‘I’m a country girl at heart’: Nicole Kidman on turning her back on the bright lights of Hollywood for quiet life in Nashville

'Country girl': Nicole Kidman looks casually elegant with husband Keith Urban at the MTV Music Awards last year

She may be currently playing Princess Grace of Monaco, one of the most elegant women in Hollywood, but Nicole Kidman has revealed that in reality, she’s just a small town girl.

‘I’m very country at heart,’ the 46-year-old A-lister tells America’s InStyle this month.

‘I have a real desire to be outdoors, a desire for simplicity- a slightly slower, relaxed approach to life. A community, not a big-city feel. That’s what I grew up with, and it’s what I prefer.’

Perhaps it’s the influence of country-music singer husband, Keith Urban, also 46, with whom the star is raising two young daughters, Sunday Rose, 5, and Faith, 3.

The Oscar-winning actress has always had a strong focus on family and community.

Though she now lives in Nashville, Nicole regularly comes back to Australia to visit her parents in their northern Sydney home. Kidman was raised in northern Sydney, after being born in Hawaii.

Nicole has admitted before that she is a bit of a homebody, telling Talk Magazine that she was a very shy child. But not so shy, apparently, that she wasn’t able to tell a few fibs growing up.

‘I used to pretend to the kids at school that I was born right on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu,’ Ms Kidman told InStyle. ‘I was actually delivered in a hospital—but it sounded good, and they believed me.’

Kidman is famed for making brave career choices and accepting non-traditional roles, from donning a prosthetic nose to play Viriginia Woolf in The Hours, to the victimised Grace in Lars von Trier’s Dogville, and the photographer Diane Arbus in Fur.

She says these courageous artistic choices terrify her but it is worth it in order to become a great actress.

‘I always try to push through fear,” the famous beauty tells InStyle. ‘People always say, “Oh, you take such risks,” or “You’re brave.” And I’m like, “Well, if you only knew—inside I’m really frightened!”’

The simple life: The actress in Nashville with her daughter Sunday in 2010

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