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Jennifer Koczan’s story is proof you should always microchip your pet and never give up hope if they go missing. According to ABC News, Koczan’s Rottweiler Sasha was stolen out of her home five years ago, but is now back with her, thanks to the help of numerous animal lovers.

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Koczan discovered that her dog Sasha was stolen from her South Bend, Indiana, home in 2008. After her own long, frantic search and five years of time passing, Koczan had accepted she would never see her beloved pet again – until a long-distance phone call changed everything.

A Phoenix animal shelter dialed up Koczan and left a voicemail informing her that they had a dog at their facility with microchip data matching her information. Koczan was bewildered by this news which sounded too good to be true. But after a return call and a description of the dog, Koczan knew her Sasha was coming home. The trouble was, how?

After giving Koczan the good news, the shelter informed her that she had five days to pick up Sasha due to overcrowding. The crunch for time caused the elated owner to act fast. Koczan started calling anyone she knew between Indiana and Arizona, hoping to find a way to bring Sasha home.

Friends who lived outside of Phoenix were happy to retrieve the Rottweiler before the deadline and keep her until a next step was determined. Kindred Hearts Transport Connection became that next step. The animal rescue and relocation organization helped Koczan put together a plan to set Sasha on her way home.

A Facebook post describing Sasha and Koczan’s situation was posted to the group’s page. Volunteers responded quickly, forming an itinerary for the homeward bound dog that including 24 stops, 17 drivers and several states. Sasha hit the road on Aug 10th and after cruising through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri and Illinois, she finally found her way back to South Bend on Aug 18th.

After five years and a busy week of travel, Koczan was worried her pooch wouldn’t remember her first mom, but the memories came back quickly for the loyal dog. It only took Sasha one day to get reacquainted with everything she left behind.

“It’s like a blessing and a second chance,” Koczan gratefully explained to ABC News. “She’s at the end of her life and now she’ll live it out in peace. She won’t have to worry about being fed or where she’s going to live. That part of her life is done.”

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