Erdogan is the right person

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Prime Minister Erdogan is the right person to lead Turkey and under his leadership the country will progress by leaps and bounds. There are anti-Turkish elements that are bent on defaming Erdogan’s reputation. Turkey under his administration has made enormous developments in the fields of education, culture, construction, medical and engineering, creating avenues for employments, maintaining a semblance of harmony in the society and finding peaceful ways for any crisis facing the country.

In comparison, Nuri Al-Malki, the prime minister of Iraq, is not a broad-minded leader. If Iraq wants to make progress on the path of peace, he should refrain from playing petty sectarian politics that has in recent times led to plenty of violence in his country.

Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, had come in for much flak for the way he was handling the internal situation. But things have not changed even after his international censure and ultimately his execution in 2006. Today, Iraq is passing through a terrible situation, where poverty is commonplace, unemployment is rising, women are not safe, property being devastated, sectarian violence at its height and economy lies in a shambles. There were no such things in Saddam rule, when the country was progressing well, and there was no financial problem for the people.

In Egypt too, the Mursi administration miserably failed to deliver to the people, which ultimately led the army to step in and take charge. Now, Abdel Fattah El-Sissi is ready to contest the Egypt election to take charge of the country.

All these will bode well if it is done purely based on democratic principles, where masses should be given a chance to cast their votes justly. If this happens genuinely, then Egypt too, like Turkey, can progress by leaps and bounds. — Anees Lokhande, Alkhobar

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