Did you know that there’s a group of 10 men that have been playing tag for the past 23 yea

September 26, 2013 10:28 am 0 comments Views: 3964

Once upon a time 10 boys from Gonzaga Preparatory


 decided to start a game of tag. After they graduated from school they continued playing as a means of keeping in touch with each other – a very intense, very challenging way, as you are about to find out.


For the past 23 years these guys have been playing the tag game with 3 additional rules. Playing the whole of February, no retagging of the person who tagged you last and giving a truthful answer to the question “Are you it?”

The group of 10 guys, which includes a


, an aerospace engineer and even a Catholic priest, has turned the children’s game into a vicious competition. Being left as the It guy for 11 whole months is a so shameful that they’ll do almost anything to avoid it. So far, members of the group have travelled 300 miles only to tag someone, they’ve used their wives as spies, they’ve dressed up and gone undercover and they’ve even tagged each other at the most inappropriate events – like during a funeral mass of a close family member!

This is definitely one of the most fun and extreme ways to maintain a friendship.

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