Imagine if you didn’t have to refuel your car until 2113

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Connecticut company Laser Power Systems is developing an innovative way to fuel automobiles: thorium. Don’t know what that is? Here’s some help.

Thorium (noun): a naturally occurring radioactive metallic element with the symbol Th and atomic number 90, obtained especially from monazite (look that one up yourself)

What makes thorium great for this purpose is its incredible density, which allows for excellent heat production. The company is experimenting with a mini-turbine that would use about eight grams of thorium to fuel your car for 100 years. Think about that … You’d have to put fueling instructions in your will when you left the car to children after you died. This isn’t the first time thorium has been considered as a fuel source, but LPS is the first company to work on a mass-produced thorium engine. The element is also being eyed as a solution to the world’s nuclear energy problems. Even better, the car looks like the Batmobile.

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