Perform Like an Athelete

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Creatine is the main source of ATP generation in muscles. Using this product will allow your muscles to perform faster, work harder and recover more rapidly. This allows you to perform more repetitions and increase muscle bulk and strength pre, during and post workout. MuscleXlerator goes directly to your muscle where it increases energy levels and promotes lean muscle mass and strength. Muscles contain 50% rapid fiber and 50% slow fiber bundles and MuscleXLerator stimulates and increases rapid fire muscles improving your response time and giving you increased strength and endurance. Creatine is recognized by professional athletes around the world as a way to achieve maximum muscle performance.

According to Dr. Ray, a board certified internist, rheumatologist and muscle specialist, creatine is the best supplement available to increase aerobic and anaerobic muscle performance and increase lean body mass and muscle fiber size. Dr. Ray states there are no adverse consequences (side effects) of creatine supplementation. Creatine supplementation has been found safe for all age groups
including teens, the elderly as well as male and female users. As we age our creatine
stores become depleted depriving our muscles of their main source of energy.
Creatine supplementation increases these store improving muscle size and function.

Dr. Ray further states that creatine is an energy source normally found in the body’s
cells. Its use is known among professional and amateur athletes and is allowed by
the International Olympic Committee and National Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA) . Americans use almost nine million pounds of creatine supplements a year
to improve muscle performance.

Joe from LA says: “MuscleXLerator is no joke. It has increased my strength and endurance in my workouts and lessened my recovery time. In less than 3 months I dropped my body fat to under 10% and my abs are now visible. I’ve tried many other supplements and none have worked for me… until now. It really works, I highly recommend it.”

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