Store’s entire staff up and quits, leaves amazing note for boss

September 4, 2013 9:43 am 1 comment Views: 68174

How to make a point to your jerk boss: You can quit, sure. Or you can convince the entire staff to quit with you, lock up the shop midday during the height of back to school shopping and leave a note accented with pink marker explaining your motives for everybody in the mall (and on the Internet) to see. Ding ding ding! Well done, Niki, Jess and TJ. This mighty resignation letter was spotted outside the Journeys footwear and apparel store at the Marketplace Mall in Rochester, N.Y., Gawker reports, and it’s safe to say that Jamie got the point. If not, surely the $500 fine most malls charge their stores for not opening on time will do the trick.


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