Quranic Pop-Up Story Book for Children

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A few days ago I came across ‘Shade 7’. When I looked into it what I saw was not only interesting but MIND BLOWING WORK. I wanted to read more about who actually is the mastermind behind this beauty but you know  I just got busy into another thing and had to leave it for some other time.

But, something unexpected happened . I came across one amazing young lady in the evening, who worked right under the nose of shade 7 and sent me their book’s press release.

I couldn’t believe it. She was the one I had been talking to all this while. Shade 7 was a girl.

Hajera Memon, A young Muslim female entrepreneur, who quit a high flying legal career in the City for the world of Islamic children’s books,  in order to publish her first title just a year after putting pen to paper was the amazing girl talking to me from day 1.  She is 29, from Dollis Hill in London, began developing the book – a pop-up version of the famous Story of The Elephant – in her bedroom, in December 2012, after setting up her own publishing company, Shade 7. She is now working with designers, translators, business mentors and a specialist publisher as the final delivery date edges closer.

I immediately asked her to send me some of the material that I could use to blog about this excellent project.

I recommend you all check out this awesome project and pre-order it for your kids or any child you love, to gift it to. Here’s the link.  http://igg.me/at/popup-book 

Elephant pop1

Mixed Pops

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