Corgis, aka the cutest dogs on the planet, may become endangered


Prepare to have your whole week ruined, because we have some terrible news: Corgi dogs, best known for being the most adorable creatures to ever walk around on four tiny legs, may soon be classified as endangered. The Britain Kennel Club just added Pembroke Welsh Corgis — one of two types of Welsh corgis — to its “at watch” list, and the dogs will likely be classified as  a “vulnerable native breed” soon. Just 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis were registered with the Kennel Club this year in Britain, signaling a decline of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite type of dog. (To her credit, she has raised dozens of the dogs herself over the years.) Theories about the decline of corgis include speculation about whether a ban on “tail docking” led breeders to reject the dogs. But others say corgis are just losing popularity to other cute dogs, such as French bulldogs.

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