Serial street beggar who earned £50,000 per year jailed for breaching Asbo


A professional beggar who is believed to earn around £50,000 a year from public donations has been jailed for two months for breaching an anti-social behavior order (Asbo).

Simon Wright, 37, was given the sentence on Friday and will likely spend it at Wandsworth Prison, a court official said.

The serial beggar was spared jail in August earlier this year after breaching his Asbo and was given 40 hours’ unpaid work in addition to a 12-month community and supervision order.

He has been repeatedly told not to beg on the streets of London but as continued to flout the rules.

He was given his Asbo on May 14 which prevented him from begging anywhere in London for two years and also required his dog to be muzzled.

However, after his last court appearance Wright was seen again asking for handouts at popular London attractions with a hat on the floor and handwritten sign.

He was spotted on August 30 and again on September 10, leading to his latest charge.

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