SWA flight attendant turns safety talk into stand-up routine

Watch flight attendant turn safety talk into stand-up routine
Sit back and relax…or you can sit up and be tense.

Because being safe doesn’t have to be boring.

Let’s cut to the chase. No one listens to the flight safety announcement.

We’ve all heard it before, we can see where the exits are, and if we’re being honest, in the case of a disaster we’re not convinced those life jackets will be much help anyway.

Laughing in the aisles (Picture: Youtube/ Marty SWA flight attendant)
Laughing in the aisles

So, with that in mind, one flight attendant on American low-cost airline SWA decided to mix things up a bit.

Swapping the usual list of commands and instructions for sarcastic jokes, home truths and the occasional, er, threat, the SWA hostess managed to not only get everyone’s attention, but even earned a raucous round of applause at the end.

That's a wrap (Picture: Youtube/ Marty SWA flight attendant)
That’s a wrap (Picture: YouTube/ Marty SWA flight attendant)

Flight attendants of the world, watch and learn

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