White supremacist discovers he is part black

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Craig Cobb, a white supremacist who wants to ban all blacks from a small North Dakotan town discovers that he has African ancestry

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The results of DNA testing did not go quite the way in which Craig Cobb had hoped, when he appeared on Trisha Goddard’s Race in America show.

However to the delight of a packed studio audience he was told that DNA tests showed he was 14 per cent sub-Saharan African.

This of course meant he might have some difficulty meeting the standards he set to for those wishing to live in Leith, which is just over 50 miles from the state capital Bismarck.

Having extolled the virtues of what he described as a “racially conscious community” he dismissed the findings of the test as “statistical noise”.

A black guest on the show could not resist on seizing on his embarrassment addressing Mr Cobb as “bro”.


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