Breakthrough for ‘extra cash’ hunters as earnings top £1400

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Late night web discovery means great new route to extra cash

A single mother of three was this week at the centre of an online earning frenzy over revelations that her earnings from the website she discovered at 2 o’clock in the morning have now topped £1400.

Hayley Chow, from Braintree in Essex, browsed the internet looking for ways to make money as children Emily, 4, Olivia, 3, and Charlie, 6, slept in the next room.

Hayley’s discovery, recently launched, has left the 28 year old beauty assistant completely stunned.

I was shocked at first“, Hayley told UK Evening News. “You could see money being added to people’s accounts live on the page. It’s not like we’re starving or anything but, with three kids, money’s always a bit tight. I’ve looked at loads of ways to make money onlinebefore, but you could see straight away this was dead easy. And it seemed completely straight.

Work at home soars as UK hunts for extra money

Hayley is far from alone. UK Evening News has learned that over twelve hundred men and women looking at how to make moneyto top up their wages and make ends meet have now focused their efforts on the Paid Offers site.

There was no let-up in the squeeze on UK household financesduring February, as higher living costs and muted wage trends combined to reduce cash availability at the fastest pace since mid-2012,” said Tim Moore, Senior Economist at Markit, who monitor trends in the UK economy.

Sunil Shah, 32, an accounts manager from Bolton, has racked up over £970 in little over 2 months using the site. He told UK Evening News he was “Delighted by how easy it is. Instead of watching TV at night sometimes I just sit down and complete offers. Making money couldn’t be much simpler.

Experts develop genuine way to make money online

While many websites offering people like Hayley and Sunil opportunities to make money from home have turned out to be scams or failed to deliver, the UK company behind Paid Offers set out to create a genuine model that would put real cash in the accounts of anyone with a few hours to spare.

Our idea is simple“, Paid Offers’ Managing Director told UK Evening News. “Anyone can use it to make money from home. We advertise other companies’ products on our system. When someone completes their offers we get paid a commission by that company. We just share that commission with people who need to earn some extra money to help make ends meet, and are happy to fill in the offers.

‘Exciting move on’ in making money at home

Professor Deborah McCann, an expert on wages and personal spending told UK Evening News: “If I wanted some extra cash to ease things at home, or help me pay my bills, I’d say this was well worth trying. It’s an exciting move-on from plans for making money online that were impossible to make work. These people appear to have found a genuine way for people who need extra money to make it. Everyone looks to come out of this a winner.

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