Muslims protecting Christians in Egypt during mass”

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I know the place shown above quite well.  It’s St. Mark’s Cathedral, the seat of the Patriarch of Alexandria and the foremost house of worship for the Coptic Orthodox Church, located in the El-Abbasiyya sector of Cairo.

(My thanks to Nicol Sorenson-Legakis for bringing this item to my attention.)

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Addendum (17 August 2013):

I stand corrected.  The church depicted in the photo above is apparently not St. Mark’s Cathedral in El-Abbassiyya (in which I attended masses at both Christmas and Easter, and near which was my favorite Arabic Christian bookstore), but St. George’s in Sohag (which, so far as I know, I’ve never visited).  The two buildings have some similarities (including barrel vaulting) and I’m guessing that at least portions of each were built at the same (modern) time.  But, on closer inspection, this cannot be the Cathedral.  Sadly, along with at least two other Coptic churches, St. George’s was torched by arsonists, apparently supporters of the recently deposed Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, on 14 August 2013 (i.e., this past Wednesday):

The Coptic Church of St. George, in Sohag, Egypt, after arsonists struck it

Some have insinuated that the photograph at the top of this entry might be a forgery, or dubious in some other way.  I’ve now located — it took only a few minutes of searching on the Web — a different photograph of Muslim men ringing the Coptic Church of St. George in Sohag, Egypt.  There are at least two sources for it, here andhere.  Notice the men in the foreground who are prostrating themselves in the familiar and uniquely Muslim mode of prayer known as salat.  So, quite plainly, these are Muslims.  Of course, some commenting here will insist that they were just getting ready to destroy the church, or some such baseless tale.  There seems to be a real refusal, on the part of certain people, to grant that Muslims can be kind and decent.  Such demonization is, in my view, dangerous, horrifying, and flatly evil.

Muslims ringing the Coptic Church of St. George in

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