The Source Of All Your Spiritual Struggles

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The source of all your spiritual struggles is the thing that stops you realising how perfect you are, and causes a load of negative thinking patterns that hurt you and sometimes cause you to act in ways that hurt yourself and others.

The source of all your spiritual struggles is a part of you I call your “ego-thought”.

The moment you see your ‘ego-thought’ for what it is, you can free yourself from a lot of the worries and intense, damaging thoughts that may have been paralysing your spiritual growth, and sabotaging your attempt to achieve personal and professional goals up to now.

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So, what exactly is ‘ego-thought’?

‘Ego-thought’ is any thought based on the misunderstanding that your feelings come from something other than thinking in the moment.

The more deeply and clearly you understand the above sentence, the higher your level of consciousness.

We all logically and intellectually know that our feelings come from inside of us – from our mind, and yet every single time something occurs to you as a ‘problem’ I can guarantee you, you’ve lost sight of the fact that nothing outside of you can make you ‘feel’ anything.

Before we go deeper into the definition of “ego-thought”, in order to help you understand it more clearly, let’s explore the nature of ‘thought’ itself.

What is Thought?

‘Thought’ is your self-generated perception of reality. Here are some examples of things you experience all the time, that come from your thought:

  • everything you are experiencing of the outside world right now is actually being generated by your mind thanks to the power of “thought”. In other words, it’s your self-generated perception of reality. Your perception and your experience doesn’t actually come from the outside world – it is generated inside of your own mind.
  • if you close your eyes and try to remember what the room around you looks like, that image in your mind’s eye, is made from your ‘thought’
  • if you remember anything that has ever happened to you in the past, mundane or emotional, that memory is ‘thought’
  • if you imagine something happening in the future, that ‘future-memory’ or ‘fantasy’ is your ‘thought’
  • when you were a child and you used to play with your imaginary friends, those friends were a figment of your thought
  • everything you imagine, past, present or future, is your thought.

To really ‘get’ how much of your current reality is influenced by your ‘thought’, requires a couple of movie references. Have you ever seen ‘Inception’, the movie by Christopher Nolan starring Leonardo Di Caprio? If not, go and watch it. It was probably the best movie of 2010.

In the movie, Di Caprio explains how dreams work. When you’re in a dream, you don’t realise you’re in a dream. Your mind is so powerful that it creates your experience of reality, and then instantly lets you experience the reality it just created, so quickly, that you don’t even realise you just created it. The truly fascinating thing is that this is exactly how it works when you are wide awake, too.

Pause. Take a deep breath, and read the paragraph above again.

You are not experiencing reality. You are actually experiencing your mind-generated perception of reality. You are experiencing your ‘thought’. 100% of your experience of everything that’s around you right now is NOT coming from outside of you – it is being generated from within your own mind.

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Think of it like this:

Have you ever heard of ‘Virtual Reality’? It’s like the ultimate video game that hasn’t been invented yet. If you’ve ever seen: ‘The Matrix’, or ‘Total Recall’, or ‘The Lawnmower Man’ or any episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ involving the ‘Holodeck’, you know exactly what I mean. There’s some kind of super-advanced machine that basically generates a game world.

You plug yourself into the machine, or wear the mask, or step into the room, and you enter the ‘Virtual Reality World’. This world seems completely real to you in every way, but it’s just a fantasy generated by a machine that is somehow plugged into your brain. In reality, you are sitting in a chair or standing in a small room.

Well, here’s the thing:

You are in the Matrix. The difference is that you’re not sitting in a chair, plugged into a machine operated by an alien-like race of machines (as far as I’m aware!). However, you are in the Matrix that is generated by your own mind. Your mind is a virtual reality machine. It uses the power of ‘thought’ to generate the perception of reality that you are experiencing right now as ‘real life’.

You do not experience reality. You experience your ‘thought’ – your mind-generated perception of reality. Your mind generates that perception based on the information that comes to it through your 5 senses.

I’m not saying the outside world does not exist. I am saying that 100% of your experience of the outside world is generated from within your mind. Of course, it seems very real to you when you are caught up in it. But it’s not real. It’s just ‘thought’.

So, how come your “thoughts” seem so real?

Because your mind is the best virtual reality machine in the world, with the best special effects department in the world, that works to generate the thought that you are experiencing right now. That’s why it often seems as though you are experiencing reality. But you are not. You are only ever experiencing your ‘mind-generated perception of reality’ (your own ‘thought’).

Your thought isn’t ‘real’. But, it does seem completely real to you, most of the time. In reality, it’s literally just the ‘stuff dreams are made of’.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article: the source of all your spiritual struggles is your “ego-thought” – any thoughts based on the assumption that your feelings come from something other than your thinking in the moment.

The moment you see through this myth is the moment of your spiritual awakening.

Every time you become aware of the distinction between your feelings coming from outside of you (the illusion) versus your feelings coming from inside of your mind (the truth), a lot of wonderful things start happening for you, effortlessly.

For example, you will…

  • instantly feel a huge amount of relief as you clearly see that your biggest worries are 100% the result of your own internally generated thinking, not an external reality
  • experience an innate sense of well-being and peace – that’s what you experience when you know your feelings are self-generated and no-one and no-thing can hurt you – only your own thought can
  • have instant clarity on problems that used to freak you out
  • be completely unaffected by imaginary fears that used to take up a lot of your attention
  • become instantly ‘present’, and fully aware of this moment, rather than reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future
  • become enormously productive and effective at whatever you feel like working on (which will probably be stuff you love doing and believe in)
  • instantly un-do years of conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • access an enormous amount of spiritual energy that you can use to fulfil your heart’s truest desires
  • start to see the world more clearly, and more accurately, and notice its beauty a lot more.
  • live more in alignment with the Truth of how the world actually works, rather than the fantasy of how you think it ‘should’ work.
  • love yourself and your life a lot more for no reason.

So, if seeing through the illusion of your ego-thought is the only thing getting in the way from you experiencing all of this, it begs the question…

How do you get into the above states of clarity, presence, well-being, inner-peace and effortless productivity and stay there all of the time?

The great news is… it’s a LOT easier than you might think.

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