15 Viral Pinterest Photos That Are Actually Fake

July 28, 2013 1:43 pm 0 comments Views: 3908

1. The “purple trees” in Fairy Pools, Scotland.

The "purple trees" in Fairy Pools, Scotland.

The truth: It’s pretty, but alas, it’s a Photoshop. None of those trees are purple, nor Scottish; the photo is actually of Shotover River in New Zealand. See here for the complete debunking.

Source: escapenormal.com

2. Blue “moonmelon.”

Blue "moonmelon."

According to the caption: “This fruit grows in some parts of Japan, and is known for its vibrant blue color. What you probably don’t know about this fruit is that it can switch flavors after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste.”

The truth: Uh…. Photoshop.

Source: dailydot.com

3. Baby polar bear.

Baby polar bear.

According to the caption: Usually listed as “brand new baby polar bear” or “cute polar bear.

The truth: It’s not a real bear. It’s a stuffed bear that you can buy a pattern to make on Etsy. It IS cute, though.

4. “Rainbow owl.”

"Rainbow owl."

The truth: Just a regular owl with some pretty Photoshop accessorizing.

5. The “tree of life.”

The "tree of life."

According to the caption: It’s a mystical tree in India or Africa.

The truth: It’s a fake tree at Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Source: media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com

6. “Ngyen khag taktsang monastery in Bhutan.”

"Ngyen khag taktsang monastery in Bhutan."

The truth:: The tree spires are real, but that Buddha carved into the side? TotallyPhotoshopped.

7. Rainbow snake.

Rainbow snake.

The truth: Not really rainbow-y; the real image is on the right.

Source: pinterest.com

8. “Tree woman.”

"Tree woman."

The truth: Nope, not a real tree.

Source: mashable.com

9. “Fennec hare.”

"Fennec hare."

The truth: It’s a Photoshopped kitten, originally posted as an April Fools’ joke on Worth 1000.

Source: pinterest.com

10. Rainbow lemons.

Rainbow lemons.

According to the caption: “Inject food coloring into lemons to make them different colors!”

The truth: Uh… Photoshop.

Source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

11. Fetus foot.

Fetus foot.

The truth: There’s no way the outline of a baby’s foot could be seen through the uterus and muscle issue of a woman’s pregnant belly.

Source: jmsmith.org

12. The “castle island” in Dublin, Ireland.

The "castle island" in Dublin, Ireland.

The truth: Another April Fool’s prank from Worth 1000, who Photoshopped a German castle onto one of the Khao Phing Kan islands in Thailand.

Source: utourdoc.com

13. The “forgotten temple of Lysistrata.”

The "forgotten temple of Lysistrata."

The truth: It’s a composite of the Algar Seco cave in Portugal and the Pantheon in Rome.

Source: pinterest.com

14. “Moon & Star Island.”

"Moon & Star Island."

The truth: The crescent-shaped island is Molokini, located between the islands of Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii. The star is a Photoshop addition.

Source: pinterest.com

15. “Cute baby llama.”

"Cute baby llama."

The truth: LOL, no, it’s a doll from Etsy.

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