Local dealership steps up for woman whose car was destroyed by ice

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LEWISVILLE –- When those heavy sheets of ice slid off the roof of a Plano apartment complex after last week’s ice storm, they totaled Tanya Williams’ Chevy Impala.

After News 8 first reported her story of working two jobs and having her only vehicle crushed under ice, it resonated with viewers and led to something she never expected.

Friday afternoon, while out driving with a friend, Tanya thought she was hopping out in Lewisville to ask for directions.

“Oh my Lord! Oh my God!” she said, after opening the door to several dozen people surrounding a blue Kia Sorento.

“You’ve been a school teacher. You care and we care for you, and we just wanted you to have a great Christmas!” said Frank Mihalopoulos, owner of Central Kia of Lewisville.

Mihalopoulos was touched after hearing Williams’ story, and he and his staff at Central Kia of Lewsiville found Williams a used SUV, tuned it up, installed a new timing belt, new tires, and new brakes.

“Y’all just don’t understand,” Williams said. “This is probably the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Literally, it was a CD player. I know, a lot of people are like ‘CD player? It’s not top echelon.’ But I’m like ‘Wow! It’s got a CD player!'”

In all, more than a half-dozen News 8 viewers reached out with offers of help for Williams, including a UT Dallas professor, a teacher in Allen and her husband, a business man in Dallas and another in Fort Worth, and a Dallas Realtor with the Michael Group, as well as a charity. But the dealership was among the first to contact her.

“They know nothing about me,” Williams said of everyone who offered assistance. “But at the same time, they still want to bless me, so it’s humbling.”

Central Kia of Lewisville also gave Williams two free service visits, in case anything happens to the Sorento LX.

An uncertain week ended with unexpected generosity.

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