Planet Releaf, One Tree at a Time

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Trees are truly amazing.

They give us food, medicine, support livelihoods, help prevent soil erosion, and oh, did you know that one tree can absorb (store) as much carbon in one year as a car produces over 26,000 miles?

So, we’re doing two things at Planet releaf:

1. Expressing our gratitude by giving a gift that celebrates life.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, Graduation Days and religious holidays mark important occasions in our year, which is why we’re planting awesome trees for the awesome people that rock our world.

Happy Birthday, dad!

2. Giving back what we take out.

We like cars, electricity, mobile phones and fridge freezers! The point is not to stop our collective social or technological progress, but to live in harmony with the resourceful planet that makes all of these developments possible.

Plant a tree or a forest, today:


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