You’re Perfect (Just The Way You Are)

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It’s true.

I know it may not seem true to you, but trust me, this statement is absolutely, 100% true: ”You are perfect, just the way you are, right now in this moment.”

You don’t need to change anything. You don’t need to try forcing positive thoughts through your mind. You don’t need an NLP-Jedi mind trick. You are exactly the way the Most Loving, the Infinitely Wise, wants you to be in this moment.

How do I know this is true?

Because if the Most Powerful wanted you to be any other way right now, that’s the way you would be. But you’re not. You’re the way you are. You can’t be, in this moment, any other way than the way you are. And thank God for that, because the way you are right now is just perfect.

When I first came across this understanding, I thought:

“No, no, no… that CAN’T be true. That may be true of other people, but you have NO IDEA how much I sin and screw up! I do it all the time. Like, every day, I do one sin or another. To be honest, I don’t even make all the 5 daily prayers, the other day I lied to my dad (my own dad!) and today I [insert long list of random sins that come from normal human imperfection, but seemed like a big deal to me at the time]…”

I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes and ‘sin’. In my belief system, if humanity didn’t sin, the Most Forgiving would eliminate us and replace us with people that do sin, so they could turn back, asking for forgiveness.

Sinning (engaging in actions, words or thoughts that harm yourself or others) is something we all do, every day. The perfect version of “you” is not someone who never sins, but one who sins, and then takes the Path of Forgiveness.

Another MAJOR objection I had to the idea that I’m already ‘perfect’, with all my sin, and all my in-built imperfection, was my misguided idea of ”self-improvement”. In my mind, I always had this idea of ‘a more perfect version of me’. This version of me is really awesome. You would love him. (I know I did!). Check out what his life looks like:

  •  wakes up at dawn every day
  •  prays all 5 prayers on time, every time
  •  works out everyday (and obviously has a rippling six-pack)
  •  black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and maybe Thai Boxing too, depending on what movies I’ve been watching recently)
  • memorised the entire Quran and knows it like the back of his hand, and can interpret it in a way that makes perfect sense for him (and all of humanity)
  • knows ancient Arabic better than J.K. Rowling knows English
  • millionaire philanthropist
  • travelled the world
  • has a smoking hot, yet deeply spiritual wife, who is his perfect companion in life
  • speaks perfect Spanish, French, Italian, and (reluctantly) Catalan ;-)

Now, some of these things are actually true for me right now, some of them have been in the past, and some of them may be in the future. And, of course, some of them are not, have not and will not ever be true for me.

The problem is that I had this ‘misguided idea of self-improvement’, where I used to think that my purpose in life was to move from the current (imperfect) version of me to the future, imagined ‘more perfect’ version of me.

So, here are 2 important questions for you:

1. In the back of your mind do you have an image of “the perfect you” that you’re always unconsciously trying to live up to?

If so, here’s an even more important question…

2. Where does that image of the ‘more perfect version of me’ come from?

If you’re always trying to live up to ‘the perfect you’, my guess is that (if you’re anything like me), you may also have experienced some of these:

  • An internal voice constantly telling you that you are not good enough, in a brilliant variety of disempowering ways
  • If you do something you consider ‘good’ you quickly dismiss it as irrelevant because you do so much ‘bad’ that this could barely make up for it,
  • If you do something you consider ‘good’ you quickly dismiss it as irrelevant because you’re meant to do good anyway, so it’s no big deal!
  • When you do something you consider ‘bad’, or when you do a ‘sin’ (something that harms yourself or others), you punish yourself by re-living it many, many times over in your mind.
  • No matter how hard you try, you never do ’enough’ to fit your image of the perfect you… You don’t pray enough, meditate enough, fast enough, work out enough, work hard enough, serve others enough. Compared with your perfect self, whichever way you look at it, you’re a failure.
  • Because of this, you are ‘busy’ in a way that you can never really free yourself from. There’s always more to do, and you’ve never done enough.

If you experience some or all of this, then you really need to ‘get’ where the image of ‘the perfect you’ comes from – because all of the patterns above come from the same place.

It comes from a little part of yourself that has different names in different cultures, but everyone universally seems to have an idea of what it is. From Western psychologists, to Eastern spiritual masters, this part of yourself has been the subject of study for millennia. It’s a part of you that you may have heard about, or read about, and been naturally curious about.

It’s the part of you that is standing in the way of your spiritual growth, that blocks you from being clear-headed & productive, and blinds you from realizing that you already are the most perfect version of you.

Most importantly, the part of you that causes all of the negative, disempowering patterns above can be instantly eliminated. If you’d like to achieve this kind of Effortless Transformation, watch this free online training.

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