22 Photos Of The Best Moments Of People’s Lives

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This is what happened when Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch asked his followers to tweet him the best moments of their lives.

Introducing my two sons to their little brother. This is the first-ever picture of them all together


A high moment when she said, “Yes!” Last summer. @Sports_Casters

@richarddeitsch when we found out.

@richarddeitsch Easy.. After 5+ years of infertility meeting our awesome (adopted) daughter. Cc: @Sports_Casters

@richarddeitsch The moment she added me to Facebook (having never met her before). We got engaged last month.

@richarddeitsch too late to submit? The exact moment she realized what I was doing

@richarddeitsch my mother, baking cookies with my son. She passed away 3 years later.

@richarddeitsch best moment: my son with autism connecting with our new kitten…

@richarddeitsch my dad holding his grandson 20mins after he was born…….

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters the first time my big girl read to my little girl before bed…on her own

@richarddeitsch Mum at graduation after 6months of chemo. Lost her a year later. Don’t know who is more proud…

@richarddeitsch my little wingman holding his 12hour old baby brother

@richarddeitsch got stranger to take our pic. No one knew what was happening other than me.

Last good nap I took with my best friend Harley, about 1 month before losing him to cancer.

The letter that changed my life … My medical school acceptance @richarddeitsch#bestmomentever

Day we found out my mom/center of my world had beaten stage 4 cancer (seen here sharing good news)

h The moment she realized there is a diamond ring in that tube.

 The day my wife woke up after her double-lung/heart transplant.

1 Hard to pick 1 greatest moment, but in terms of a pic, this is right when they put her in my arms.

 the moment my sons met.

 And then this is the other best moment. Bringing our new adoptive son home to meet our 1st born.

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