29 Spelling Mistakes From India That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Gag

1. Welcome, leadies and jents!

 Welcome, leadies and jents!

2. Gents, you may wash your hands here.

Gents, you may wash your hands here.

3. How about a quick launch?

How about a quick launch?

4. I’d like mine without cheese, thanks.

I'd like mine without cheese, thanks.

5. Chaineeeeeeeese takeout?

Chaineeeeeeeese takeout?

6. Moms makes the best moms.

Moms makes the best moms.



8. Past food is the best food!

Past food is the best food!

9. Beep steak, medium rare.

Beep steak, medium rare.

10. Mmm, free cock.

Mmm, free cock.

11. Or maybe something stronger.

Or maybe something stronger.

12. Nothing, NOTHING like a child bear to wash it all down.

Nothing, NOTHING like a child bear to wash it all down.

13. For all you health freaks.

For all you health freaks.

14. Room for dessert?

Room for dessert?

15. Sshhh.


16. Foot in the mouth.

Foot in the mouth.

17. These guys will taste anything. ANYTHING.

These guys will taste anything. ANYTHING.

18. Full Body Masaz.

Full Body Masaz.

19. Cut your child here.

Cut your child here.

20. Get your eybro perched.

Get your eybro perched.

21. Be careful. Naked people ahead.

Be careful. Naked people ahead.

22. Be very careful.

Be very careful.

23. Who doesn’t like to sleep on these?

Who doesn't like to sleep on these?



25. Apostrophes, people, apostrophes.

Apostrophes, people, apostrophes.

26. Can’t afford tuition?

Can't afford tuition?



28. Have yourself a nonmetallic, chemical new year!

Have yourself a nonmetallic, chemical new year!

29. Amen!


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  • Dalas

    when i was in Ladakh India in 1996 there was an ambulance at a very serious accident from the “Sonam Norbu Memorial Hospital”. on the hood of the ambulance was “S.N.M hospital”. i almost peed myself!

  • Hadrian Embalsado

    Ugh and those Photoshop skills are horrid but the lettering is decent.

    • irapedyourmomma

      *Ms Paint skills

      • amit

        If you have true caller, just search all those phone numbers in it, and you will realize oh shit, it is for true. lol.

  • Jhonea

    Yes, let’s make fun of poor people who cannot afford a proper education, and people whose first language isn’t English!!!

    • DON

      Amen to thinkers like you.

    • Sriram

      What are you talking? See there are doctors board, english academy board, school board, govt board, college board in the list. They are poor and uneducated? Try accept the reality and move for better. This is an absolute escapism, a community should see what problem they have, instead of saying some silly reasons for problem. Grow up grow up.

      • Jhonea

        If you had read my comment properly, you would see that I said poor
        people who cannot afford a proper education, ***AND*** people whose
        first language isn’t English. The examples you’ve listed would fall
        under the second category. Based on your extremely poor English, I am
        assuming that this second category covers you, as well.

        • Nesta

          Actually, English is the official language in India.

          • leatherneck

            English is the official language in India Hahahaha! What a joke

          • Sam

            it is

          • leatherneck

            That explains all the bollywood movies shot in India’s official language

          • Barathi

            Bollywood is probably the worst movie industry in the universe. I am ashamed to call it INDIAN.

          • Tony

            The culture showed in Bollywood is hardly seen anywhere in Hindustan

          • Tony

            Excuse me….indian movies are made in urdu and not in hindi. All songs are in urdu. The pure hindi spoken by AB in KBC is hardly understood by anybody

          • Jhonea

            English is NOT the official language of India. The Gujarat High Court ruled that India does not have a national language, although they acknowledged that a
            majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many
            speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script.

          • zaran10

            Are you stupid? Do you not see the contradiction in your own sentence? Firstly, Gujarat is ONE state and it cannot make laws for the whole country so stop quoting that nonsense. Secondly, official and national are not the same thing. English IS one of the official languages of India as government documents can be in English. They can be in Hindi as well. Hindi is NOT the national language. We have no national language due to the cultural diversity. We have two official languages, Hindi and English, and various regional ones.

          • Jhonea

            Zaran10 is obviously a TROLL who resorts to personal insults because they have nothing valid to say. According to the article 343 (1) of the Constitution of India, “The Official Language of the Union government shall be Hindi in Devanagari script.” ONLY 20.68% of the Indian population can even speak English, AND it’s their SECOND LANGUAGE.

          • Gravity

            Butthurt much?

            It’s a joke, get over it.

