5 Benefits Of Having A Smart And Successful Wife

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The American Psychological Association Journal of Personality and Social Psychologyreleased a study earlier this year that showed that men who were told their partners scored in the top 12 percent of university students demonstrated “significantly lower implicit self esteem” than men who were told their partners were in the bottom 12 percent. If you needed any further proof that the current state of masculinity has decayed to a skinny jeans-wearing, over-emotional, self-esteem lacking embarrassment, there it is. There are few things more “beta male” in this world than taking an emotional hit when the person you supposedly care about most knocks it out of the park.

If you can’t tell already, I couldn’t feel more differently. Obviously I’m going to date someone I’m attracted to, but she better have more qualities than looks if she thinks she’s getting a ring. A girl who is smart, hot, and fun to hang out with is the Holy Grail, so the idea that this many men would be upset about having a girl with a brain is beyond me. Instead, this is why having a smart and successful partner should be the ultimate goal and not a source of stress induced erectile dysfunction.

1. A Smart, Successful Wife Helps Your Ego


You bet your ass that my future wife will be a success in whatever she does and you can guarantee I’m going to be happy for her. Hell, I’ll even brag about it. Your wife did some sort of yoga in a 100 degree room today? Mine saved lives. Your wife got her nails done? So did mine, in between landing major accounts. Your wife posted the hundredth picture of your dog on Facebook? Mine posted an article she wrote and it went viral. Your wife is there for her looks? Mine’s there for her brain and she’s better looking on top of it.

2. A Smart, Successful Wife Helps Your Career


Dumb arm candy might impress your boss with her hemline, but smart arm candy will impress your boss and more importantly, his wife. There are always girls who you can show off at events and dinners, but if a girl can’t show you off as well through her looks AND her impeccable conversation skills you’re not going to get that invite from the boss’s wife to his house for dinner, which gets you into the boss’s social circle, which gets you that promotion to the big leagues. Not to mention that if you’re in any sort of business, your wife’s company, coworkers, boss, PhD professor, and everyone in her social circle is a potential personal or business relationship. Married life is rough enough without the ability for your wife to throw great parties and cookouts that couples actually want to come to.

3. A Smart, Successful Wife Makes You Richer


The idea that I would be okay with working nonstop to provide a lifestyle to someone for them to only consume and leech off of my output is disgusting, and those men whose machismo is offended by the concept of a successful partner are nothing more than wimps. What kind of man are you if the very thought of your wife or girlfriend being smart or successful makes you sad inside? I’ll answer that for you: you’re an embarrassment. I’m going to be successful in life, so if my future wife brings in even more than me that doesn’t make me emasculated; that makes us filthy fucking rich.

4. A Smart, Successful Wife Is A Hedge On Your Future


After all, regardless of how much longevity you can buy, looks always fade. What remains for women or men is a finely tuned composite of character and personality that should be cultivated on top of external appearance, not in spite of or as a replacement for. Looks, brains, and personality really aren’t “either or” or “best two out of three” descriptions. On top of that, what do you think you’re going to be doing when you’re 70? You’re going to be spending every waking moment not on the golf course with this person. While they may have been able to get away with sucking, and sucking, before, you better hope they don’t suck when they’re old.

5. A Successful Wife Can Be Successful In Many Different Ways


This isn’t a knock on stay-at-home mothers or centuries-old chosen gender roles. There are many ways to define success outside of a career. My own mother even stayed home for 14 years to raise me and busted her ass to bring my siblings and myself up right, but she bookended that time with a Masters degree and a career. If you chose to be a stay-at-home mom, then be the absolute best at it and raise your kids to extraordinary levels. Don’t do it because you’re lazy or because your infant of a husband would cry himself to sleep every night if he wasn’t the main breadwinner.

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