These 15 Insanely Enormous Dogs Remind Us That Beauty Can Come With Lots Of Slobber

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There are big dogs, and there are really big dogs.

Some people may view a 100-pound, slobbering ball of fur as an inconvenience, but we know a massive pup is just chock full of extra lovin’. Don’t believe us?

Then behold — 15 seriously monstrous dogs who are more than ready to be your best friend.

1. Is this seat taken?

This is a Bernese mountain dog. The average height of a male is 26 inches and his average weight is 100 pounds.

2. Does this tiny human make me look fat?

big dog
Image: Twitter user @BabyAnimal

This pup seems to be a beautiful Samoyed, a dog first bred in western Siberia, that is typically used for sledding and cuddling — to keep their owners and children warm, of course!

3. Just blending in…

I bet that dog takes huge shits

This is a Tibetan mastiff. In August 2013, a zoo in China’s Henan Province tried to pass off one of these guys as a lion in an exhibit. The gimmick was up when the “lion” started barking…

4. Someone’s not amused.

Obviously, Tibetans weigh a lot. Some can tip the scales at up to 200 pounds!

5. A fur coat that’s always in season.

Newfoundland dogs like the one in the rear have double coats that include a soft, dense undercoat and a coarse, long outer coat.

6. Opposites attract.

The big guy in this photo is Samson, a great Dane/Newfoundland mix. He weighs around 280 pounds.

7. We’re having a moment.

With proper training, large dog breeds like this Leonberger can become extremely gentle giants.

8. The best mode of transportation.

But their kindness can invite some unwanted side effects. According to, Leonbergers are known to drool quite a lot. In fact, many owners know to keep a “slobber cloth” on hand.

9. A dog bed. Literally.

St. Bernards were originally bred as working dogs and made a name for themselves rescuing avalanche victims in the Alps.

10. I’ll be right here if you need me.

this is a big dog

The St. Bernard is gentle with children and know to be quite sensitive. Beethoven, anyone?

11. Legs for days.


Irish wolfhounds are known as regal, noble canines that bravely fought in battle, fiercely hunted wolves and loyally guarded homes.

12. We’re gonna need a bigger car seat…

Huge Dog

Problems may occur when you own a large dog, like trying to fit them into your car, and having to spend exorbitant amounts on food. It can cost over $100 a month just to keep Fido fed!

13. No dog treats are safe.

The great Dane is a dog of German descent and first bred as a boar hunter.

14. And then there’s the George, the Great Dane, who was the world’s tallest dog…

He was three feet, seven inches from paw to his shoulder and almost seven feet long.

Sadly, George died in October 2013, right before his eighth birthday. RIP, George.

15. But now there’s Freddy, Britain’s biggest dog — er, puppy!


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