‘Snowden is a very private person’ – Washington Post journalist to RT

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Edward Snowden has sparked a global debate on mass spying, but he is actually a “private person” who does not seek much attention, journalist Barton Gellman told RT. Snowden told Gellman that the notion of having a “suicide switch” of leaks is illogical.

Gellman, a Washington Post journalist and author of Pulitzer Prize-winning reports, became the first reporter to interview Snowden since the former NSA contractor was granted temporary asylum in Russia.

Snowden – who talked with Gellman for some 14 hours in two days – explained the reasons behind his whistleblowing, but did not speak very much about his private life.

However, Gellman shared his own impressions of Snowden’s personality with RT America, offering a rare insight into the current state of mind of the “most wanted man on Earth,” who Gellman says spends much of his time on the internet.

The journalist also revealed the precautions he had to take before meeting with Snowden, and discussed the “dead man’s switch” that the whistleblower has been accused of possessing.


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