21 reasons to appreciate our teachers

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Teachers do one of the most important jobs in existence. It’s not what anyone would call an easy job, either. With ever-growing class sizes and constant budget cuts, you sometimes wonder why anyone would become a teacher. It’s certainly not for the money (at least not in the U.S.). They do it because they want to make a difference, and a good teacher can change a kid’s life. And despite all that, they’re still underappreciated. Some people don’t even see it as a real job. So while teachers and families are getting ready for the next school year, we put together 21 reasons teachers don’t get nearly enough credit for what they do. Because, let’s face it: None of us would be where we are today without them.

They come up with creative solutions to modern problems.


 Phones turned in by students - Lemonsweetea via Reddit
They know how to make sure a student never forgets to bring a pencil to class again.


I (Heart) Justin Bieber pencils - derpdinosaur via Reddit


They aren’t afraid to make complete fools of themselves to motivate their students.


Teacher making good on a bet - hufflepuffandproudofit122 via Tumblr


Seriously, they’ll do just about anything.


Teacher wearing a horse head mask - googoogas via Reddit

They go above and beyond to help struggling students.


English/Math teacher meme - bq87 via Reddit


And work late into the night (and on weekends) grading papers and preparing for the next day.


Miserable student from 'Whispers of the Heart' - © Studio Ghibli, dsol1 via Reddit

They’re constantly coming up with new lesson plans to make sure kids get the most out of class.

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They know it’s important to have fun sometimes.
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They are way underpaid. The average starting salary in the U.S. is $30,000 per year.
Protesting teachers - workingamerica via Tumblr


They pay for their own classroom supplies, as well as the professional development classes and certification tests they need to keep their licenses.
3rd grade classroom - xi-khaleesi via Tumblr


Sweeping changes to how they do their job come from politicians who’ve never taught a day in their lives.
Jaguar fan shaking his head - via Buzzfeed, http://aka.ms/shakingheadfan


Budget cuts mean one teacher can have up to 40 kids in a single class.
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And somehow, they’re expected to find the time to personalize every lesson to each student.


 Overpaid & underworked - madamecissy via Tumblr


And just teaching kids isn’t enough; they’re also expected to be psychologists, baby sitters or even third parents.


 Scene from 'Neverending Story' - soupsoundsgood via Reddit
They’re pressured to teach to a standardized test, leaving little room for actual education.


 Scene from 'Galaxy Quest' - © DreamWorks SKG, gemini-dragon-gifs via Tumblr
And despite all this, they constantly hear the same things. Like, “You’re overpaid.”


 Well-paid Maria from 'The Sound of Music' - 32935277 via memegenerator.co
“You only work from 7 to 3.”


 Overwhelmed Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' - © Disney Pictures, lifeofremy via Tumblr
“Those who can’t do, teach.”


 Conan O'Brien applauding - brooke-pridemore via Tumblr
“You can’t complain — you get summers off.” (OK, this part is pretty great, even if they have to spend some of it preparing for next year.)


 Sarcastic Jennifer Lawrence - whatshouldwecallthisjobsearch via Tumblr
And through all of that, they stick with it.


 Tied up & harassed teacher (© Rich Legg/Getty Images)
Because these kids are too important to give up on.


 Encouraging note - c-squared2911 via Tumblr

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