Another Samsung Galaxy S4 burns

August 3, 2013 6:37 pm 0 comments Views: 2100

Man says fire consumes house, Merc; device aflame during game


Another report of the Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire has gone viral, this time with a Hong Kong man claiming that the device was responsible for burning down his apartment and his Mercedes after it allegedly “burst into flames”.

According to Chinese blog Xianguo, the man, named Du (no, not the UAE telecom operator, obviously), alleged that while he was playing a game (Love Machine, whatever that is) on his Samsung Galaxy S4smartphone, the device rapidly heated up before bursting into flames.

The man claims to have gotten so startled that he threw the handset onto his combustible sofa, which reportedly caused his home and a Mercedes parked outside to be destroyed. Reports suggest that after the sofa caught fire, the curtains were the next and within minutes, the whole house was reportedly aflame. According to reports, firefighters rushed to contain the fire but could not manage to do so before the entire apartment burnt down, within 30 minutes or so.

According to reports, Du said he was playing the game while his device was being charged, and that the Galaxy S4 and its charger were both legitimate Samsung products. Du claims to have had bought the smartphone about a month ago.

According to CNet, Samsung Hong Kong is investigating the matter and that it will analyse chemicals from the scene of fire to determine whether any of them could have come from its factory.

This isn’t the first time, however, that reports of smartphones mishaps are making headlines. Earlier this month, Ma Ailun from China’s Xinjiang region, a young bride-to-be, died from an alleged electric shock after she answered her iPhone 5 while it was charging. Read: Air hostess allegedly electrocuted using on-charge iPhone 5.

Also earlier this month, a UAE woman told Emirates 24|7 that she found her Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, which she’d plugged in for charging overnight, “burning” in the middle of the night. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 catches fire while charging.

When this website asked Samsung Gulf Electronics to comment about the UAE incident, we received the following statement: “We have gotten hold of the product in question, and will be conducting a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of this incident. We would like to assure our customers that we have always employed strict quality control and safety standards to ensure a safe and pleasant user experience.”

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