I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon…But then I decided to act on it- Brad Pitt writes a sweet love letter to Angelina Jolie

December 27, 2013 4:35 pm 14 comments Views: 229488

“My wife got sick.  She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children. 

She has lost 30 pounds and weighed about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs.

She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the morning and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of break up. 

Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, she was poking her head, and stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role. 

I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon…But then I decided to act on it. 
After all I’ve got the most beautiful woman on the earth. 

She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her and to hug her shoulders.

I began to pamper her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised her and pleased her every minute. I gave her lots of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends.

You won’t believe it, but she blossomed. She became even better than before. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and she loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she CAN love that much. And then I realized one thing: The woman is the reflection of her man. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it.“           

– Brad Pitt

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  • Fria Mae

    That is love.. pure love. I salute you Brad Pitt and I want to thank you for not giving up on Angelina even she lost her own self-battle. Thank you for bringing back Angelina to us who admired her with all our lives. ;(

  • Maryam Mubashar

    Nice one brad..i love angelina very much and you as her husband we expect to do the same.soon angelina will be whole again bcoz she have u and her kids that make her complete and happy again.thanks brad luv u

    • Miaoiu

      How can you
      Her VERY much ??

  • glaiza

    Wow so inspiring hope all married people n d world do d same as you mr. Bradpitt. dat no brocken family wil exists .so lovely couple…

  • glaiza

    Ur my favorite couple ever since…

  • deejhai

    I love you both and you deserve each other …
    Godbless your relationship.

  • XAlrightX

    We All SALUTE you Brad Pitt

  • Maria Rosario Read

    we live in a fucked up society …………this woman is mother to sooo many kids, and admired for her body, yet she does sooo many things to attempt to change the world (I think she started doing these things before she was with brad…) I’m really glad he behaved like a husband, depression is a serious condition, and I don’t understand why he would ever consider leaving the person he married in an apparent dark moment.

    I’m a little bit concerned he refered to “her failures and problems with children. ” you see to me that sounds like it was probably part of the problem …
    fudge!!! a mother of 5 kids , with a career and trying to help people all over the world….and attempting to avoid time changing her body……………………………I hope he did anything he could to make her feel like she was doing fabulously.

    when i read the letter i felt he took ample credit for Angelinas success, I hope he was equally ready to take responsability for parenting, …..you see, it goes both ways.

    if him changing made such a big impact, clearly he was failing as a husband.
    so he gets to feel good about taking rhe steps that saved their marriage, but he doesn’t get to ONLY take credit to her success, but also take a bit of responsibility for …so clled failures.

  • Rena Huchingson

    If they would get out of Scientology maybe they wouldn’t loose their minds. That is nothing but a demonic church.

  • Prakhar Singh Chauhan

    This letter is a hoax!
    Don’t know how people believe this buttery shit. Feels sorry for Brad and Jolie! -_-

  • chinedu ogbonna

    I hope

  • Ben


  • Rr Beldia

    it’s true because my husband did the same thing brad Pitt does and now I am confident to face the world because I have my partner that will never leave me that truly love me for better and for worst..Hats off to brad Pitt and to my one and only husband that don’t know how much I dearly love him too.

  • Miaoiu

    Hahahahah What is that BS