A special pregnancy time lapse: 9 months in 2 minutes

July 24, 2013 3:56 pm 0 comments Views: 5236

6C8364943-tm-newbaby-heatherblake.blocks_desktop_teaseThe royal baby may be getting all the attention, but parents around the world are celebrating the arrival of their own little ones in special ways.

Take this Latvian couple who wanted to document the miracle of birth right from the start.

Their video, shot over nine months and recently posted on YouTube, takes a creative approach to the pregnancy time lapse, with the help of stop motion and a whimsical story line.

Mom starts out without a baby bump, but her belly soon starts to swell as dad darts in and out of the room charting her progress.

He helps assemble a crib, brings in a baby stroller and examines other newborn accessories, all while mom stands patiently in profile in the same spot, dressed in the same white T-shirt and black pants, her stomach growing dramatically as the video progresses.

We even get to meet the baby at the end as mom and dad high-five and beam at the newest member of their family.


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