Woman transforms complexion from spotty to smooth ‘using raw honey’

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A woman has apparently experienced an amazing transformation after getting rid of her spots by using only raw honey.

Pictures showing the change were posted on reddit by user cthulhuandcats.

The images were accompanied by an explanation from the young woman detailing how she found the remedy.

Honey spots, reddit
Her face used to be covered in spots (Picture: Imgur)

‘In the beginning of my senior year I started to notice my skin was breaking out more and more frequently,’ she wrote.

‘I was humiliated and disgusted when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t want to go to school, to be around people. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.’

She had apparently tried prescribed medicine but didn’t like it because it left her skin dry, irritated, and peeling.

Honey spots, reddit
The woman claimed  the natural treatment helped to reduce her spots (Picture: Imgur)

She eventually found a solution in the form of raw honey.

The woman, from the United States, said after applying the sweet substance to her face using gauze strips and plasters, she managed to shrink her spots.

She added: ‘I then cover the gauze squares with bandaids to secure them in place, and go to sleep.

‘When I wake up in the morning, the spot has either shrunk significantly in size, or is now completely gone.’

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