10 Helpful Ways to Smile Through Painful Situations

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Take a look at these simple steps to putting on a brave face and taking all the bad things in life with a grain of salt. After all, you never know if a royal grandma or spidey-sense is waiting for you just around the corner.

  • 1. Acknowledging the issue is key.

  • gob-huge-mistake
  • 2. Owning up to your mistakes is the first step to laughing at them.

     3. Unless you have no idea what caused the problem.
  • Kenneth-doesnt-understand
    4. Even if you know exactly who’s to blame, try to think happy thoughts about them.
  • Dean-stabbing
    5. Be sensible yet honest with how you feel.
  • Crazy-stupid-love-gosling-carrell
    6. It will still probably suck.
  • Spiderman
    7. Everything usually sucks.
  • Leslie-knope
    \8. But even on the worst day of your life, it’s important to stay positive.
  • Simpsons-lenny
     9. Just know that you have strength inside you that no one can imagine.
  • Merlin-smile
     10. And if you don’t, oh well.
  • As-good-as-it-gets

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