          • Anon

            Wow so Zarano10 makes a prefectly legible statement that trumps all your trolling, so you call him a troll. Wow. go drown yourself in the Narmada.

          • John Martin

            Jhonea, you most definitely need to acquire a sense of humour.

          • Indian

            fir ye log hindi me ya apni language me hi likh lete…

          • Jane Appleseed

            If someone replies to you with facts they become a troll. However I’d say you are not a troll. You are a clown who is making me laugh with every comment you make. Keep it going Mr. funny.

          • Damforeigner

            If I remember right, in India we would call you Bhuddu….get a life

          • Rajkiran Panuganti

            In India, there is no national language, but, there are multiple official languages. English is one of them.
            So, yes, its not ‘the’ official language, but, it is ‘a’ official language and not a/the ‘national’ language.

          • dkbose

            care to explain why or how?

          • a.sa.

            Provide proof, that English is official language of India.

          • fa_gab

            Go to India and talk with people!

          • John

            The Indian Government Gazette is issued in English.
            Calcutta Box Wallah

          • Jag

            You’re an idiot. Seriously. Nuff said. Period.

          • Jhonea

            English is NOT the official language of India. The Gujarat High Court ruled that India does not have a national language, although they acknowledged that a
            majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many
            speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script. Stop spreading false information, Nesta!!!

          • Reader

            I think we should have a debate on what should be the NATIONAL LANGUAGE of India, but before that we have to agree among ourselves, as to what language this Debate should be conducted.

          • Prachi

            It is actually one of 28 official languages FYI.

          • Reader

            Even after almost 70 years of ‘SELF-RULE’, India has not be able to decide on what should be the NATIONAL LANGUAGE of India.

        • Videoguy

          There is no excuse to run an purported ‘English school’ and have such horrible spelling. Have to admit though I have no idea if an English school is meant to be a place to learn the language or just used to make it look fancy

      • Swayam

        hey are you the one who uploaded this file?? coz buddy ur communication skills are as pathetic…lemme know if you ld like me to highlight all of ’em coz I can literally find at least one in each sentence…Improve your own shit b4 educating the rest of the world…

    • Jake

      Spell check. They even have them on their phones

      • Jhonea

        It’s pretty obvious that most of these signs were made before cell phones existed. Also, you’re assuming that all of these people can afford cell phones and monthly service fees.

        • victor

          Jhonea, thank you for existing. People like you make the world a better place to live in.

        • Bogart!

          Then if they do not know the spelling then don’t post it asshole!!!

          Use the language that they know. Damn!

    • Robb

      Poor people, yes. Bad government, hell yes. Their government spends billions of dollars making sure that people of Kashmir are held hostage against their will, corruption cases are suppressed, and whistle blowers are punished.

      • MedullaOblongata

        Hope someday you get educated enough to make inference with some sense or depth. Till then keep trying..

    • Bogart


      Check this picture Asshole! These are not poor people and certainly for sure know how to use the English language because they are within an institution that teaches it. Think you stupid moron….

      • Indian Sword

        These examples are purely suggestively and not representational. People in urban India and quite fluent with English, maybe much better than English speaking countries like America

        • Anonymous

          quite fluent IN English…not with english.

      • Jag

        And you, Bogart, I’m assuming would never make a grammatical mistake. You must be at the same level of writing as a university lecturer in English. Even though this school teaches English, I’m assuming it’s not the Ivy school you went to….lol. How’s that Asshole.

      • bean

        dyslexic people

    • 2035

      especially number 6. that didn’t amuse me. the photographer must have asked him to pause for the picture but it was in bad faith. he did so to mock him. shame shame

    • Videoguy

      I am poor and English isn’t my first language and I was LMAO

    • Anonymous

      yet u have enough money to waste on nuclear bombs …

      • bean

        yup breaking atoms can be done in hindi …believe me it dosen’t need english

        • Anonymous

          try instead to improve education. u will do better and not be a bottomless basket

      • A.Sa.

        Let’s not waste any money on nuclear bombs. If enemy country tries to hit us with nuclear bombs, we can simply beat/defeat them with proper English spellings.

        • Anonymous

          ppl are dying of hunger and u want to make weapons. the fact that u don see a problem with that is y india is the dirtiest country on this good earth with sex addicted families producing 10 babies dispite their in ability to feed/maintain them. wonder if u can fight that with education.

          • Raven

            FYI, I think you did not visit our neighbouring country called Porkistan.Get a life.

