Three Staffordshire bull terriers savage dog in ‘horror’ attack in Cambridge park – then turn on terrified owner Liz McIntyre

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Liz McIntyre from Cambridge with her 4-year-old Springer Spaniel Sidney. They were attacked by three dogs at a nearby park. Sidney suffered injuries to his ear, legs and stomach and Liz suffered injuries to her hands during the attack. Picture by Keith Jo

A distraught woman has told of the “mayhem” wrought by three Staffies who savaged her pet pooch and bit her as she fought them off in a Cambridge park.

Liz McIntyre, 49, was walking her Springer Spaniel Sidney, 4, in Bramblefields nature reserve, off Laxton Way in East Chesterton, when the pack of Staffordshire bull terriers launched the attack as a group of schoolchildren looked on in horror.

The Chesterton resident told how one of the dogs ran from across the other side of the field and sunk its teeth into her pet before two more dogs joined in.

She said: “My dog was playing with his ball when the Staffie ran across directly at him and started attacking him.

“Two other Staffies that were off their leads then joined in and started savaging my dog. My dog was on his back screaming. “It was complete mayhem – horrible and frightening. I tried to pull the dog off and it bit into my hand.

“A teacher who was with a group of schoolchildren on a nature ramble came over to help and the teacher sprayed water on the dogs.

“The woman owner of the first Staffie walked over slowly and then pulled her dog by the back legs but could hardly shift it – she had no control over it.

“It was a terrifying experience. Sidney was bitten all over and had to have his ear stitched up and my hand was bleeding. “The teacher and the schoolchildren were wonderful and I am grateful for their help.”

The mother-of-two called Cambridgeshire police after the incident which happened at about 4pm on Tuesday.

She said: “The police came to see me and said that because they are not ‘dangerous’ dogs it may be a civil matter.

“I would hope that this incident will open a debate on dangerous dogs and what should be done about them.”

A Cambridgeshire force spokesman said officers are looking into the incident.

Mrs McIntyre has also reported the incident to Cambridge City Council.

The authority says that under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, it is an “offence to allow any dog to be dangerously out of control” in a public place.

The latest dog attack comes after a visually impaired woman was left “completely vulnerable” after her guide dog was badly injured by two dogs.

Yellow labrador Neda was walking with her owner in an area of south Cambridge in November when the dogs attacked the 8-year-old causing several wounds that needed stitches.

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