Brief Statement of Facts Highlights the Incredible Irony of the Totalitarian Military Regime in Egypt

In a speech delivered before thousands of anti-coup protesters last July, Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohamed Badie urged demonstrators to remain peaceful, even after police-perpetrated massacres. He said, “our peacefulness is more powerful than bullets,” and quoted the Quranic verse, which says: “Even if you extend your hand toward me to kill me, I will not extend my hand toward you to kill you.”

Today, Badie was sentenced to death, along with 682 others, for incitement to violence that allegedly led to the death of a single police officer on August 14.

Badie’s son was murdered by the Egyptian police last August.

One doesn’t have to be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood to recognize and condemn the ongoing campaign to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters from Egyptian life.

But Badie’s case should not be given more attention than the cases of 682 other defendants also sentenced to death today in Cairo by the same judge that used a mass death sentence to condemn 529 Egyptians to death in March.

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