          • Anonymous

            N. Korea has nukes, do u see south Korea, Taiwan n Japan making them too. Retards

          • joseph

            You’re a retard if you assume that S Korea doesn’t have a secret nuclear program… Imbecile!!! There is fanatical country to our west who wants to destroy us with wars, terrorist attacks and other forms of attach, it’s just a matter of time before a Taliban style government takes over Pak and they attack us. And secondly, there is a communist country to our east (which even the US fear) which is trying to claim one state of ours as theirs. Our nuclear program is limited than these two countries but it’s a deterrent that we have. So stop patronizing us anonymous coward

          • Anonymous

            are u high on gau jal ? i already said N korea has nuke aka nuclear weapon. what i said was just because they have nukes, does not mean taiwan, japan and s korea are making them as well.

          • Neighbour

            Well you are wrong there, Indian Nuclear Program started in 1967 and Pakistan’s Nuclear program began on 1972. So not only your people need a lesson in grammar and comprehension but also in history and perhaps one in manners as well.

          • Muslim

            its Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
            u hindustani hater.

          • Muslim

            would you like it, if I call your country ‘gay hind’ or rapistan ?
            the answer is, No.
            So behave.

      • Manju

        and yet you lack balls to comment without using your real name..lol

    • Jignesh

      Cannot agree more with you!! We can take it in a humor, and what I absolutely loved about this pics is- everyone who has written are trying to attract people by writing in English, it’s okay if there are spelling mistakes, its the enthusiasm which is appreciated

    • Roy

      So were you born stupid.. or did that happen over time??

    • Saurav

      Well, being English your 2nd language doesn’t mean that you didn’t get chance to learn it correctly……. Illiterates are illiterates …… Let’s accept that, in our country you need not to spend huge money to get educated !! Govt spend enough money for education of the poorest ……. A dumbo will always be a dumbo

    • Milan

      The thing is that, if they want to impart something or service, they better provide quality service and have correct grammatical knowledge of the language they want to convey through. I do not want them to become PHD in the languages, but they should atleast wite correct English, otherwise it also tells on the Quality of Service they want to provide.,,, Be it English tuition or Medical service

  • Rainiel Ergina Yumang

    huh? photoshop?? most of them are become crazy when they start to write..

  • Sarma Kanchibhotla

    పరపాలననుండి విముక్తమైన భారతము పరభాషా దాశ్య శృంఖలములను ఛేదించుట ముచ్చట గొలుపుచున్నది. భారతములో ఇంకా కొన్ని రాష్ట్రములు ఈ పరభాషాను తమదైన పద్ధతిలో సేవించుట శోచనీయము. ఈ సూచికలు హర్షణీయము.

    • leatherneck

      Next time try writing in english, we might understand you better

      • Dwi Astari

        that’s because when she speaks in english you may laugh at her as well -_-

        • amith

          Not exactly. She This person seems to have “Pranthya Durabhimana” in english roughly translates to “Regionalism” or “Regional arrogance”

  • Radhakrishnan Nair P K

    A very good collection

  • Pannini

    This is the fault of the stupid Latin based system of writing used by the English and forced on the world! The many Indian systems of writing do not have this ‘feature’ of the potential for spelling errors! They are phonetic and logical and scientific – where the International Phonetic Alphabet got its ideas from!

    So don’t laugh at people who have not been taught Englishnin School, but have just assimilated this foreign language and it’s writing!

    The originators of the English Language hardly ever speak any foreign language, so this issue doesn’t arise, but when they read foreign words, spelt adequately well in their script, they still don’t bother to try to pronounce it

  • leatherneck

    The problem Indians have with English and other languages is that they created a system that works for them and them alone, when they have to venture out of their country that is when they realize how bad their system is, it works for them as long as they are within India

    • Roughage

      Applies for any set of people worldwide. All work within the system that suits them. Indians are in fact one of the most adaptive people and soon assimilate with the community wherever they go.

  • mac

    What the Indians need to learn is Human Manners and how to Respect

    • Naren

      Don’t make generalized statements. Most of the Indians know Manners.. Probably it is different from what you follow.

  • One might that think they don’t know English. Not posted here but examples of written text in the local laguages are even more hilarious.
    It is just that their education system stinks.

  • aled

    oh! stop it you guys. Heavy erection under progress.

  • Taj

    Not all are poor or uneducated, a lot are just lazy . Besides they usually have to pay to make these signs, so it should be double checked.

