NC’s House says it’s OK to break car windows to rescue animals

July 26, 2013 4:29 pm 0 comments Views: 184


Last week, North Carolina’s House passed a bill that would make it legal for rescue workers and animal control officers to break car windows in order to free animals trapped inside that may be at risk. “At risk” could mean the weather is too hot or too cold, the car is inadequately ventilated, or other issues. The legislation is an amendment to an existing animal shelter law, and heads to the state Senate in coming weeks. If it passes the Senate, it will be sent to the governor to sign into law. At least 14 states already have laws that make it illegal to leave an animal in a parked car under conditions that could be harmful. This is how quickly a car can heat up in 80-degree weather, according to the National Weather Service:

– 99 degrees in 10 minutes

– 109 degrees in 20 minutes

– 114 degrees in 30 minutes

– 118 degrees in 40 minutes

– 120 degrees in 50 minutes

– 123 degrees in 60 minutes.

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