5 Secret Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

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Did you know that the best bargains are online?

Back in the days, we all had to wait for the summer sales or the January sales to bag a bargain.

Now you can grab a deal all year long. Here are our 5 secret tips to save money by buying online.

1. Sign up for alerts from your favourite shops. Registering to receive your favourite shops’ newsletter will also give you advance notice on any sales – registered clients usually tend to have a preferential treatment.

2. Closing down sales. Walking up and down the length of the high-street was the main way to spot these sales but now you can do that in a few clicks. Sale prices in high-street shops can vary from 10 to 70% off the original retail price. You can easily search for “closing down sales” and find what’s available.

3. eBay You can find a few bargains on eBay where you could save 50% off the retail price of a brand new item. Retailers use an eBay shop-front to shift excess stock so when buying in bulk you can make considerable savings.

4. Online warehouse clearances. These sales are very popular with the fashionistas as they tend to offer discounts on clothing and accessories. Set up an alert or sign up for online warehouses newsletters to be literally “first in the queue”.

5. Pay-to-bid auctions. Pay-to-bid auction sites like Madbid offer brand new goods at discounted prices; the main attraction of these websites is that they list high-value items giving consumers the opportunity to place low bids in the auctions, to get them for huge discounts. In other words, in an auction the power to set the final price is down to the consumer and not the supplier.

Enjoy shopping, without breaking your purse!

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