    India has 2 official languages Hindi and English then you have the local languages after that.

    no excuses for bad spellllllllllllin, lol

  • joeschmoe

    where’s the sense of humour on some? we’re not belittling our Indian friends, here, it’s just plain funny! lighten up, folks! it’s not like we’re deriding them and saying, oh, how s—-d they are! for all we know, they could be making fun of the english language!

  • Jag

    These are funny of course. I’m Indian and get a chuckle from this. But for who think that English is an amazing language, you need to get your head checked. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn because of so many rules and then rules that break the original rules.

  • bean

    ha ha ha …. that only proves we don’t believe in using MS Word…. else its same all around the world

  • Dia

    Some people feel good laughing at others. They little realise that their ‘mistakes’ are greater.

  • Jayin

    I feel sad for those guys who did not get proper education in English. They are poor people and can’t afford it. It mite seem as a joke at the first read, but somewhere you feel that those people do all this for their bread and butter, I would have appreciated the photographer if he could have lend those people a hand to get it right instead of mocking them, especially #6.

    • M.v. Rangaraajan

      Your sentiments are understandable but look at the captions appearing on English News Channels which are written with lots of spelling mistakes. Are those people poor? I would say they are indifferent and give no importance to spellings. In our school days and even after started working we used to read regularly “The Hindu” to improve our English in all respects.

  • hz10

    The people spelled the words the way they pronounce it. It has nothing to do with India’s official language or someone’s first or second language.

  • rameses14

    My dear fellow Indians, Let us learn to laugh at ourselves instead of getting offended about every little thing. Why is there so much anxiety about even small things like this?

  • Lorraine Trent

    OMG. This is HORRIBLE. Like, I know you won’t believe me, but I am an ELEVEN year old and I know better English. Of course, that stems only from my regular hankering after wonderful English classics, such as The Little Princess and The Secret Garden. I am currently reading the Divine Comedy, 1984 Allen Mandelbaum translation, canto 14. I am ashamed to call myself an Indian with those awful people. My name is just an alias, FYI.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    I occasionally read Indian newspapers online and I used to work with some Indian doctors in the Middle East. It always amuses me to listen to and read Indian English . Why ??? – because English in India stopped evolving after independence and the language now used is more indicative of 1940’s to 1950’s English. The cops can still ” nab ” people. ” Goons ” beat people up . ” Thrice” is frequently used and they still have ” hoodlums” . There are many other examples of words and expressions that have fallen into disuse in Britain but still hold currency in India.

  • ini

    that made me laugh o l ..!!

  • M.v. Rangaraajan

    We have accepted so many good things left behind by the British and continue to enjoy that including Indian National Congress and their political system and governance. We did not want foreigners to rule us.English language is one of the best things left behind by British. Why should we replace it with Hindi? (Hindi is foreign to people whose mother tongue is something else) I should not ridicule someone’s skill because of my inability to acquire the same. Our weakness should not be projected as our virtue. Allopathic system of medicine is totally absorbed in our system. Don’t we accept it? If we have the potential to fly like kites let us not reduce ourselves to the size of sparrow.

  • Jitendra Gandhi

    Angrez murderred Indians in Jalianwalabag in colonial days; now, we are murdering Angrezi to get even! Anything wrong?

  • liz

    “In trust we God” I liked it

  • Nik

    Most people who paint boards, print banners etc. are uneducated / less literate. This is just a CRUEL mockery of underprivileged people. A doctor does not paint his clinic sign-board himself. This is in such bad taste. Make fun of poor hardworking folks.

  • Robbie R

    You people are being SO AMERICAN about this! Settle down. These signs are FUNNY. That doesn’t mean we’re INSULTING INDIAN PEOPLE…! They’re just funny signs. Lighten up you freaks. They can have a laugh at some of the funny signs here in Australia if they want, no probs.

  • Yas

    Some of these look like Bangladesh as they have no f in their alphabet. They usually replace the f with a p. Could even be Bengal province, India


    haha!!! Some in Indian local Govt test was asked to spell Coffee. Not one word was right” KAUPHY”

  • Naveen S

    this’s what happens when you don’t use your own language… respect your own language rather than English…

  • Reader

    ENGLISH is actually the language of the ELITE (but the Indian English doesnt carry any English Etiquette, it carries the same Indian Etiquette – which doesnt need much to talk about), now the ELITE would like to keep HINDI as the language of the COMMON-MAN, so as to differentiate the ELITE and the INFERIOR. Having said that, HINDI & REGIONAL LANGUAGES are encouraged, to keep the COMMON-MAN within the FEUDAL MINDSET & BOUNDARIES of INDIA.