UKIP Candidate Embraces Sharia Law

August 4, 2013 2:34 pm 0 comments Views: 1046


A UKIP parliamentary candidate has announced that he embraces aspects of Sharia law, saying he fully agrees with it.

Dean Perks, UKIP’s proposed parliamentary candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis in the West Midlands told a Coventry UKIP branch meeting that he agreed with part but not all of Sharia Law.

The self employed builder from Dudley explained how he fully supported the cutting off of limbs if a person was found guilty of a crime such as theft. Perks was attempting to spell out the dangers of potential UKIP candidates speaking out of line on social media. However the meeting, held in May of this year was filmed and posted to Youtube, a form of social media

Perks said:

” I also recently had a conversation with someone where they were asking me what I thought of Sharia Law.

I said well in all honesty I do agree with part but by no means all of Sharia law and that was the exact phrase that I used.

That was February. That was retweeted back to me last week.

Somebody kept that to use that against me and he actually said that my politicalcareer was finished before it had even started because of that phrase. Now I’m sorry but I was that sort of not ashamed of it that I actually retweeted it myself. Because that’s my view, that’s my opinion.

Sharia law in my opinion it works as a prevention and prevention is better than cure. If you think you are going to get your hand chopped off for pinching something you won’t pinch it.

Now, it’s quite straight forward, prevention is better than cure and that’s the part of Sharia law I agree with. I aint going to defend myself for it I do agree with it.

Dean Perks is no stranger to controversy. In February a local newspaper revealed that he had branded someone as “retarded” on Twitter.

He also lauded racist politician Enoch Powell as “a visionary”.

Perks was involved in an exchange which resulted in him writing about a fellow Twitter user: “I just asked the question but he will not answer, I think he may be retarded.”

This followed an ugly argument with Dudley Labour councillor Dave Branwood who asked Perks whether he thought Enoch Powell was racist.

Mr Perks replied: “No. It’s a fact he was very well liked amongst the Asian community. I’d say he was a visionary.”

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