi Abdul Karim Kunda has been elected to Salaya municipality on a BJP ticket. When Modi went on Sadhbhavna campaign both the brothers were seen accompanying the procession,” Singhvi charged.

Singhvi pointed out that the Congress party had questions to be asked about this incident.

” Who is responsible for the serious security lapse in the coastal area of Gujarat which has led to the discovery of smuggling resulting in a haul of 1032 kgs of heroin minimally worth 1600 crore rupees? Whether the Gujarat Government has not failed comprehensively-in not having properly spaced police posts along this sensistive coastal belt; in shifting some police posts from Jamnagar –Kutch to other area; in not mobilizing utlising distributing the huge number of interceptive boasts and special boast given by Government of India? Whether under the watch of Modi this belt has become a haven for terrorists and smugglers? Whether Modi is aware that the two brothers of the person who chartered this dhow are active members of BJP? Whether any enquiry will be conducted by him and will he take action and find this out ?”

Singhvi also asked: “Lastly will he tell what specific steps are being taken to sanitize this sensitive belt with incidents like these happening.”

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