Teen does right thing after finding cash jackpot at S.A. restaurant

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 A local teen’s honest actions are spreading cheer just in time for the holidays.

Kayla Blackmon, a high school senior, discovered an envelope full of cash on Friday while working her shift at a northeast-side Freddy’s restaurant.

Turns out, a customer dropped in for a meal and inadvertently dropped the envelope filled with $1,600 dollars.

Blackmon did not hesitate to turn the cash into the store manager.

“My parents always taught me that if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it, don’t steal it,” said Blackmon.  “Don’t lie about anything, always be honest.”

About 30 minutes later, a man came into the store looking for the cash.  He said he was on vacation and the money was all he and his family had for their Christmas trip.

The store manager reviewed surveillance video and determined the money did indeed belong to the man.  For her honesty, the man gave Blackmon $100 bucks.

“I got to meet him and he told me it was a real blessing to have the money back,” said Blackmon.  “I wanted a hug, but I had custard all over me.”

To top it off, the store awarded Blackmon as Employee of the Month and gave her an extra $125 dollars.

“I felt really honored because I never thought I’d get Employee of the Month,” said Blackmon.
“A lot of other people deserve it, but they decided to give it to me since I found the money.”

Blackmon, who works at the fast-food chain for extra money will graduate in May and plans to join the U.S. Army to eventually become a nurse.

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