Republican Congressman Slams Fox News For Lying

August 23, 2013 10:27 am 0 comments Views: 200


A Republican Congressman who appeared on Fox News just two months ago attacked the conservative news network in unusually strong terms during a town hall in Blissfield, Michigan on Monday, calling out the popular network for lying about the news.

In video obtained by ThinkProgress, Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) railed against “pundits on either side” and Tea Pary groups trying to raise money by misleading conservative activists. “They don’t get the facts and they are trying to make it so abrasive that just send money,” he said, “Just tell the truth that’s bad enough. Don’t embellish.” He then turned his attention to Fox, saying, “We the people have to do our reporting. Fox News doesn’t tell the truth, certainly none of the others do. So we’ve got to do our own media.”

Walberg said that constituents would be better informed receiving “email updates” from his office “every single week on Fridays,” though the Michigan congressman has a reputation for inflammatory — and highly inaccurate — rhetoric. In 2010, Walberg appeared on a local Battle Creek radio show and told the host that he doesn’t “know” if Obama is a Muslim or born in the United States.

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