Which site lets you buy the new iPhone for less than £20?

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The web site offering big discounts on brand new products

Entertainment auction site Madbid.com is causing a frenzy online as users have been walking away with the latest gadgets at staggering discounts up to 90%. The hottest new products like iPads, Smartphones, 3D TV’s and lots more are being brought for a faction of their retail price.

Laura Wallis, from Canterbury in Kent, was searching the internet trying to find a new smart phone. When she came across Madbid.com she was blown away at the amazing discounts on offer.

I am absolutely stunned by the amount of money I saved,” Laura told UK Evening News. “When I saw I had got the new iPhone for just £15.83 I couldn’t believe my eyes. You can see lots bargains just like this all over their site. I’m a student and money can be tight so to save over £500 is truly amazing. When the phone arrived it was brand new and still in the box so it is genuine.

Laura’s story is not simply a one off. UK Evening News has discovered that thousands of people in the UK, looking for a range of products at cheaper prices, have made the site a regular visit.

The latest must have gadgets have never been better but they have also never been more expensive. When shopping for new phones, tablets, or TV’s a lot of the country is finding they simply can’t afford the best products anymore. There is now a choice between quality and price” said Liam Wright, an analyst at Price Watch, a retail watchdog that monitors UK retail prices.

Martin Hind, 38, a claims advisor from Liverpool, has managed to save over £1,000 on the last 3 of his purchases on Madbid. Unsurprisingly he was delighted when he spoke to UK Evening News “I can’t believe how easy it has been to make these savings. I got a brand new TV, a brand new Laptop and a brand new iPad and saved over £1000 on the lot. When I want to buy a new gadget I head straight for this site.

Brand new products and savings of 75%

There are other sites that operate in the same way but none of them can boast about delivering brand new items only, which all come with a warranty. Only Madbid have a typical user savings of 75%, meaning that they have set out a site that will consistently offer its users massive savings.

Monica Stewart is an expert in retail and e-commerce, she told UK Evening News: “Madbid have found a clever way to offer the best products to their users at very low prices. The auctions on the site are making shopping online fun and exciting and leading to amazing savings on a range of fantastic products. Anyone who comes through to Madbid has a great chance of getting a really big discount on their purchase. If you regularly shop online you should always go there first

Try out this great money saving site yourself

Trying out Madbid, the site causing a major stir on the internet with its savings of up to 90%, is really easy and can be done in two simple steps

Step 1 
Click this link here and then complete the sign up form at the bottom of the page of the Madbid site

Step 2 
Find the brand new product you would like to buy and start bidding. You will be able to see all the savings for yourself.


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