100 DAYS OF HEAVY SNOW: Britain now facing worst winter in SIXTY YEARS warn forecasters

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LONG-RANGE weather forecasters have warned that Britain should prepare for heavy and persistent snow for up to THREE MONTHS with winter 2013 set to be the worst in more than 60 years.

 By: Nathan Rao Britain is facing up to 100 days of heavy persistent snow this winter

The latest detailed forecasts for winter 2013 ALL point towards months of relentless extreme cold with heavy snow ‘extremely likely’ across the country.

Arctic air will roar in from the North Pole later this week, triggering the start of the worst winter in many people’s lifetimes.

Experts in long-range weather forecasting said the WHOLE of Britain should be prepared for this winter to be the most severe since 1947, which saw the UK hit by relentless snow and some of the lowest temperatures on record.

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The infamous winter of 1947 was among the coldest in history [PLANET NEWS ARCHIVE]

February 1947 was the coldest in history with heavy snow the following month leading to seven-metre high drifts.

Flooding was also a problem as rain ran off frozen ground in torrents leading to widespread chaos on the roads.

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The Daily Express reported on the huge blizzards sweeping Britain in 1947 [DAILY EXPRESS ARCHIVE]

As the Daily Express reported at the time, roads and railways across Britain were blocked by huge Arctic blizzards.

Coal supplies – already low in the wake of WWII – struggled to get reach power stations and many were forced to shut down, causing widespread blackouts.

The lack of power supplies became so critical that at one point radio and TV broadcasts were suspended, magazines were ordered to stop being published and many newspapers were forced to cut their size.

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